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  • • At Jeunesse®, our economy is booming. In fact, we have been waiting years for this economy. When was the last time you heard that?

    • We are a part of the $500 billion dollar beauty and wellness market and there are only 7 billion people in the world!* So, who is buying all those products?

    • It is becoming more noticeable that the world population is growing older. In fact, experts predict that in less than ten years, there will be 1 billion people who are over the age of 60.**

    • What if we could show you a way to look and stay younger longer, feel great, and have access to the world’s most exclusive products?

    *CNN “U.N.: World can ‘thrive’ as population reaches 7 billion.”
    **United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). “Population of Over-60-Year-Olds to Reach One Billion within the Decade.”
  • Jeunesse® opened its doors on September 9, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. The company chose this date because of its symbolic weight: the number 9 symbolizes longevity. Jeunesse® is a member of the Direct Selling Association and was listed as #46 on the Direct Selling News’ 2014 Global 100 Report. It is also listed as the third fastest growing company by the same association.

    Jeunesse® has shown leadership in:

    • Product Innovation – LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum is a true game-changer product and Jeunesse® is the only company in the world that offers an innovative, patent-pending formula utilizing adult stem cell technology.

    • Logistics – Jeunesse’s global enrollment system includes multi-lingual websites; over 30 fully-staffed, international customer support offices; and more than 12 distribution centers. Jeunesse® ships to over 100 countries–that means you can do business around the world from your home!

    • Marketing – Jeunesse® provides Distributors with state-of-the-art-videos, promotions, events, and other incredible marketing tools.

    • Financial Rewards – Our compensation plan is a high-paying, duplicable, customized, and seamless one that benefits both the part and full-time Distributor.

    • Reliability – Jeunesse® has experienced owners and management with an in-depth understanding of cultural diversity and the fast-changing industry.
  • Meet the company founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They have spent over 19 years hosting and managing Back Offices for other direct sales companies.

    Randy Ray made the sale and oversaw the original installation of a multi-million dollar computer hardware and software package for NASA, which is still in use today.

    In October of 2012, Wendy Lewis was recognized as being one of “The Most Influential Women in Direct Selling.” She was recognized again in 2013.
    Together, they created Alpha Computer Services, Inc., ranked 184th out of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in America.

    They strongly believe in honesty, integrity, and fairness in all dealings with Distributors.
  • • The Jeunesse® executive team has over 300 years of collective industry experience both locally and globally. Between them, they speak English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and French.

    • This team has helped create some of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

    • In its 4th year, Jeunesse® generated more than $250 million in sales.
  • Take a look at this map. You have the potential to earn an income from all of these countries as your team grows.

    Here is the best thing of all–take a PM Essentials™ before you go to bed at night, wake up in the morning, take an AM Essentials™, go into your website, and discover how much money you have made while you were sleeping.

    How many of you would like to make money while you sleep and wake up richer? I bet you have never taken a vitamin that has done that before.

    Jeunesse® offers a global opportunity for you to enroll Customers all over the world.

    There are three types of income you can receive in this business:

    • linear income from Customers you gather
    • leveraged income, which refers others to the business
    • and residual income from repeat Distributor and Customer orders.

