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Success of the photoshoot event


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Success of the photoshoot event

  1. 1. Success Of The Photo-shoot Event Fallon Krampah
  2. 2. Procedure • To measure the success of the event, I decided to hand out a questionnaire to everybody that attended the photo-shoot. It was specifically designed to measure the success of the event with 15 specific questions that looked into all different areas.
  3. 3. Question 1: What is the theme you were allocated to? and where you happy with the theme you were allocated to? I felt that asking this question was important to gain insight on how the models really felt during the photo- shoot. The responses that I have gained suggested that 83% of participants were happy with there theme and 17% was not. This suggested that she was not all satisfied with the theme that she was allocated to. From this I can see that I have appropriately assigned the right themes to the right people. 83% 17% Respondents Satisfaction With Their Theme Yes No
  4. 4. Question 2: On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate today’s event? It was nice to see different responses from the respondents, instead of having an all desirable answer. It was important to me that the respondents were truthful and honest throughout this questionnaire, hence why I gained a variety in the feedback in the first place. 50% rated the event a 6, 33% rated it a 8 and 17% a 5. This suggests that my event was not a full success and that it was not a complete fail, meaning that my event was just average in the middle. Of course I would agree to this, as there were many ups and downs on the day of the photo-shoot, such as children and studio issues. So I would most likely rate the event a 5/6 myself as well. 33% 17% 50% Success Event Rate 8 5 6
  5. 5. Question 3: What did you like about today? This question was to ask the respondents just in general what they enjoyed about the event. 50% of respondents suggested that they liked the relaxed environment, even though this is later on the questionnaire contradicted. 33% enjoyed the make up, suggesting that this was a new experience to them, and that the make up artist was very friendly. 17% said that they liked the photographer, with this they suggested that they liked the way the photographer (me) was working with the models, setting up the lighting in a way that would flatter them and being patient with the models, as some were not confident in front of the camera. Overall, I would say that I agree with the responses only to a certain degree. The atmosphere was relaxed at the beginning however, became more pressured towards the end. 50% 17% 33% Respondents liked part of the event Relaxed Photographer Make Up
  6. 6. Question 4: What didn’t you like about today? This question shows me that there were many variables that have clearly affected the result/outcome of the success of the event. 31% of respondents said that they were not happy with the Hairstylist not turning up, delaying the whole schedule, leading to 13% saying that it was unorganised and 6% waiting a lot. 25% said that they did not like the children running around and the fact that it was a very small space to work in. This shall most defiantly be avoided next time. 13% 25% 25% 31% 6% Respondents Dislikes Of The Event Unorganised Small Space Children Hairstylist Waiting
  7. 7. Question 5: How did you feel about the venue/studio? 33% 17% 50% Repondents feeling towards the Venue Nice Great Location Unorganised As already mentioned in my previous posts, the venue/studio was very unorganised and this was recognised by 50% of the respondents . The people at the studio were very unorganised, and double booked us. By this I mean that the people at the studio gave priority to other people who were paying more for the shooting room, that I had booked 1 month in advance. The people at the studio did not bother to contact me about this issue until the actual day of the photoshoot, causing a loss of great time and forcing the schedule to be delayed. 33% mentioned that the studio was a nice place and 17% said that it was in a great location, which was right in the town centre of Northampton.
  8. 8. Question 6: What are your thoughts on the purpose of today’s event? 50%50% Respondents Thoughts On Purpose Of Photoshoot Good Idea Creative For this event, I had made sure that everybody knew the purpose. That it was to create a fashion beauty photography portfolio which would be marked by teachers and examiners. This made everybody aware that the photoshoot was for a serious purpose.
