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Software upgrade with dash 4.0 q203


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Use these instructions to load stock android onto your Blu Dash 4.0 - fixes issues with Google Play Services and the error "Incompatible with other applications(s) using the same shared user ID". Also restores text-to-speech for Google Maps Navigation. I had to do the factory reset after, so had to lose all data/apps/customization.

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Software upgrade with dash 4.0 q203

  1. 1. 1BLU Dash 4.0 Q203Software Upgrade Guide
  2. 2. 2Pre-Update ProceduresData Back-upThe Android Software Upgrade Procedure will erase all the data inside themobile unit. Before starting with the upgrade procedure please follow thesteps below to back up contacts, calendars, and emails.1. Enter the applications menu screen2. Enter the Settings MenuApplication MenuSettings
  3. 3. 33. Enter Accounts & Sync4. Make sure that Accounts & Sync is set to ON5. Press the Sync Refresh buttonAccounts & SyncON ButtonSync Refresh
  4. 4. 46. Press the Menu key and click on “Sync Now”Identify the phone model numberIn order to properly upgrade the unit the part number will be required. Inorder to find the model number please remove the battery cover of thephone and read the back label. (See image below).Sync Now
  5. 5. 5Downloading the appropriate Upgrade Software1. To download the appropriate software for the Upgrade procedures goto (see image below)2. Please use:Username: blusoftPassword: aplic103. Once you have access to the FTP, please download the software ofyour specific model phone. Once you have clicked on the Software Dash 4.0 Generic folder, clickon the Q203_BLU_apbp_full_20130521 file and the download tabwill pop up. Click on the Save tab and download the compressed file onto yourhard drive.
  6. 6. 6Attaching the Software to the SD Card:Copy the update package to the SD card and ensure that the phone is fullycharged to avoid any file transfer stoppage.1. Insert SD Card into the memory card slot.2. Insert battery and power on.3. Connect to the computer via USB cable.4. Select USB storage mode on the unit.5. Go to My computer6. Double click on the Removable Disc (the SD Card of the phone)7. Drag and drop the zipped software file into the Removable disc.Software Upgrade steps:Once you have installed the microSD card in its appropriate slot, power onthe phone. Once in the home screen, enter the dialer and enter:*#*#9375#*#*When the programming code is entered, the following screen will appear:Once in the factory mode programming screen, please click on the LOCALUPDATES tab to continue the installation.
  7. 7. 7Once you click the LOCAL UPDATES tab, a new screen will appear that willdisplay the phones root directory. Please select the SD Card option.Once you select the SD Card option in the file explorer, the files in your SDCard will display.Please look for the ZIP file: Q203_BLU_apbp_full_20130521 and click onthe file
  8. 8. 8Once you have clicked on the ZIP file, the phone will prompt you to reboot.Please click OK and reboot the phone.The total installation time should not exceed more than 4 to 5 minutes. Oncethe phone has finished installing the update, the phone will reboot. Once thephone has rebooted, please go to SETTINGS » BACKUP & RESET » FACTORYDATA RESET to initiate a factory reset. After the reset your phone is complete.