    Did you know that direct sales companies can provide a perpetual, residual, leveraged income stream?
  • Jeunesse® combines breakthrough sciences to promote youthful aging at the cellular level. We call this our Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.).
    This is not a random collection of products! Y.E.S. was carefully developed to combine powerful benefits into a synergistic system of personal and nutritional items you won’t find elsewhere.
    When used together, Y.E.S. targets the very health of our cells to keep them young and vital in 4 ways:
    Stem cell technology: Developed by a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, LUMINESCE™ offers an exclusive, patent-pending stem cell technology that supports our natural ability to renew, restore and rejuvenate our skin and body—with incredible results.
    Telomere lengthening: Nobel Prize-winning research shows that shortened telomeres—the protective end caps of our DNA—are a fundamental cause of aging. FINITI™ contains a powerful, patented supplement shown to lengthen short telomeres in humans.*
    Detoxification: ProPectin™ is a natural apple pectin product that supports the elimination of unwanted contaminants from our bodies.
    Defend & enhance: RESERVE™ antioxidant fruit blend combines resveratrol—known to support the activation of a gene related to healthy longevity—with a host of superfruits to fortify and defend cells from environmental damage. AM & PM Essentials™ contain potent vitamins, minerals and nutrients that support healthy cellular function and delay premature aging.
    *de Jesus, Bruno Bernardes, Kerstin Schneeberger, Elsa Vera, Agueda Tejera, Calvin Harley, and Maria Blasco. August 2011. “The telomerase activator TA-65 elongates short telomeres and increases healthspan of adult/old mice without increasing cancer incidence.” Aging Cell 10(4): 604-621. Harley CB, Liu W, Blasco MA, Vera E, Andrews WH, Briggs LA, Raffaele JM. February 2011. “A natural product telomerase activator as part of a health maintenance program.” Rejuvenation Research 14(1): 45-56. Malorga, Brenda, Riley Bateman, Greg Sweeney, Danielle Finger, Taylor Dimler, Rita B. Effros and Hector F. Valenzuela. March 2013. “Functional Assessment of Pharmacological Telomerase Activators in Human T Cells.” Cells. 2(1), 163-187; doi:10.3390/cells2010163.
  • Back in March of 2009, Randy Ray, our CEO, was one of his first patients to use the stem cell therapy on his knee. While he was treating him, Dr. Newman had a chance to share with Randy and Wendy how the adipose stem cells work and how they interact with the body. He even bragged about a facial serum he had developed so people could do something about premature aging without resorting to surgery.

    They knew immediately that this could be a billion-dollar product. Plus, they had the resources to take it to market.

    The conversation went something like this: Dr. Newman said, “I sell about 40 of these a month.” Wendy and Randy looked at each other, smiled, and then replied in unison, “How would you like to sell 40,000 a month?” And that is how the partnership started.

    Dr. Nathan Newman has worked for years studying the properties of human fat. He has developed solutions to help burn victims and formulas to help slow the signs of premature aging skin. Being an expert on ‘fat,’ he came to understand the importance of the healing communication between our stem cells, also called ‘growth factors.’

    Dr. Newman specializes in Advanced Dermatologic and Laser Surgery using Integrative Age Management and Stem Cell Therapy in Beverly Hills, CA.
  • • To really understand how adult adipose stem cells work, think of them as the cells that communicate the healing actions to our bodies. You find these cells in the fat that covers your body. Our fat is the front line to cuts, bruises, scrapes and burns.

    • The messages these cells send to each other are the signals that help us to rebuild new blood vessels, produce more elasticity or collagen, and so on.

    • Imagine you bang your head badly. It becomes swollen and bleeds. A few hours later, it’s better. Then, the next day, the swelling goes down. After a few days, you can hardly tell you were hurt. All of those actions came from the signals that your cells sent to each other.

    • Our product has over 200 growth factors, making it a trend-setting, super-serum.
  • Introducing the award-winning, patent–pending LUMINESCE™ skincare line. The LUMINESCE™ products are hypoallergenic, made with all-natural ingredients, contain no artificial colors, and are dermatologist recommended.

    • STEP 1 is the LUMINESCE™ youth restoring cleanser, which helps protect your skin’s natural hydration while detoxifying deep within your pores.

    • STEP 2 is the LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum. It contains an exclusive, patent-pending formula derived from adult stem cells with over 200 key human growth factors that we just talked about.

    • STEP 3 (Day) is the LUMINESCE™ daily moisturizing complex. It’s one of the few high-end moisturizers with SPF 30 designed to naturally protect your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. This non-greasy formula helps delay the aging process by protecting, nourishing, and restoring your skin cells.

    • STEP 3 (Night) is the LUMINESCE™ advanced night repair, which propels your skin into a cycle of self-restoration while fortifying it for the future. Powerful vitamins and antioxidants protect cell membranes from free radical damage. This formula works its hardest at night—when cellular renewal is most active.

    • LUMINESCE™ essential body renewal gently hydrates, restores, and softens all skin types, particularly rough and dry areas of your body. This luxurious lotion delivers ultimate hydration and cellular attention all over.

