Multi Vendor Shopping Cart script


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Multi Vendor social script fantacy is a solution to setup a complete eCommerce multi vendor online shopping portal where consumers can purchase products from different vendors of different regions. In simple words, on using this product you can develop a fast, easy and secured multi vendor online shopping mall.
With Fancy clone script, vendors can add/edit/delete products associated with their store. Buyers can opt for the products by their nearest area. Main categories/subcategories are added by the admin and the products for sale are added by the providers/vendors.
A separate section is available in the admin end to manage the provider accounts and their commissions. Each provider can sell different products in the available category. Any type of business which has provider/vendor concept can be setup and run effectively using our open source multi vendor eCommerce shopping cart software within a short span of time

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Multi Vendor Shopping Cart script

  1. 1. What Is ECOMMERCE and Factor to be Consider While Hosting Ecommerce derived from the word electronic commerce, is the method of selling or marketing goods and services while transferring funds or money online through electronic communication or networks. Ecommerce is also known as website ecommerce, eBusiness, eTailing, online commerce, ecom or EC. A typical business websites do not have the same traits or features of an ecommerce site. In order for you to effectively distribute goods or market services online, the features of a website ecommerce can make it easier for you and your consumers. The features are from shopping carts, online product catalog, automated inventory database, statistics tracking, ability to use credit cards, and other non-computer related tasks such as product warehousing and shipment. Opening a business on the internet or a website ecommerce shop can give several benefits to both merchants and customers. One of the best benefits of conducting an online business is it cost a cheaper upfront for a merchant, as it is easy to build an ecommerce website. If you have an existing site, you can easily turn it into an ecommerce website in minutes by just getting a hosting website ecommerce hosting services. The ecommerce hosting provider will give you a step by step guide on how to turn your normal website into a money generating site, and they also offer tips on how you can improve your sales and get more out of your investment. The availability of online shopping greatly contributed in attracting people. Customers can easily browse and shop any time of the day or any day of the year. While another separate PHP script goes through the customer's payment info and make a format appropriate for the credit card network to process the payment. Depending on the response from the costumer's credit card network, additional PHP scripts will then make a receipt about the purchase records. If the transaction was approved, a final PHP script will send an email to the ecommerce site owner telling them that the order has been placed. Tax advantages are one of the best reasons why you should consider building an ecommerce website, which you can't get from a brick-and- mortar selling. An ecommerce site will qualify you for tax deductions and save more from taxes compares in selling from a physical storefront. Traditional business will oblige you to pay taxes from utilities, rent, and mortgage bills as a cost of doing business, while online merchants can avoid all those extra expense and still make a very good business. Like in any other business the most important part is your customer's
  2. 2. satisfaction. You should always make your consumers feel comfortable and safe from your website, for you to become more successful and benefit from your ecommerce site. Trying to get webhosting with eCommerce facilities? So many times when trying to find a eCommerce solution it can be a difficult solution to find. We have an option of buying a package, and hoping it will work with our web hosting companies packages or getting a hosting eCommerce solution together. There are benefits of both systems, they also have there pitfalls. You could also get a web hosting eCommerce solution from a web designer. In this article we will look at each option and see which one can benefit your needs most. When you need a tailored system getting a eCommerce solution from a web designer can be the greatest way to get the kind of website eCommerce solution that you need for you business. Though the costs can be high, you can fully know that the system in place is the one that you want, and it is unique. Website eCommerce packages from web designers can also benefit you in that you can always go back and get extra features added, when you need it. Choosing a web hosting eCommerce solution from a web designer can be a great idea if you are serious about getting your business online. Also getting a package from a web designer becomes more important if you plan to have over 60% of sales online. There are many options here, and listing them all is not an easy option to make. There exists many packages on the market that allow you to set up web hosting eCommerce easily on your existing small business web hosting companies package. These packages are designed with simplicity in mind. They are designed for the layman to be able to easily create an online presence. Actinic is one of the most famous of website eCommerce software packages. It is designed with ease in mind, and allows anyone to create an online presence at a much lower price than a custom solution from a web designer. The big benefit also with this is that the level of support outmatches many web designers level of support, if there is a problem you know it will get fixed a.s.a.p. A great way of getting an online solution is to get one from your hosting company. This makes getting an online presence for your products much easier and very likely much cheaper. You know that the solution will work with the web hosting company. The only thing to consider here is that many of the web hosting eCommerce solutions from a small business web hosting company may be not what you expected. They can sometimes be of low quality. Though shopping around you may find what you need. One last point that I want to go over is open source. I have personally used an open source software (or rather a script). It runs on almost all small business website hosting packages. OsCommerce is a leading open source eCommerce
