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50 Creativity Creation Techniques And Strategies


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This presentation is for those who need new ideas to generate how to spark their personal creativity.

Published in: Business, Education, Technology

50 Creativity Creation Techniques And Strategies

  1. Principles of Being Successful 50 Creativity Creation Techniques and Strategies John Fallon Consultant
  2. Ten areas for creativity generation • People • Art / Music • Environment • Technology • Travel • Power Thinking • Play / Humor • Alterconsciousness • Reading • Creative Soul
  3. Synchronicity and Serendipity People
  4. Join a creative community People
  5. Find a Mentor People
  6. Network People
  7. Realize new entrepreneurial ideas People
  8. Enhance your environment Environment
  9. Use aromatherapy Environment
  10. Surround yourself with environmental art Environment
  11. Find your "creativity trigger" Environment
  12. Eliminate “crazy makers” Environment
  13. Use travel to find inspiration Travel
  14. Take an emergency creative trip anywhere Travel
  15. Be open to new ideas, people and lifestyles. Travel
  16. Go on a "themed" travel expedition Travel
  17. Turn trips into entrepreneurial excursions Travel
  18. Engaging in amusing & enjoyable activities / humorous games Play / Humor
  19. Develop a playful environment at work Play / Humor
  20. Bring a bag of toys for inspiration Play / Humor
  21. Explore wacky, wild, and weird ideas Play / Humor
  22. Engage in play with family and children Play / Humor
  23. Start a creative "reading plan" Reading
  24. Pick a magazine you don’t normally read Reading
  25. Use deep reading Reading
  26. Randomly select titles to browse Reading
  27. Go to "library angels“ to find information you need Reading
  28. Participate in an art to connect with creative feelings Art / Music
  29. Reevaluate negative judgments about not being able to do art "correctly" Art / Music
  30. Learn to play a simple musical instrument Art / Music
  31. Find fun and challenging art observation experiences or museums Art / Music
  32. Go to unconventional art exhibits and concerts Art / Music
  33. Use an information manager Technology
  34. Learn to use “idea generation” software Technology
  35. Get online and research Technology
  36. Learn to use video, audio or desktop publishing software Technology
  37. Take part in the newest creative field Technology
  38. Implement brainstorming strategy Power Thinking
  39. Use the TRANSFORM grid to develop new ideas or modify old ones Power Thinking
  40. Role playing Power Thinking
  41. Learn to mind map your ideas Power Thinking
  42. Use a journaling technique to track ideas Power Thinking
  43. Learn to respect your intuition Alterconsciousness
  44. Use daydreaming to encourage the mind’s free flow Alterconsciousness
  45. Begin practicing a meditation technique Alterconsciousness
  46. Practice visualization Alterconsciousness
  47. Learn to seed and/or remember your dreams Alterconsciousness
  48. Practice spirituality in the way that supports your creative spirit Creative Soul
  49. Write affirmations Creative Soul
  50. Use ritual to celebrate your successes Creative Soul
  51. Go on a quiet retreat to reconnect with your creative spirit Creative Soul
  52. Take a pilgrimage journey to a "sacred" site Creative Soul
  53. Get Busy… Get Creative