    • LUMINESCE™ ultimate lifting masque combines the natural powers of tara and chicory root to instantly lift and hydrate skin. Designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this masque is bolstered by a patent-pending stem cell technology exclusive only to Jeunesse® .
  • In a recent clinical study of both men and women using the LUMINESCE™ line of products:*

    • 100% would recommend the products to family or friends

    • 87% felt that their skin looked younger

    • 87% felt an improvement in skin smoothness and luminosity

    • 74% felt an improvement in skin firmness

    *Studies conducted by ST&T Research Intl.
  • After 56 days of using LUMINESCE™, Subject 1 saw a 65% decrease in deep lines.
  • After 56 days of using LUMINESCE™, Subject 2 saw a 52% decrease in fine lines.
  • After 56 days of using LUMINESCE™, Subject 2 saw a 44% decrease in pigmentation (spot count).
  • After 56 days of using LUMINESCE™, Subject 3 saw a 52% decrease in deep lines.
  • RESERVE™ is a delicious gel rich in antioxidants like resveratrol, anthocyanins, and essential fatty acids.

    RESERVE™ is designed to:

    provide healthy immune system support

    protect cells from oxidative damage and premature aging

    and support healthy inflammation

    Positive cap-e test results indicate that RESERVE™ penetrates and protects live cells from oxidative damage

    With combined ingredients that also help support improved cardiovascular function and assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, this product is a “win-win” for everyone.
  • What makes FINITI™ different from other youth-enhancing products on the market?

    1. FINITI™ contains a patented nutrient (TA-65® MD) that has been clinically shown to naturally and safely enhance the enzyme (telomerase) our bodies use to lengthen shortened telomeres, adding healthy life to our cells. Thousands of studies show the connection between short telomeres and the natural process of cellular aging. Of course nothing is known to stop aging, but healthy cells equal healthy internal systems. Healthy systems equal a healthy body. And a healthy body equals a strong, happy, youthful you. Jeunesse® has exclusive world-wide, multi-level marketing (MLM) distribution rights to one of its key ingredients–TA-65® MD.

    2. FINITI’s powerful combination of antioxidants neutralizes damaging free radicals to protect and maintain our cells, DNA, stem cells, and telomeres.

    3. FINITI™ has nutrients that help to maintain our body’s stem cells.

    FINITI™ is an amazing new addition to the Jeunesse® product line. Many men and women have already reported results in many areas, including: energy, endurance, sleep, joints, sexual vitality, mood, healthy bones, immune system functionality, and vision.
  • How many of you take vitamins? Everyone in the world knows that there is hardly any nutrition left in our food. Just about everything is now enriched or enhanced with vitamins and minerals–even bread!

    AM Essentials™ contains powerful vitamins, nutrients, extracts, and antioxidants to help:

    boost your energy during the day
    regulates mental clarity and focus
    protect your cells from free radicals
    support natural cellular DNA repair
    and help you maintain healthy cell function

    How many of you know someone who has trouble sleeping? Did you know that according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, about 40 million adults in the USA suffer from a chronic sleep disorder? An additional 20 to 30 million have intermittent sleep-related problems.

    PM Essentials™ also contains powerful vitamins, nutrients, extracts, and antioxidants that naturally help protect your cells and improve the quality of your sleep.
  • You can participate in the Jeunesse® Global Financial Rewards Plan at whichever level you wish.

    You decide whether you want to create a part-time income through retail sales or build a full-time business—YOU control your destiny.

    Here are a few more questions to consider.

    • Where would you like to see yourself?

    • What do you really want out of life?

    • What’s going to get your there?

    • Think of the last five years of your life. What’s going to be different five years from today?

    With Jeunesse® the possibilities are unlimited because you are in charge.
  • At any level in Jeunesse®, Distributors are able to purchase products at the wholesale price for personal use. As a Distributor, you are also able to resell Jeunesse® products and earn a retail profit. You can earn between 20% to 45% retail profit on each sale.

    • You pay $83.95 for a product and sell it at the suggested retail of $134.95—you earn a $51.00 retail profit
  • • The Team at Jeunesse® loves rewarding people who believe in our products—with this in mind, we created the “Get 2 It’s Paid for You” program.

    • If you are a Distributor, sign up your first two Preferred Customers (PCs) (one will automatically be placed on your left and the second on your right) and you:

    1. Get $50.00 USD
    2. Automatically become qualified for the month
    3. Send 60 CV points upline
    4. Get two FREE bottles of LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum!

    For every additional two PCs you sign up after these first two, you will continue to get another $50.00 USD bonus, remain qualified for the current month, send 60 CV points upline, and get ten of our LUMINESCE™ serum minis for FREE complete with custom-made postcards for you to share with your friends and family.

