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Fancy pants


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Play The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 games - Fancy Pants 3 online for free. The best place for play games Fancy Pants Adventure series

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Fancy pants

  1. 1. Fancy Pants Fancy PantsAdventuresisaseriesof free side-scrollingFlashgamescreatedbyBradBorne and Ts7. Fancy PantsAdventuresfeaturesFancyPantsManas the playable characterof the series.He isa two dimensional stickfigurewithspiky,choppyhair,wearingonlyapairof coloredtriangular-shapedpants. Playersguide FancyPantsMan throughopenlevelswhichfeature obstaclestoovercome andenemies to avoidor defeat.These enemiesinclude spiders,snails,andmice armedwithguns.Enemiescanbe defeatedbybeingjumpeduponandcrushedbyFancyPantsMan, whocan alsolaunchoff themto performan augmentedleap. Linkto playgame: World2 introducedthe snail enemy,whichretractsintoitsshell whenjumpedon,afterwhichitcan be kickedtostun otherenemies.Originallythe snail shell wasmerelyanoveltyfeature in the World2 demo,howeverduringdevelopment,BETA testersmade agame out of gettingthe snail shell tohard-to- reach spots.Brad AndTs7, the game designer(s),usedthisasinspirationtoincorporate "Snail Shell Golf" whichaddsreplayabilitytoWorld2 by allowingthe playertogainaccess to differentcoloredpantsfor the playable character.Itis possible toearnacombo by keepingthe snail shellinthe air.AsFancy Pants Man runsthroughthe differentlevels,there are many"squiggles"floatingin mid-air.