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TraDesto Financial Social Network


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TraDesto is a new Financial Social Network that helps its members learn and earn online.

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TraDesto Financial Social Network

  1. 1. Disclaimer• This presentation contains certain forward-looking information and statements.• Such forward-looking information and statements are based on the current, estimates and projections of or assumptions based on information currently available to the Company.• Such forward-looking information and statements reflect current views with respect to future events and are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions.• The Company cannot give assurance to the correctness of such information and statements.• These forward-looking assumptions and statements can generally be identified by the fact that they do not relate only to historical or current facts.• Given the aforementioned uncertainties, prospective investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on any of these forward- looking statements.
  2. 2. Finance and Insurance companies spend the mostonline, most of this is spent with search engines and social networks! What if these companies could direct spending through a social network on money matters?
  3. 3. Social Media Networks1. YouTube2. Facebook: 900+million3. Twitter: 465+m4. Google+: 250+m5. LinkedIn: 150+ m6. Pintrest: 100+m7. LiveJournal: 30+m8. Tagged: 100+m9. Badoo: 146+m10. MySpace: 25+m11. DeviantArt Out of over 200+ Social Networks12. Flickr13. Vimeo listed on Wikipedia none are14. Orkut designed to inform or help you on15. CafeMom Financial or Money Matters.
  4. 4. How many people do you think would join a social network that is based on money If there was a Social matters and helped Network that could people learn how tohelp you earn money, make money? would you want to know about it?
  5. 5. Inception of an Idea There are 7.5+ million persons searching monthly on Google wanting to learn more about currency trading, share trading and investing online. What a great audience!TraDesto is being established as a Financial SocialNetwork which will:• Allow people to join for free• Let people build their own network within TraDesto and be rewarded financially for doing so based on spending and services purchased• Give Financial Service providers a qualified audience they can advertise to with advertising revenues being shared back to the community.• Offer people the best opportunity to invest and trade online and follow others that are successfully at doing so• Reward successful money makers to share their know how with the community
  6. 6. An approach that will empower how people interact with Financial Service Providers
  7. 7. We will be using Crowd Funding to raise €4.5million to support the rollout of TraDesto!
  8. 8. TraDesto will be creating a community that empowers our members in finding the best financial solutions for their needs. To offer a Social Trading Platform where people can share tips about trading. Allowing members to deal Direct with Stock Exchange. Our goal is that Allow member toempowering people to research other make better financial FUNDS and decisions. investment products with transparency.
  9. 9. Implementation of the IdeaStep 1: We have registered TraDestoand applied for a Full Service Brokerage.This allows us to legally setup a tradingplatform and also create otheropportunities for people to earn moneyonline with partners we attract. Registered Office in Napier, main operations office will be inStep 2: We created the opportunity for Wellington, New Zealand.people to become actual shareholdersvia a managed investment fund calledthe VCI PCC Fund.
  10. 10. TraDesto partner• Prime Mantle Corporation PLC will be providing technical support for TraDesto and its needed liquidity• Listed in the Open Market Segment on the Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a market cap of €370million.• A globally successful Brokerage Company with 3 years + track history.
  11. 11. Offer: Become a TraDesto Founding Member Shareholder for USD$500 The managers of the VCI fundTraDesto Cell Net Asset Funds paid receive the payments andValue is then increased by to VCI PCC allocate to the TraDesto Cell• 2.5% of all trading and FUND and they then purchase shares advertising revenues in PMC and TraDesto to create earned by TraDesto the protected asset and then• Plus 10% of end of year manage the fund. $500 paid profit in TraDesto will be into distributed to the TraDesto TraDesto Cell Cell Buys 5000 Shares in Tradesto Holdings Ltd
  12. 12. We established the VCI PCC Fund to legally fund raise for the TraDesto Social Network!• We established the VCI (Venture Capital Investment) PCC Fund in Mauritius as a Retail Fund to hold the equity to be given to those investing in TraDesto via a protected company cell.• This structure ensures funds are collected legally and used properly with transparency to fund the rollout of the TraDesto financial social network• We appointed a third-party fund administrator Ninety East Financial to oversee the fund and appointed BDO as its Certified Public auditors. Ninety East Financial: $3 Billion in Asset Management globally. Offices Worldwide. Serves as an independent third party that protects the interests of investors.Serves more than 250 US and 100 internationally publicly traded entitiesOutside of the Big 4, BDO had the most success in gaining new public company engagements for the secondquarter of 2011 (Source: Public Accounting Report/Audit Analytics)
  13. 13. TraDesto will provide the best opportunity for online trading!• No dealer desk trading against our members unlike majority of other brokerage companies• Lowest spreads in the industry• Straight Through Processing• Allowing the trading of 185+ products online• Innovative copy trading• Safety of funds with Ninety East Financial appointed to manage members trading accounts
  14. 14. Mentor Traders to be attracted thatHELP you by allowing you to copy them. Mentors will be paid $1 for every person that follows them on a standard trade. No income limit. Anyone can follow. Introduce a Mentor Trader and earn 10% of whatever they earn!
  15. 15. Creating Financial HangoutsOnline Financial Hangouts using webinars and webcasts with world class mentors to share money making strategies and share tips on investing wisely. As TraDesto grows globally physical Financial Hangouts for Mentoring in different locations world wide will be setup.
  16. 16. With TraDesto you will have manyways to potentially earn income Earn as a Founding Shareholder Earn from copying others Earn from persons trading in your network Earn from introducing persons that become Mentor Traders Earn from becoming a Mentor or even a Copy Trader and being followed Earn reward dollars through building your financial social network
  17. 17. Are you PAID for any advertising your friends see or forHow many friends any purchases they do you have on make? FACEBOOK or LinkedIn?
  18. 18. The first Professional Social Network LinkedIn was listed in May 2011 at $45 per share with a marketvalue listing of 641 above its net income in 2010. • Market Cap Nov 2012 of $12.62 BillionShares at Nov 2012: $104 • Project earnings for 2012: – $170 million – P/E Ratio 895
  19. 19. Facebook was built by the world’s communityFacebook listed 0n 18th May2012 and sold 421.2 millionshares through Institutions toraise $16 billion.Listed at a $104.2 billion witha market value at 107 timesabove PE (profit earnings). If pre-IPO shares were offered to the Facebook community would you have purchased shares?
  20. 20. Companies doing FOREX and SHARE TRADING onlineare amongst the most profitable online businesses andon average spend over US$400 to attract a new client. 42 x PE 390 x PE 74 x PE TraDesto will combine online trading with the real power of social networking to grow the business worldwide.
  21. 21. Rewards to spend with Top Retail Merchant Brands Members will also create a real Social Currency value frombuilding their network to unlimited levels. These rewards will be tied to a real $$$ value supported by trading and advertising revenues earned by TraDesto. (on-line direct, gift cards, gift certificates and on-line catalog)
  22. 22. What is TraDesto’s Potential?Can we attract 5 million membersworldwide in 2 years? With the above scenarioIf so and only 10% of are trading 10 what market value maytimes a month that can create $100 be given to TraDesto ifmillion per month in revenues. listed in 2-3 years?The average online trading person in factmakes 20+ standard trades a month! How much could 1000 TraDesto shares be worth?With TraDesto 62.5% of all tradingand advertising revenues will beshared back with our members whohelp us to build this social network.