Social Media Strategies For Event Marketing


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Events bring social media to life. Learn tips and tricks for incorporating social marketing into event planning.
Presented by Melonie Gallegos in a private corporate event planners' lunch and learn session.

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  • Sweta update stats and sources in the footer.
  • Consumer Tweet-ups, meet-ups, clubs, organizations, grand openings, VIP partiesCorporateConferences, seminars, webinars, user groups, internal company meetings and celebrationsBrandPromotions, launch parties, grand openings, anniversaries, VIP customer events, roundtable feedbackOtherCelebrity, weblebrity,local personality appearances, fundraisingMy favorite... PJWAGT: People Just Wanting a Good Time (TM)
  • Social Media Strategies For Event Marketing

    1. 1. Social Media Strategies For Event Marketing Events bring social media to life. October 2011 Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    2. 2. Social Media 411An overview. Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    3. 3. Over 51.6% of U.S. internet users are onsocial networks, that’s109.2 million people (eMarketer April 2010) Fast Fact Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    4. 4. 500 million active users 100 million members 100 million active users YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world (only Google itself gets more searches!) -Comscore Social Networking By The NumbersSources: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn Feb 2010, Twitter Jan 2010
    5. 5. Social communications are becoming a mustfor lead gen. Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    6. 6. Social + Business + BusinessDoes LinkedIn come to mind? Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    7. 7. Business professionals are using more than LinkedInto get the job done. Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    8. 8. #eventSocial Event MarketingMaking A Splash: Pushing Your Events Into the Social Stream
    9. 9. Socializing EducationalTweet-ups/meet- ups Organizations/Clubs Conferences Seminars User groups Promotions Webinars Workshops Company Corporatemeetings/Retreats Fundraising Speakers/Panels training B2B B2C User Generated Non-Profit Types Of Events Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    10. 10. All Events Are Like A Brontosaurus Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    11. 11. Pre-Event (The Head) The Event (The Body) Post-Event (The Tail) Different Tactics and Strategies for Each Phase Three Phases Of An Event & Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    12. 12. Stats Source: Fascinating Event Marketing Stats, Hubspot Oct 2011 Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    13. 13. Traditional + Social Marketed Event Event 40% use social media for event marketing. (Hubspot 2011)Builds Audience & Buzz (word of mouth) Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    14. 14. • Long Tail Communications • Promotions The longer the timeline, the Spread word of mouth more promotional through opportunities. giveaways, discounts, and outreach.• Content Builds Excitement Make it worth sharing. • Share With A Friend Make it easy to share. Give people the tools they need to spread the word. Pre-Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    15. 15. Use the iBatTM to hit a home run (I may get sued by Apple...)Pre-Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    16. 16. The iBat Approach Influencers Benefits Audience TechnologyPre-Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    17. 17. Influencers = Local Tips:personalities, weblebrities, celebs, topic leaders Social PR in thewith an engaged online audience form of influencer outreach on• Partner with influencers to promote your event. Twitter and blogs• Elite influencers both know and attract lots of people. Some even charge money. It may be worth it to pay them to attend and you can exploit them attending.• Offer benefits such as an exclusive discount to their audience, or free passes to use and giveaway.• Give them press member treatment.• Find and reach out via social networking to • Those with similar interests that may want to attend. • Influencers in the same audience as your event. • Brands who will sponsor or cross promote your event. Pre-Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    18. 18. Twitter rocks. You can reach influencers and venues, or those that represent them, via Twitter directly, quickly, and easily.Pre-Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    19. 19. Drive the benefit. Tips:A short list of example benefits: Showcase people. • Promote topic interest. Ditch contest • Showcase and feature attendees. People want to forms for sharing attend events their peers are attending. promotions. • Showcase speakers and event celebrities. People want to network IRL and rub shoulders with leaders in their industry. • Delicious food, free alcohol, fun! • Reward word of mouth using promotions and giveaways. Use sharing as a chance to win or gain benefits. Pre-Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    20. 20. Tips:Who’s your Audience? Be where your Be where your audience is. Use social platforms they audience is. already use for outreach and communications. Leverage Advertise and promote in these places. exhibitors’ social Have and host conversations leading up to the event. networks. Give exhibitors the tools they need to promote the event in their social networks. Pre-Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    21. 21. Tips:Enable word of mouth with technology. Showcase people. Make your event invite social: Ditch contest ◦ Use an RSVP platform that contains social networking and forms for sharing sharing features. (, Facebook Public Event, promotions. Twtvite, Tweetvite, Eventbright). ◦ Shows attendees names, social handle, and faces. Have a single ◦ Pre-event social networking and discussion (#yourevent). #hashtag. Get found: ◦ social event directory and industry websites. What’s your communications plan? ◦ Promote the event through existing brand social channels, e.g.  Twitter  Facebook page and/or group  LinkedIn profile, group  Blog post  Email list Etc. Pre-Event Promotion Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    22. 22. Social Integration Sharing Audience Building Eventbrite RSVP Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    23. 23. Twtvite RSVP Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    24. 24. #realtimeThe Event Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    25. 25. Tips:What do people want to do in real time? Live stream.• Track live event information and news. Provide real time• Share the good times: Whats the #Hashtag? Ensure it’s information. on event signage, presentations and tweets• Check-In: Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp, Whrrl Focus on conversation.• Live stream, video, tweet and blog.• Share photos & videos, post on Facebook, Posterous, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram.• Network IRL combined with social networking.• Get featured.• Increase sharing exponentially using a Minglestream tweetwall or some form of display. The Event Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    26. 26. Minglestream example –USTREAM live video• Foursquare Check-ins• Twitter photos• Conversations• #hashtag tweetsPlacement:• Lobby to welcome attendees• Hashtag specific streams in sessions (keynote)• Projected on a big wall in the middle of the actionOther: Smartphone appswith built in streaming. Multi-Media Event Live Streaming Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    27. 27. #longtailPost Event Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    28. 28. Tips:The long tail, follow-up, and information Sharearchiving and distribution. presentations. Wrap up blog post. Wrap up articles covering the event. Distribute presentations on Slideshare and blogs. Distribute event Immediately compile photo albums, content, photos and videos. video of photos, use in future promotional efforts. LOL all those awesome photos are now tagged on Facebook. Gather interest list for next event or early sign-ups. Ask for feedback. Measure and benchmark success. Leverage the event for as long as possible... a long tail is very powerful. Post Event Wrap Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    29. 29. Tips: Same tactics apply, sometimes on a smaller scale. Promotions to Companies often prefer or warrant closed vs. public scale. communication tools. Enable peer to ◦ Check out Yammer. peer social ◦ Closed Facebook or LinkedIn Group. networking. ◦ Private Facebook invite. Business people share social contacts – Use social LinkedIn, Twitter follows, etc. platforms in a ◦ Leave space on the name tag for a Twitter handle or URL. targeted fashion. ◦ Provide ‘badges’ to customize name tags with e.g. blogger, marketer, or personality traits. Post event photos can be publicly or privately shared in Facebook, Flickr, or via email. Corporate and Small Group Events Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    30. 30. Events bring social media to life.Put the Social in Social Media Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing
    31. 31. @melonie @fandommarketing Melonie on LinkedIn: Follow Fandom:’s connect Copyright 2011 Fandom Marketing @FandomMarketing