    “Get 2 It´s Paid for You” allows a regular retail customer to sign up as a Preferred Customer. Send them to your website and have them click on the “Preferred Customer” link on the upper right-hand side of the page.

    Please visit for all of the details.
    Only available in select countries.
  • As you personally enroll new Customers into your team, you can earn lucrative Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CAB). These bonuses are paid on the purchase of one of the optional Jeunesse® product packages as follows:

    • BASIC PACKAGE† = 100 CV, $25 CAB

    • SUPREME PACKAGE† = 300 CV, $100 CAB

    • JUMBO PACKAGE† = 400 CV, $200 CAB

    • AMBASSADOR PACKAGE† = 500 CV, $250 CAB

    • 1 YEAR JUMBO PACKAGE‡ = 400 CV, $200 CAB

    *CV = Commissionable Volume
    †Details on all product packages can be found on the corporate website:
    ‡Autoship qualified for a year.
  • • You can earn powerful Team Commissions as you start to build your Jeunesse® sales team.

    • These commissions are designed to reward you for helping and supporting those who join your team.

    • The more you help them succeed, the more you can earn from Team Commissions.
  • In order to qualify for this powerful income stream, you need to:

    • Accumulate 100 Personal Volume (PV) points in one month during the first year (which ends on your renewal date) from your personal purchases or your customer’s purchases through your website

    • Personally enroll two Distributors who each accumulate 100 PV within one month.

    Place one of these Distributors on your left team and one on your right team. This will activate your position so that you may now earn Team Commissions.

    As Jeunesse® products and product packages are ordered or sold by those in your team, volume is created in each of your teams.

    When 300 Commissionable Volume (CV) points has been accumulated in one team (it doesn’t matter which one) and 600 CV points in the other, you will earn a Team Commission of $35.
  • • You can earn Leadership Matching Bonuses on the Team Commissions earned by your personally enrolled team.

    • You can earn this bonus on up to seven levels of your team in each line of sponsorship.

    • Every person you personally enroll creates a new line of sponsorship.

    • You must personally generate a minimum of 60 PV points each month in order to participate in this bonus.

    • The number of levels on which you can earn the bonus is determined by your rank in the Financial Rewards Plan.
  • You can earn an additional 5% Customer Acquisition Incentive on Level 1 if you have:

    • 5 Retail Customers

    • 5 Preferred Customers

    • or 5 Wholesale Customers

    and an additional 10% if you have:

    • 10 Retail Customers

    • 10 Wholesale Customers

    • or 10 Preferred Customers for the month.

    *See income stream/Leadership Matching Bonuses for further details on how the Leadership Matching Bonus works. The above description is applicable for Distributors in the US and Canada. Internationally, it is based on whether or not Distributors have enrolled in Autoship.
  • You can earn a share of the Company’s total global sales by qualifying for our Diamond Bonus Pool.

    The Company takes 3% of total CV and shares this amongst those qualified to earn this bonus.

    In order to participate, you must have 10 Customers (Retail, Preferred, or Wholesale) each month in the quarter.

    Shares are accumulated based on the following criteria:

    • One share is awarded for becoming a Diamond Director

    • One share is awarded for each month you Diamond qualify in the quarter

    • One share is awarded for each personally sponsored Diamond

    • One share is awarded for every 1,000 cycles achieved during the quarter

    • And one share is awarded for each month you qualify as a Double Diamond*

    *International Distributors only need to have 10 personally enrolled Distributors complete an Autoship order each calendar month of the quarter in order to participate.
  • • Jeunesse® offers a whole range of incentives and additional bonuses.

    • Customer incentives, the Diamond Pool, and your ability to win trips and participate in personal training seminars are just a few ways.

    • We also have national and international conventions that offer a chance to see the country and the world.

    • Inexpensive to join, no need to leave current your job or business, no need to make large investments, and no previous experience required.

