Political history of the tausug of the philiipines


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Political history of the tausug of the philiipines

  1. 1. The Political History of Tausugs Of The Philippines
  2. 2. The Tausug, belongs to oneof the indigenous tribes inthe Philippines falling under alarger ethnic group andMuslim minority in thePhilippines which were theMoros.They came from thePolynesian and Malay raceand are noted to be good seafarers, they are considered asthe original inhabitants ofSulu.The term Tausug comesfrom the word "tau "meaningman, and "sug" meaningcurrent and translates as"people of the current”
  3. 3. Pre Colonial PeriodDuring the pre-colonialperiod, communities werealready thriving called thebanuas or the kauman,smaller groups of more orless composed of 10 up to Balangay100 tausug are calledbalangays ( meaning Kaumansailboat). Laws werepassed orally by apatriarch concerningmarriage, crime andpunishment, contracts andanything that deal withtheir daily lives. Theirrituals and folklores arecalled the Adat.
  4. 4. A political structure was already in placebefore the Spanish came in 1521. It wassegmentary instead of being a centralizedform of rule, which is less complex Sultan the highest among the ranks, He is politically and ritually empowered member of the society Salip is then the Islamic DATU spiritual leader they are the headman controlling smaller segments of the regional population and they also perform some religious functionaries
  5. 5. Muslim missionary came to Sulu in 1380 to teach Islam and also to trade(this image is from boxer codex) These Arab scholars got married with the royal family and became the rulers of the lands hence the Sultanate was born
  6. 6. In the early 15th century led byFerdinand Magellan aPortuguese explorer, theSpanish started to colonize thePhilippines. He was killed in thebattle of Mactan led by a chiefnamed Datu Lapu-lapu.(in somewritten historical articles hewas a Tausug). http://www.markmaranga.com/mactan-shrine-magellan-and-lapu-lapu-in-battle-of- mactan/ . Inthe Late 1800s Spanish lost many of its colony and they sold the Philippines to the Americans in the treaty of Paris. On May, 1899 the Spaniards left Sulu You may delete this page.
  7. 7. on August 22, 1899 general Bates concluded a treaty with Sultan Jamalul Kiram. In 1915 the status of Sulu has changed. The Sultan was stripped off his temporal powers and was left the title of Sultanate and some religiousjurisdiction. After the death of Sultan Jamalul Kiram in 1936, the Philippine government did not recognize the Sultanate and thus it ended. In 1972, Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, thus an underground separatist, movement was established. The ideological struggles of the movement were not Islamic but rather nationalist and the Bangsamoro was conceived . You may delete this page.
  8. 8. It all started on March 1968, when a military mission named “ProjectMerdeka” was hindered by a mutiny against military superiors and has left28-64 moro youths that were recruited dead in Corregidor Island. Nur Misuarri, a Tausug from Sulu and a son of a very poor commoner, 1972 he founded the Moro National Liberation Front (or MNLF). The national goal was to establish a single independent homeland for the Moros.
  9. 9. An agreement signed in Tripoli, Libyabetween the MILF and the PhilippineGovernment on December 1976, has led tocreation of two provisional autonomousregions that will include 13 Muslim areas inSouthern Philippines.ARMM(Autonomous Region in MuslimMindanao) was created by RA6734 in1989,and was officially inaugurated on Nov.6, 1990, making Cotabato as its capital.Nur Misuari was elected as Governor ofARMM when a peace agreement was signedon Sept. 2, 1996.From then on there are still discontentamong the MILF and ARMM region as thestruggle moves on, agreement uponagreement was signed here and there ,untilPresident Arroyo announced that a peacedeal with MILF is near completion in Feb.8, 2008.
  10. 10. The HopeAfter 4 decades of failed negotiations and outbreak of 3 major warsbetween the Philippine Government and MILF Filipinos are optimisticthat peace can be achieved. The year 2012 is crucial according to MILFbecause they have taken bold step in closing a lasting peace agreementwith the current president Noynoy Aquino.The government has plans that the first quarter of this year as itstimetable for concluding negotiations for a political settlement with theMILF.This is consistent with President Aquino’s time frame to come to politicalterms with the country’s insurgencies, if possible by 2013.