  3. 3. solution. If you are wondering what open source is, it is a different model of producing software. It works with allowing people to add there input. In the end, everyone adds to make the software the best it can be, and you get it free to use. The negatives with this is that you have a lot of work cut out to make the package unique to your needs, and add the extra feature scripts to make the website hosting eCommerce solution how you need. In fact a 5 year old very likely could install OsCommerce with Fantastico. It is as simple as typing in your desired username, password, and name of your site. The process and activity of getting involved in business over the Internet is known as ecommerce. As more and more people engage in online shopping, popularity of eCommerce website design continues to increase as a major economic activity around the world. As a result of this trend, many companies are now establishing their online presence and reaching a global market through eCommerce websites. eCommerce website design aims to encourage online users to buy products and to stay longer on a website and to spend more. It incorporates a relevant and attractive business feel and look, reflects the businesses' philosophy and vision, displays a professional design, has proper navigation and a well- organized layout. It also incorporates clear, market friendly content, and has a user-friendly interface. An eCommerce website also includes a shopping cart and a simple checkout. A professional gateway needs to be put into these websites to make sure that online payments can be done smoothly and stress-free. These websites must be designed with secured methods of payment to make sure both the site owner and consumers have a valuable experience. Once a consumer is finished purchasing from an eCommerce website, a number of PHP scripts collect all the vital data about the customer's payment information, shipping and billing address, and other important information that relates to the purchase. At the same time, a different PHP script analyses the consumer's payment information and creates an appropriate format for a credit card online network for payment processing. Extra PHP scripts will be generated to make receipts and alert the website owner of the orders that have been made. The designing of eCommerce websites is a very professional task based on their functionalities and is not the task of lay web designers. To create and design these types of websites, which will ultimately become profitable and successful, requires a talented and professional eCommerce website designer. If you are thinking of starting an eCommerce project or upgrade your current eCommerce website, it is important that you hire a skilled and experienced website designer who will work with you with the highest level of professionalism and help you gain your website goals. There are many advantages of eCommerce website design. One of the greatest
  4. 4. benefits is the tax advantage you get from owning an eCommerce website that is not so with a physical business premises. The tax deductions will enable you to save more money. This is because you won't be paying certain taxes that arise from rent, utilities, or mortgage bills. Another advantage is that the online presence will expose your business and products to a global audience. Your market region won't be restricted to where you live. An eCommerce website allows you to add large amounts of products to your catalogue. You can simply classify these products into the correct categories to enable your customers to easily access the products they want. Through an eCommerce web design, you can also enhance the awareness of your products and brand to a global market. This will increase your brand awareness, which is good for business. Finally, you will be able to easily convey information about your company and its products through the online platform. This will give your potential customers an opportunity to know you and your products better. Shopping on an ecommerce site can easily be done from the comfort of your own home or anywhere that has internet availability. This also benefits the seller, as they can easily add products displayed anytime of the day making standard business hours irrelevant. If you have a variety of products to sell, you won't need to worry because an ecommerce site can make it easier for you. You can put them all in your website but you should also consider placing them in the right product category, and providing detailed description for each item to inform more costumers on what you are selling. Design is also important whenever you opt to place products in your website, as it can greatly affect your consumer's impression about your website's credibility and affect your sales as well. Ecommerce websites are built with secured payment methods to benefit you and your consumers. Once the customer is done shopping and purchased from the ecommerce store, a series of PHP scripts gather all the important information about the consumer's billing and shipping address, payment information, and other relevant data about the purchase.