    • Life-changing income can be achieved.
  • Jeunesse opportunity presentation_07-2014

    1. 1. REV 7-2014 Build A $100,000+ A Year Global Business From Comfort Of Your Home Sam Kim, Jeunesse Emerald Director
    2. 2. How Would You Like To…. • Earn $100,000 from home within next 12-18 months? • Earn $1,000,000 from home within next 24-36 months? • Build an international business spanning 100+ countries? • Earn a perpetual income around the world 24/7/365, with ever increasing earnings. . . • Earn money even when you go to sleep! • Compress 40 years of effort in to next 12-18 months and become a multi-millionaire. • Exponentially explode your income through OPM OPT • Work with a global company that is poised to become a next billion dollar enterprise.
    3. 3. We Are Looking For FEW Success-Minded Individuals To Join Our Team • Ambitious & Money Driven • Action & Goal Oriented • Willing to be taught and also mentor others into success • Commit at least 2 hours a day to working the business for next 12-18 months • Never quit attitude
    4. 4. I. Introducing our six & seven-figure income team . . .
    5. 5. Meet Our Team: Adam Vincent Gilmer • Earned a six-figure income by age 22 from direct sales, advertising, negotiating and selling multi-million dollar contracts by age 25 and by age 29 was a self-made millionaire with a company generating more than $50 million dollars in revenue. Adam has built a multitude of different companies in software, nutrition and personal consumer goods. He is currently earning more than $1,000,000 a year in Jeunesse income opportunity. • Adam is a sought after strategist, marketing and branding consultant and has products distributed and retailed through major retail and convenience stores like 7-Eleven and wholesale buying clubs like Costco.
    6. 6. Meet Our Team: Melinda Oschmann • Melinda is a 40 year veteran of sales and marketing. Recently she has owned and operated her own sales training seminar company. She has generated millions of dollars of sales for companies she has worked for – Xerox and ADP Payment Solutions Inc., and earned multiple six-figure income in her career spanning four decades. • Melinda is now focusing her efforts in growing the Jeunesse business and she is in charge of training new distributors. She is translating her success and skillsets in Jeunesse Global Business and becoming one of the top income earners in the company.
    7. 7. Meet Our Team: Sam Kim • I built Jeunesse Business in 22 countries. Japan, Korea, U.S Indonesia, Australia Mexico to name a few • 13 year veteran of direct sales industry. • My sales organization averages $150k in volume per month • I have 0 employees, $200/month overhead and work full time from home. Living in Korea since 07/2013 • Averaging $25,000~$28,000 monthly commission
    8. 8. How To Contact Me: generation_young
    9. 9. How To Contact Me: Website: Email:
    10. 10. II. About Me
    11. 11. It all begins in 1981
    12. 12. I Moved To Indonesia When I Was 3 Indonesia
    13. 13. Growing Up In Indonesia.
    14. 14. Growing Up In The United States
    15. 15. United States Marine Corps
    16. 16. Discovering My Entrepreneurial Self…
    17. 17. Rediscovering My Entrepreneurial Self
    18. 18. III. About the Opportunity/ Company
    19. 19. IV. Products
    20. 20. V. How to earn up to $26,000.00 PER WEEK 6 Ways To Get Paid In Jeunesse Opportunity
    21. 21. How To Earn Up To $26,000 Per Week 1. Purchase minimum a $199 Basic Business Builder Pack, but I highly recommend Supreme Pack or above at $499, because ( It gives you 20% and 15% override on 2 levels) 2. Immediately sponsor a business builder one on your left and one on your right. You ($199 Pack Minimum) Left ($199 Pack Minimum) Right ($199 Pack Minimum)
    22. 22. How To Earn Up To $26,000 Per Week 3. Go to your backoffice and place a monthly order of 60cv worth of products (minimum) to remain qualified for team commission and show your distributors how to be on autoship as well. You ($199 Pack Minimum) Left ($199 Pack Minimum) Right ($199 Pack Minimum) +60 CV Autoship +60 CV Autoship YOU ARE NOW QUALIFIED TO RECEIVE UP TO $26,000.00 PER WEEK +60 CV Autoship
    23. 23. How To Earn Up To $26,000 Per Week 4. Every time you and your distributors accumulate commissionable volume points, 600 on one side and 300 on other vice versa, you receive a cycle check of $35.00 USD 1 Cycle = $35.00
    24. 24. How To Earn Up To $26,000 Per Week 5. Jeunesse pays its distributors up to 750 cycles or 750 * $35.00 USD = $26,250 Weekly. Can you live on $26,250 a week? 1 Cycle = $35.00
