Virtual Museum (Angat at Marilao)


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A class project by BSIT 1A for SocSci 113

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Virtual Museum (Angat at Marilao)

  1. 1. Exit
  2. 2. AngatHistory BarangayAbout Location Back
  3. 3. Mar ilaoHistory BarangayAbout Location Back
  4. 4. Major Industries and Productsa. Monica Church Farming Garment Gravel Silica Vegetables Rice Marble Back
  5. 5. Major Industries and Products Woodcraf t Jewelry Luyang Dilaw Fest Farming Garment Bakeries Metal craf tingvine Mercy National Shrine Back
  6. 6. History Legend near est t o t he t r ut h is t hatAngat got it s name af t er t he Tagalog wor dangat , meaning a high piece of land or acommunit y living in a pr omont or y dur ing t heSpanish r egime. At t he ar r ival of t he Spaniar ds, t hepeople as a whole wer e at f ir st host ile t o t heconquer or s, but af t er t he complet eChr ist ianizat ion of t he communit y, Spaniar dsgr adually bef r iended t he inhabit ant s. The wholet own, however , embr aced t he Cat holic f ait h,mor e by f or ce t han by convict ion. For ced laborwas imposed pr incipally on t he const r uct ion ofpublic edif ices, like t he chur ch and t hePr esidencia. Next
  7. 7. History As a t own, never t heless, t heconquer or s and t he nat ives f or mallyor ganized Angat mut ually. For mer ly,a t r ibut ar y of Quingwa, it lat erbecame a par t of San Miguel t henwas made under t he t own of Bocaueupon t he administ r at ion of t he vastSt a. Mar ia de Pandi Est at e by t helands wer e par t of t he Hacienda. Att hat t ime, when Angat was under t headminist r at ion of Bocaue, Nor zagar aywas only a par t of Angat . Main
  8. 8. Location The t owns of San Raf ael and Bust os bound t he t own of Angat on t he Nor t h; on t he East by t he vast Sier r a Madr e mount ain r anges, t o it s sout h by t he t owns of Nor zagar ay and St a. Mar ia and on t he West by t he big St a. Mar ia de Pandi Est at e. Back
  9. 9. Barangays Main
  10. 10. Sta. Monica Church A 400-year old chur ch, t he St a.Monica Chur ch is one of t he oldestchur ches of t he pr ovince, and one oft he most beaut if ul chuches in t hePhilippines. I t displays a mar velousBar oque ar chit ect ur e and it sint er ior r eplicat ed t he f amousSist ine Chapel. Back
  11. 11. History The hist or y of Mar ilao is cor r elat edwit h t he hist or y of Meycauayan. This may bet r ue, f or in t he old days, Mar ilao was par t ofMeycauayan and it s biggest bar r io. I got it sname f r om a yellow plan gr owing abundant ly int he place.  Meycauayan was est ablished by t heFr anciscans bet ween t he year s 1578 and1579, or seven year s bef or e Manila wasest ablished, accor ding t o t he hist or icalr ecor ds kept by Rever end Fat her Luis L.Lopez, D.D. (deceased), f ound among t her ecor ds in t he chur ch. Meycauayan wasf or mer ly compr ised of Obando, Mar ilao,Bocaue and San J ose del Mont e Next
  12. 12. History The f ir st missionar ies t o r each t he place wer eRever end Fat her s J uan de Placencia and Diego Or opesa.The t own pr oper (poblacion) was locat ed in Malhacan, atpr esent a bar r io of Meycauayan. I n 1588, st or m andear t hquake dest r oyed t he chur ches and leveled almost allhouses. Due t o t hese calamit ies, t he poblacion wast r ansf er r ed t o Lagulo, but r obber s and Aet as f r equent edLagulo. The chur ch was f inally const r uct ed on a lotsur r ounded wit h bamboo t r ees; hence, f r om bamboo(kawayan) t he t own of Meycauayan got it s name. Fat herAnt onio de Nombelas made t he t r ansf er of poblacion f r omLagulo t o Meycauayan in abeyance wit h t he r equest ofFat her Pedr o Baut ist a, a pr iest t or t ur ed and put t o deat hand lat er held mar t yr in J apan. The Cat holic hier ar chylat er honor ed him as a saint .  On Febr uar y 27, 1901, t he t own of Mar ilao againbecame a bar r io of Meycauayan. I t was only in 1913 t hatMar ilao complet ely became an independent t own.  Next
  13. 13. History The municipalit y of  Mar ilao hascur ved an impor t ant not e; on Mar ch 28, 1898dur ing t he ear ly per iods of t he PhilippineAmer ican f or ces under Gener al McAr t hur Sr .met st ill r esist ance f r om st ubbor n Filipinof or ces wit hin t he out skir t s of t he t own.  Thepat r iot ism of t he people of  Mar ilao was againduplicat ed 12 per sons and bur ned par t of   t he Poblacion and near by bar r ios.  Amongt hose killed wer e pr ominent cit izens of t het own who have r ef used collabor at ion andt ur ned enemies of t he J apaneseadminist r at ion.  Main
  14. 14. Location Mar ilao  is sit uat ed at t he sout heast er n par t of t he pr ovince of Bulacan,  bounded by t he cit y of San J ose del Mont e on t he east , municipalit ies of Bulacan and Obando in t he west , Bocaue in t he nor t h and Meycauayan in t he sout h. Main
  15. 15. Barangays Main
  16. 16. Luyang Dilaw Festival May is f iest a mont h in Mar ilao. Thet own s pr osper it y is capped wit h f it t ingt hanksgiving f iest a celebr at ion, a mont h-longper iod of f est ival called "Halamang Dilaw".The f est ivit ies include f air , physicalact ivit ies, Lakan and Lakambini cont est ,concer t , st r eet dancing and culminat ingr eligious celebr at ions like pr ocession, novenaand mass. Back
  17. 17. Divine Mercy National Shrine On a r ocky hillt op in Mar ilao, a t own in t hePr ovince of Bulacan, j ust a f ew kilomet er s f r omManila, st ands t he Shr ine dedicat ed t o t he DivineMer cy. No one could have f or eseen t hat t his placewhich used t o be haunt ed t o most of t he r esident sand passer sby would t ur n out t o be t he one of t hemost blessed pilgr im sit es in t he count r y. The place has become a dest inat ion f orpilgr images due t o numer ous cases of healings andconver sions. The people who come and pr ay couldat t est t o t he sacr edness of t he place t hat combinesNat ur e’s bliss wit h t heir year ning t o be blessed.Somewher e somehow, t hey f eel t hat t he Mer cy of Back
  18. 18. Jissele F. De Vera Address: 0129 Nicolas St. Taal. Bocaue, Bulacan No: 09265162648, Email: Birthdate: March 11, 1994 “Put God first at the center and everything will come together”
  19. 19. April Dianne F. Santiago Birthdate: April 25, 1995 Email:
  20. 20. Janessa F. Usisa Birthdate: January 21, 1995, Address: Dulong Kalsada San Jose San Miguel Bulacan Age: 16 No. 09161607107 & 09055633927  
  21. 21. Charissa V. Bautista Birthdate: November 3, 1994 Age: 16 Email:
  22. 22. Russel John I. Baello Birthdate: April 25, 1995 Address: #2467 Villena subdivision, San Vicente, Apalit, Pampanga motto: “All is well”
  23. 23. Katherine P B . enedictos Birthdate: June 8, 1991 Address: #16 St. Ignatius, Mabolo, Malolos Bulacan Email: