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Common word list 2013-14

  1. 1. WORD – LIST 1.Abate/ment 27. Debilitate 2. Aberrant 28.Decadence 3.Abeyance 29.decorum 55.Impasse 81.pedestrian (adj) 4.Above-board 30. Demeanor 56.Impertinent 82.phenomenal 5.Accomplice 31.detrimental 57.Impetus 6.acrimonious 32.discretion 58.Implicit 7. Acumen 33.double-cross 53.Hoodwink 79. Palpable 54.Hospitable 80.patronize 59.Inadvertent 83. Plausible 84.poise (noun) 85.pre-empt 8.addendum 34. Eclectic 60.Inclement 86.pre-requisite 9.aftermath 35.embargo 61.Ingenuous/ 87.rationale 10.alarmist 36. Endemic 62.Intrepid 88.reciprocate 11. Angst 37. Equivocal 63.Jeopardize 89. Reckoning 12. Back-handed 38. Euphemism 64.Judicious/ial 90.reconnoitre 13. Becoming 39. Exponent 65.Juvenile 91.redress 14. Bigot 40.extradition 66.Keepsake 92.repercussion 15.brazen 41.extrovert 67.Largesse 93.resilient 16.camouflage 42.fabricate 68. Latitude 94.saccharine 17.casualty 43. Fastidious 18.chivalry 44.fatalism 70.Machinations 96.scapegoat 19.circumstantial 45.galvanize 71.malpractice 97. Solicit 20.compromise 46.generic 72. Milieu 98. Suave 21.consensus 47.graphic 73. Myopic 99.subservient 22.conspiracy 48.gruesome 74.narcissism 100.tentative 23.covenant 49.hackneyed 75.offbeat 101.touchstone 24.credible/credulous 50.harrowing 76.out of the way 102.uncanny 25.credentials 51.headlong 77.overtone 26. Cynicism 105. Wherewithal 52heresy 69.Litigation 78. Palatable 95.salvage 103.unscrupulous 104.warrant
  2. 2. Omniscient avaricious foregone One word substitutions 1.One who is unable to pay one’s debt insolvent 2.person who leaves his country to settle in some other country refugee, expatriate, immigrant emigrant 3.person who comes as a settler into a foreign country asylum seeker, refugee, 4.person who believes everything is predetermined 5.person above 100 years fatalist foregone centenarian poem whose author is unknownAnnonymous 7.cinema show held in the afternoonmatinee 8.a medicine to counteract the effect of another medicine antidote 9.drug or substance that induces sleep sedative, soporific 10.a person appointed to settle dispute between parties mediator, arbitrator, umpire 11.person who does not believe in the institution of marriage misogynist, woman hater 12.a position for which no salary is paid honorary 13.a supposed cure for all diseases or problems panacea 14.Murder of: Father, mother, brother, infant, king/queen, human being, selfPatricide,Matricide, Fratricide, Homicide infanticide, regicide who can do anything for money mercenary who can make himself at home in all countriescosmopolite who pretends to be what he is notimpersonator, imposter who damages public property hooligan, Vandal 19.systematic study of election trends psephology 20.right to votesuffrage, franchise Foreign words/ phrases/ prefixes/ suffixes Ad hoc alma mater bona fide de facto modus operandi per se (by itself)status quo Ambi-, anti-ante(Before, pre), phil(Liking philology,philter, philhellenism, )-, psych-(psychometric, psychosis), pseudo(pseudonym, mis-, sub-, -able, -ful/less, -ment, -ist, -ness, -ance,