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Chapter II review


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Ok so this is my 7th PPT of the series dedicated to the Human Anatomy. The humor is mine. So just change it to fit your needs. Hope this helps.

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Chapter II review

  1. 1. Chapter Review Generally speaking of course Let’s begin
  2. 2. Energy: Potential vs. Kinetic The gunpowder in the bullet is what type of energy? Potential When the bullet is fired what type of energy is it? Kinetic
  3. 3. Energy: Potential vs. Kinetic The totally calm open ocean is what type of energy? Potential The hurricane swells, that smashes your small boat to pieces and sends you to a deserted island for 5 years, is what type of energy? Kinetic
  4. 4. M.E.R.C. The machine is gauging a heart rate, what type of Energy is using? Electrical The Heart beating causing the EKG to react this way is what type of energy? Mechanical or Chemical The CT or CAT scan, they used to see if you have a heart block is what type of energy? Radiant
  5. 5. M.E.R.C. The bear riding the bike is using what type of energy? Mechanical After he gets angry from doing so many laps for the amusement of simpletons and Eats the trainer, what type of energy does he then convert the slave-driver into? Chemical
  6. 6. M.E.R.C. These fine fellows go on the “biggest loser”. The trainer tells them to do sit ups, what type of energy is he asking for? Mechanical One of them thinks he sees Jennifer Aniston at the beach and accidentally gets HARPOONED by passing Japanese whalers. What type of energy is the sun, beating down on his soon to be sushi-self, giving off? Radiant
  7. 7. M.E.R.C. A nuclear test goes horribly wrong and radiates a near by atoll (small island). The effects are felt through generations of its people through birth defects and vitamin deficiencies. What energy has the radiant energy of the blast effected in the population? Chemical
  8. 8. Organic Compounds What elements make up all organic compounds? Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen What is the chemical formula for this molecule? C 6 H 12 O 6 What is the name of this molecule? Glucose
  9. 9. Organic Compounds A single sugar is called? A Mono___________ Saccharide The process of joining two sugars is called? Dehydration synthesis This molecule is called a ________________? Breaking it down requires 2 things. What are they? A Enzyme And Water Disaccharide
  10. 10. Organic Compounds This long chain of Saccharides is called? A Polysaccharide The Rxn to break it down is called? Hydrolysis What is the disease that is the inability for the body to absorb sugar? Diabetes
  11. 11. Organic Compounds Triglycerides, Phospholipids and Steroids are the most abundant _______ in the body? Lipids Testosterone, Estrogen…etc. Have what molecule as their basic backbone? Cholesterol
  12. 12. Organic Compounds A man hanging out in the Sun gets strong bones and grows to be the size of a Silverbacked Gorilla (in human form)!! Vitamin D What is the lipid type being stimulated? Fact: A male Silverbacked Gorilla eats 60 lbs of vegetation a day! Can you imagine the size of the ….nvm Moving On!
  13. 13. Organic compounds Amino Acids are the Basic Building Blocks of what? Proteins To be considered an Amino Acid a molecule needs to have what 2 things? NH2 and COOH
  14. 14. Organic Compounds What is the protein Structural level of this molecule? Quaternary What is this molecule? Hemoglobin How many levels of Structural organization are to a protein? 4
  15. 15. Organic Compounds Antibodies Hormones Transport proteins Enzymes Are what type of proteins? Functional Proteins Give an Example of a Transport Protein? Blood
  16. 16. Organic Compounds What is another word for Enzyme? Catalyst For SOME Enzymes to become active they must be turned ON . Give a process of this. Phosphorylation
  17. 17. Organic Compounds The suffix “-ASE” means what? An Enzyme What is “Denaturing”? When a protein loses its “useful” shape, or ~unravels~ What 3 things that can Denature a Protein? Acid, Alkali and Heat
  18. 18. Organic Compounds What is an “Active Site” ? Area on the enzyme onto which the Substrate binds to. What 2 things determine the binding of the Substrate to the Enzyme? Shape and Charge Does an Enzyme change shape during and after the Rxn? No
  19. 19. Organic Compounds A Phosphate group A Sugar And a what make up a Nucleic ACID? Nitrogenous (Nitrogen-containing) Base What is the Nitrogenous Base used in RNA instead of Thymine ? Uracil
  20. 20. Organic Compounds How many strands does a RNA chain have? A Single Strand What sugar does DNA use? Deoxyribose What 3 Nitrogenous Bases do Both DNA and RNA have in Common? Adenine, Guanine and Cytosine
  21. 21. Organic Compounds Adenosine Triphosphate is called _________ for short. ATP What is the important part of ATP that makes it the valuable to a body? The High Energy Phosphate bonds
  22. 22. Organic Compounds Are you ready to play a GAME? Of COURSE your are!!!
  23. 23. Then Lets Begin
  24. 24. Messenger and Runners ~Rules~   Messengers Each Group will *Choose 1 Messenger He/She will pick up the Message Bring it back to the Group **Messengers can NOT talk till they get back to the Group**   Runners (Can NOT be Messengers!!) *Choose 1 Runner Will return to the board and write the Answer Spelling DOES Count!!!!   **Groups can GUIDE (Yell answers or spelling corrections) to the Runner**   Final Answer Must be UNDERLINED to be considered Finished