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Retaj Tech & hr Update


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Retaj Tech & hr Update

  1. 1. AL Retaj H.R Services
  2. 2. Who we are? • Al Retaj H.R. Services was created to offer reliable and affordable HR services in addition to ASP (Application Service Provider). • Al Retaj HR Services is a Saudi fully integrated HR solutions • • • • Partners with leading consulting houses based in U.S.A, Canada, UAE
  3. 3. Our Services • – The most advanced Job portal for management and professional talents. • Candidate Search • Job Advertisement • Personality Assessment • Interview Guidelines
  4. 4. • HR services. – Executive Search – Recruitment – Man power planning – Organizational Restructuring – Job profiling – Communication – Training & Development
  5. 5. • – PCrecruiter gives owners and users a complete e-commerce application for staffing. – I-SkillSuite™ enables you to bring effective Competency-based Talent Management to all employees within the organization – MAPP is a world-class personal assessment identifies the true motivations toward work
  6. 6. PCRecruiter
  7. 7. Traditional Application process Walk In Web Site On Campus Activities E-Mail Receive CV Advertising Referral Enter The CV in to the ATS Fax Mail Filing the CV Match? Needs
  8. 8. Traditional Recruitment Process Comments / Limited Input / Output Activities Search Retreiving Prescreening Needs the the The CV’s Database Physical CV’s Media Paper Rejection letter Rejection Letter Rejection Letter Results Sending Short Testing Prescreening List interviews Fax, Mail Manual Paper Paper Rejection Letter’ Rejection Letter Information Final Interview Selection On boarding
  9. 9. PCR Recruitment Process Fax Advertising E-mail Advertising PCR Mail Campus Activities Referral Internal Job Posting Activites Build CV Search A Job Assessment & Profiling Update CV Apply for a job
  10. 10. NEW RECRUITMENT PROCESS Flexible or Standard Fully or Semi- Input / Output Flexible application automated Needs Search Prescreening Prescreening the Database the CV the Interviews Media System System System Based on client Based on client Automation requirement Final Shortlist Testing Interview System Email system System All automated Recorded process Selection On boarding System System
  11. 11. PCRecuiter • Company overview – PCrecruiter World Wide GO • ASP Demo – Job Seeker GO – Recruiter
  12. 12. MAPP Motivational Appraisal for Personal Potential
  13. 13. MAPP Assessment within Your Company MAPP assessment within your company’s: • Hiring • Succession planning and career development processes can save you time • Money and raise productivity. The MAPP reports outline an individual’s motivations: • Toward work • How they prefer to learn • How they prefer to manage or be managed • Their preferred communication style and much more. That creates a WIN-WIN for both employers and employees! The difference between motivation and skill is training.
  14. 14. What does MAPP provide my company with? As a company, you will have your own online MAPP management center where you can track, view and print all reports of your employees, candidates and clients.
  15. 15. Process Overview Individual (Employee/Candidates) Perform Enter Key Code Registration Submit Results Assessment MAPP (Motivational Appraisal for Personal Potential) System Management Manage the Manage all Manage Job Center Login List of People Reports Matching COMPANY
  16. 16. Management Center Tools • View all individual MAPP reports • Create a job match report (database of O*Net jobs) • Create your own custom job profiles • Create a job match report
  17. 17. We look forward to do business with us and we assure you the maximum satisfaction Thank you!