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Concreting operation


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By Masud alam

Published in: Engineering
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Concreting operation

  1. 1. Concreting -Process of making concrete . 1. Collection of Ingredient. - Collect all the ingredient that is required for making concrete. Where we should store the ingredient ? - No moisture will be contact with the ingredient.
  2. 2. 2. Batching of ingredient. -Measuring of ingredient that is required for making concrete. i )Volume batching ii)Weight batching 3. Mixing of ingredient . - The aim of mixing of concrete is to produce homogenous , consistent and uniform coloured concrete . i) Hand mixing ii) Machine mixing
  3. 3. 4. Transporting the concrete. -Transfer the concrete from the place where it is mixed to the form work. i) pan ii) Wheel barrow iii)Truck mixer iv)Belt conveyor v)Pumps 5. Placing of Concrete . - Process of fill the formwork with the concrete .
  4. 4. 6. Compaction of Concrete . - Reducing the air voids that is present in freshly mixed concrete at the time of placing & make the concrete dense . i) Tamping rod . ii) Vibrator. 7. Finishing of concrete . -Process of levelling , smoothing , compacting of freshly and recently placed concrete to provide desired appearance .
  5. 5. Method of finishing of concrete . i) Screeding ii) Trowelling 8. Curing of Concrete . - The operation of maintaining the temp. of freshly placed concrete for some definite period after placing the concrete for sufficient hydration. Objective of curing . i) Improve weather resisting quality . ii) Durability .
  6. 6. iii) Impermeablity . iv) Reduce shrinkage . Method of Curing. i) Sprinkle of water. ii) Ponding method . iii) steam method . iv) Covering concrete surface with wet sack.
  7. 7. Prepared By: Masud alam Ansari