    25. 25. This is A Team Effort! You can only build two teams, after that people you sponsored are forced down in to placement tree. Your sales organization can look like either of the diagrams. After finding 2 distributors - one on left and one on right, focus on growing your pay leg. 600 CV 300 CV $35.00USD TEAM LEG PAY LEG 600 CV 300 CV $35.00USD TEAM PAY LEG LEG
    26. 26. Maxing Out Team Commissions @ $26k/week For every distributor you place on your pay leg, place 2 on your team leg (2:1) ratio so you and your team members can create massive momentum. Once your team leg gains momentum, focus on your pay leg to reach 750 cycles/week @ $26,250.00/wk. 600 CV 300 CV $35.00USD TEAM LEG PAY LEG 600 CV 300 CV $35.00USD TEAM PAY LEG LEG
    27. 27. How Matching Bonus Works JADE PEARL SAPPHIRE RUBY EMERALD DIAMOND DOUBLE DIAMOND 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% QUALIFIED RANK Levels & % Override
    28. 28. TRIPLE DIAMOND How Matching Bonus Works QUALIFIED RANK PRESIDENTIAL DIAMOND IMPERIAL DIAMOND CROWN DIAMOND 20% 20% 20% 20% 15% 15% 15% 15% 10% 10% 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% Levels & % Override $100,000.00 $250,000.00 $500,000.00 $1,000,000.00
    29. 29. One Time Rank Bonuses TRIPLE DIAMOND $100,000.00 PRESIDENTIAL $250,000.00 IMPERIAL $500,000.00 CROWN $1,000,000.00
    30. 30. How Matching Bonus Works In this example, lets assume that you are a qualified Sapphire rank either through rank advancement or obtaining immediate qualification through purchasing a Jumbo, Ambassador or 1 Year jumbo pack. In this example we’ll assume that distributors down to 3rd level are doing 10,000 volume a month each. SAPPHIRE (YOU) 20% 15% 10% *Your personally sponsored distributor Distributor Level 1 = 10,000 CV monthly volume Distributor Level 2 = 10,000 CV monthly volume Distributor Level 3 = 10,000 CV monthly volume 10,000 x .20% = $2,000 10,000 x .15% = $1,500 10,000 x .10% = $1,000 Your Monthly Matching Bonus $4,500 *Distributors recruited by your personally sponsored distributor
    31. 31. How Matching Bonus Works Matching bonus pays out indefinitely horizontally & 7 levels deep with no restriction on how many distributors you can place on your frontline. In this example, we’ll assume that you are a sapphire executive and have 4 personally sponsored distributors 20% 15% 10% 20% 15% 10% 20% 15% 10% 20% 15% 10% You (Sapphire Qualified) Infinite Personally Sponsored #1 Personally Sponsored #2 Personally Sponsored #3 Personally Sponsored #4 Seven Levels Deep
    32. 32. How Matching Bonus Works From the previous example, let’s assume that your personally sponsored 4 distributors and their distributors are all generating 10,000.00 in CV each & every month. 20% 15% 10% You (Sapphire Qualified) Personally Sponsored #1 Personally Sponsored #2 Personally Sponsored #3 Personally Sponsored #4 $4,500 $4,500 $4,500 $4,500 = $18,000/Mo 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 20% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 20% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 20% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x
    33. 33. How Customer Acquisition Incentive Works JADE PEARL SAPPHIRE RUBY EMERALD DIAMOND DOUBLE DIAMOND 25%~30% 25%~30% 25%~30% 25%~30% 25%~30% 25%~30% 25%~30% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% Get 5 PC’s/Retail, Boost 5% or Get 10 PC’s/Retail, Boost 10% on Level 1 Levels & % Override PC= Preferred Customer
    34. 34. Customer Acquisition Incentive @ 5% Boost From the previous example, let’s assume that your personally sponsored 4 distributors and their distributors are all generating 10,000.00 in CV each & every month. You also Have 5 Preferred Customers or Retail Customers which gives you +5% on 1st level. 25% 15% 10% You (Sapphire Qualified) Personally Sponsored #1 Personally Sponsored #2 Personally Sponsored #3 Personally Sponsored #4 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 = $20,000/Mo 25% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 25% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 25% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x
