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Weekly report template2


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Weekly report template2

  1. 1. [INC 281 MULTIDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP WEEKLY REPORT] January 20, 2012 Name-Surname Visavavit Phonthioua Student ID. 53211828 Group Name “Fuang” Engineering Team Fam,Arm,Kwang,nook,por Members Product Design Team P’pump,p’mhor,p’phin,p’mint,p’nut MembersWeekly Progress This week, which is the cycle of selector selects the mode of working temperature. To select the temperature, the temperature is a level 3 on me 100 degrees, 85. Degrees, 60 Degree work is there will be a button press on 3 buttons when pressing the buttons are just pressed the button design work and has to touch a button to remove the selected temperature. Figure 1. Figure 2.Engineering AnalysisStrong PointThe circuit is designed to work effectively and.Week PointThe circuit is designed to be large, will not be able to enter into the hot pot.Next Week JobOnce a page is odd design, smaller. Department of Control System and Instrumentation Engineering KING MONGKUT’s UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY THONBURI