  9. 9. Question 7: How did you feel the make up and hairstylists were? 33% 67% Respondents Feeling Towards Make Up and Hairstylists Good Could be Better One of the issues that I had faced in the preparation for this photoshoot was to find good make up and hairstylists that would be kind enough to do me a favour. I initially planned this whole photoshoot to be a hair shoot, however the hairstylist did not show up with no notice what so ever, causing the whole initial purpose of the photoshoot to fail. Thus to why I had to change the purpose into a ‘Beauty’ shoot rather than a ‘Hair’ shoot. Now I was lucky enough to have the make up artist show up and not let me down. However 67% of the respondents still felt like the make up artist could have been better. I agree to this as the make up artists was not a professional, and the make up looks I had given her to create on the girls, did not all turn out as planned or desired.
  10. 10. Question 8: How did you feel the photographer was like? 83% 17% Respondents Satisfaction Towards Photographer Good Very Good I was the photographer at the shoot, so this was an important question to ask the respondents. This question has allowed me to see where my strength and weaknesses were. Many of the respondents felt that I was a good photographer, as they saw with my professional interaction with the models, however some also felt that I needed to give them a bit more direction in terms of what I wanted the models to deliver.
  11. 11. Question 9: Was there anything you would have changed regarding the stylist and photographer? 33% 44% 22% Respondents Changes to Event Regarding Stylists and Photographer 2 make up artists Preciseness Better Direction Many of the respondents actually would have preferred me as the director of the event to have been more precise in terms of what I exactly wanted from the models and make up artist. I agree to this, and I should have done that as I saw that some of the make up looks that I initially planned for the models, did not turn out as I wanted. That was due to the fact that I gave the artist just an image and let them work with it, at first I thought that this was enough communication for me to get my message across, however this was not. 44% suggested that next time it would be better to have 2 make up artists there to speed up the process of the models getting their make up done.
  12. 12. Question 10: Would you participate in the photoshoot again? 100% Respondents Positive Response to Partake In The Photoshoot Again Yes All of the respondents said yes, as they enjoyed the experience and would gladly do it again.
  13. 13. Question 11: How did you feel about the other models? 100% Respondents Impression of Other Models 1Friendly It was nice to see and know that everybody got along very well, even though not everybody knew each other at the start. The fact that everybody got a long very well, was very helpful and contributed to the relaxing, caring and supportive environment at the photoshoot.
  14. 14. Question 12: What did you think the atmosphere was like? 33% 67% Respondents Thoughts of The Atmosphere Relaxed Pressured 67% of the participants said that the atmosphere felt more pressured towards the end as time was running out, and everybody needed to rush and go. I agree to this as I made a tight schedule for us to be finished by 2pm however, me and some of the other models did not leave until 4 pm. This was due to several issues such as the studio delaying out shooting start, several models not being able to make it and leaving me to look for replacements as soon as possible, and also the hairstylist not showing up, leading to models doing their own hair.
  15. 15. Question 13: Did you feel confident/happy in front of the camera? 50%50% Respondents Feelings In Front Of The Camera Very Confident Happy Even though being in front of the camera was a first for some of the models, they all felt confident and happy to be there. This was a great response, as I wanted to make sure that everybody was comfortable.
  16. 16. Question 14: Where would you like to see the photos posted/uploaded? 36% 36% 14% 7% 7% Respondents Prefered Social Networking Site Facebook Instagram Blogger Twitter None Facebook and Instagram were the two main popular social networking sites, the participants wanted to see their photos uploaded to. 7% however did not want their photos to be uploaded anywhere, as they felt conscious.
  17. 17. Question 15: Did you feel you managed to develop any skills? 50% 38% 13% Respondents Development Of Skills Social Confidence Photography Knowledge 50% of the respondents said that they had developed their social skills, as they were allowed to interact with people they had never met before In a confident manner. 38% of people suggested that they were able to develop their confidence level, as they stood in front of the camera for the first time in their life. This allowed some models to really be them selves and accept their true beauty. 13% said that they developed some photography knowledge such as lighting and positioning them appropriately.
  18. 18. Evaluation • Overall, I must say that even though the event had its ups and down, it was still a success. This is seen in the questionnaire as many of the respondents were very happy and satisfied and learned/developed different things. I myself have learnt many different things throughout the course of the event which I am very proud about myself.