    35. 35. Customer Acquisition Incentive @ 10% Boost From the previous example, let’s assume that your personally sponsored 4 distributors and their distributors are all generating 10,000.00 in CV each & every month. You also Have 5 Preferred Customers or Retail Customers which gives you +10% on 1st level. 30% 15% 10% You (Sapphire Qualified) Personally Sponsored #1 Personally Sponsored #2 Personally Sponsored #3 Personally Sponsored #4 $5,500 $5,500 $5,500 $5,500 = $22,000/Mo 30% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 30% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 30% 15% 10% 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x 10K CV x
    36. 36. How Diamond Bonus Pool Works • Jeunesse global annual volume = $380 million • .03 percent of $380 million = $11,400,000 • 60 Diamonds as of today (year 2014) • 60 Diamonds share in $11,400,000.00 pool. • Each diamond earns additional $190,000 a year from this bonus
    37. 37. VII. Business Builder Packages
    38. 38. BASIC PACK $199.00 100 Commissionable Volume (CV) Points $25.00 USD Customer Acquisition Bonus Autoship Paid For 1 Month
    39. 39. PEARL 20% 15% 60 Day Qualification SUPREME PACK 300 CV POINTS PAYS $100.00 USD CAB
    40. 40. SAPPHIRE 20% 15% 10% 90 Day Qualification JUMBO PACK 400 CV POINTS PAYS $200.00 USD CAB
    41. 41. SAPPHIRE 20% 15% 10% 180 Day Qualification AMBASSADOR PACK 500 CV POINTS PAYS $50.00 USD CAB
    42. 42. 1 year Jumbo pack 400 CV POINTS 1 year autoship paid Pays $200.00 USD CAB SAPPHIRE 20% 15% 10% 90 Day Qualification
    43. 43. VIII. Marketing Plan
    44. 44. Introducing Jkit – Everything You Need to Jumpstart Your Jeunesse Business (1) USB armband with marketing videos, documents and everything you need to start marketing the business (1) Presentation flipchart with presentation tips (7) Fast start Jeunesse marketing presentation booklets. (1) 7 day Youth Rejuvination Serum samples.
    45. 45. Introducing Jbuilder – Contact Manager/ Mobile Marketing Platform.
    46. 46. Jbuilder is a versatile marketing platform inside the Jeunesse distributor back office. Here you can manage contacts, upload excel .cvs lead data files and even send presentations, videos and related Jeunesse marketing materials including .PDF documents via email, text and even social media as well. Jbuilder also features autoresponders, drip campaigns and customize your marketing sites to suit your Jeunesse marketing needs.
    47. 47. Jbuilder Platform is also available with ios and Android platform as well, so you can collect leads and send your presentations, documents and marketing materials on the fly to your prospects, by inputting prospects information on your smartphone and your prospects will receive marketing information instantaneously by SMS text. This is a feature only unique to Jeunesse and to no other direct selling company.
    48. 48. Introducing Jsocial – Social Media Engagement Marketing
    49. 49. With Jsocial, you can send videos documents and marketing material via your smartphone mobile device to any social media outlet including Twitter and Facebook. Jsocial also integrates free product sampling program in Facebook to collect leads, send out free product samples and automate all aspect of marketing. This is a on the go mobile marketing tool specifically designed to create maximum social media engagements to you the Jeunesse distributor and increase sales.
    50. 50. We have on going training on how to use this powerful platform to explode our Jeunesse business on social media sites. Adam Gilmer, who is our team leader is the foremost expert when it comes to social media expert in United States. You get to be personally mentored by him through his weekly live webinars where you can pick at his brains and copy exactly what he does to launch your Jeunesse business in to 6 and 7 figure income range.
    51. 51. IX. How To Become A Team member
    52. 52. 4 Simple Steps To Becoming A Team Member 1. Choose the business builder package you are comfortable starting with. 2. Go to and fill out the Jeunesse Six Figure Income Team Application. 3. Upon submitting the application, you be automatically redirected to the Jeunesse distributor registration site. Purchase a business builder package and set up your product autoship for 60 cv points.
    53. 53. 4. Either myself or one of our team members will contact you to give you a new distributor orientation and welcome you into the team. We’ll contact you to set your Jeunesse business up in the correct way, and help you get your first two distributors, one on your left and one on your right. Personal consultation includes, free of charge, Skype chat or using the webinar platform, fuze meeting.
    54. 54. VER. 2014-04  See You At The Top!  Sam Kim, Jeunesse Emerald Director