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Spec Ops Service: Induction of our newest Armored Suburban–New York City based.

Long term bulletproof car leases and short term armored vehicle rentals

Spec Ops Service introduces the newest member to our global network of armored vehicles. Our Chevy Suburban 2500 rounds out our East Coast extension of discrete and secure Luxury suburban and SUV B6 armored vehicles.

Our long term lease and short term rentals are perfect for international delegates, heads-of-state, business executives, entertainment and sport VIPs, and high net-worth individuals and their families.

In addition to our East Coast network we own and operate armored vehicles across the US, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, London, Nigeria, Libya, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and in the Philippines. From these locations, we can provide armored vehicles almost anywhere in the World.

For a complete description of this heavy-weight contender please click on our slideshare link below:

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Spec ops service_chevy suburban2500_armored vehicle

  2. 2. Armored Vehicle CHEV-SUB-2500-B6SPEC OPS SERVICE: A Channel for Uninhibited Personal and Corporate Growth www.specopsservice.comStand with us and you will not stand alone TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ARMORED CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2500 SPECIFICATION: CHEV-SUB-2500-B6 This specification outlines the design modifications to be applied to the above mentioned vehicle in order to convert this vehicle to an armored protection vehicle. 01 02 04 10 12 13 BACKGROUND BASE VEHICLE DETAILS CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2500 ARMORING DETAILS ● OPAQUE ARMOR ● TRANSPARENT ARMOR ● DOORS ● ELECTRIC ● INTERIOR ● BRAKES ● SUSPENSION ● TIRES AND RUN FLATS ● ADDITIONAL FEATURES (included in standard armoring) ● WEIGHTS VEHICLE OPTIONS LIST WARRANTY BALLISTIC SPECIFICATIONS TABLE OF CONTENTS MITIGATING SECURITY RISK THROUGH UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE AND PLANNING GLOBAL OPERATION. OPERATING WORLD-WIDE WITH A CUSTOMIZED FLEET OF INDUSTRY LEADING SERVICES. HEADQUARTERS LOCATED ACROSS THE USA ● Texas ● California ● Illinois ● New York ● Maryland ● Washington D.C. ● Florida Spec Ops’ big thinking materializes in our client’s peace of mind. Every initiative is diagnosed by our senior operators and assessed by our team. The Spec Ops brotherhood lives and operates the motto “Stand with us and you will not stand alone.” Our mission is to provide safety, a channel for uninhibited personal or corporate growth. The pillars that build our brand, Foresight, Endurance, Experience and Knowledge form a promise to all clients. Spec Ops Service operators are at the top of their respective fields, from threat assessments, covert missions to protective services. Spec Ops Service provides for governments, corporate executives, and high-worth private individuals.
  3. 3. ENGINE: ● Cylinder: 6.0L, V8, SFI, petrol ● Displacement: 6000 cc, Vortec ● Max power: 355HP @ 5200 RPM ● Max torque: 382 Lb.ft @ 4200 RPM TRANSFER CASE: ● Electronic Autotrac, and 4WD TRANSMISSION: ● 6 Speed automatic, with overdrive BRAKES: ● 4 Wheel disc, 4 wheel anti lock Suspension ● Premium smooth ride ● Front – coil over shock with stabilizer bar ● Rear – multi-link with coil springs ● Stabilitrak – with proactive roll avoidance TIRE: ● 17 - inch alloy wheels, P265/70 R17 on-off road tires (will be upgraded to 19.5”) FUEL TANK: ● 117 liters PAYLOAD: ● 752 kgs DIMENSION: L X B X H [mm]: 5,649 X 2,009 X 1,951; wheelbase: 3,302 mm FEATURES: ● Airbags – head curtain side-impact ● Remote vehicle starter system keyless entry ● Rear parking assist – LED display audible warning ● Air-conditioning – front rear, dual zone manual control ● Leather appointed seats ● Leather wrapped steering wheel ● Power windows and door locks ● Power adjustable rear view mirror ● Front fog lamps, defogger – rear window ● ETR AM/FM stereo MP3 compatible CD player BACKGROUND. The Chevrolet Suburban armored vehicle has been an extreme contender in Iraq. Build- outs like the one contained in this publication have performed well in providing ballistic protection as required in the region up to this point. Spec Ops Service is bringing ultimate protection state-side. CHEVROLET SUBURBANS HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY CONVERTED INTO ARMORED PROTECTION VEHICLES FOR USE IN IRAQ. Spec Ops Service offers unparalleled longterm lease and rental services. Our armored vehicles will exceed expectations of even the most discriminating clients. SOS utilizes the top armoring manufacturers in the security/military vehicle and cash in transit industry. Our fleet stretches the globe, many operating in high risk areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Our unique armoring designs provide high reliability and durability, ensuring that the vehicles will be virtually free of warranty issues despite the fact that the armoring process adds a substantial amount of additional weight on the factory chassis. The following specification details the armoring modifications done at SOS to offer the finest protection vehicle in its class. Stand with us and you will not stand alone SPEC OPS SERVICE: A Channel for Uninhibited Personal and Corporate Growth BASE VEHICLE DETAILS - CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2500 02 www.specopsservice.com (OEM features may vary depending upon availability at time of order) Armored Vehicle CHEV-SUB-2500-B6
  4. 4. Stand with us and you will not stand alone SPEC OPS SERVICE: A Channel for Uninhibited Personal and Corporate Growth OPAQUE ARMOR ● Five sided armoring of passenger compartment using certified ballistic steel plating to defeat high-powered rifle fire, 7.62 x 51 M80 NATO Ball @ 830 (±10) m/s (Meets or exceeds CEN level B6, see Ballistic Specifications in section 4.0) ● Floor is fitted with steel plates to protect occupants against simultaneous detonation of 2 DM-51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent. ● Armoring included on kick panels, front fenders, rear wheel wells, firewall, A, B, and C door pillars and posts. ● Armor consists of welded certified ballistic grade steel construction. ● Spec Ops Service utilizes special materials and installation techniques to permit a significant reduction in cost to the client while maintaining or improving structural integrity and ballistic resistance level. ● The interior frame, constructed of certified ballistic grade steel, provides overlap and backup protection for the large-surface principal impact areas such as the doors and windows. It also reinforces the structural integrity of the pillars and other areas that are typically ignored or poorly armored by other manufacturers. ● Vehicle armoring shall be constructed in such a way as to ensure that a projectile following a linear or angled path shall not enter the vehicle’s interior without contacting the armor material. In addition to this, the possibility of a projectile entering the vehicle’s interior due to a ricochet from the armor shall also be minimized. SOS rear ballistic bulkhead provides ballistic and blast protection for the occupants, featuring a large ballistic viewing glass, reinforced hinges for superior durability and ballistic steel backing behind the opening handle to prevent bullet penetration. ARMORING DETAIL 04 www.specopsservice.com OPAQUE ARMOR Armored Vehicle CHEV-SUB-2500-B6
  5. 5. SPEC OPS SERVICE: A Channel for Uninhibited Personal and Corporate Growth Stand with us and you will not stand alone ARMORING DETAIL 06continued www.specopsservice.com TRANSPARENT ARMOR ● A combination of glass, Polycarbonate and Mylar are bonded together using the latest technology, producing one of the finest transparent armors available while incorporating the following. ● Meets or exceeds levels CEN B6 ballistic protection, ● Anti-spall shield protecting against shattering glass ● Multiple impact protection (three shot). ● Finest optical quality offers minimal distortion ** Important New Feature** Many users are not aware that the ambient heating of glass in hot climates can actually reduce the ballistic resistance of the transparent armor significantly. SOS armored glasses are constructed using special techniques which modify the heat absorption properties of the glass to virtually eliminate this problem. The result – ballistic resistance is maintained even in regions of consistent hot weather. DOORS ● 360° armor overlap at all doors to prevent penetration through door posts and pillars. ● Door pillars reinforced for maximum strength retention. ● OEM Door hinges replaced with custom engineered heavy duty hinges ● All doors fitted with double looped nylon restraining straps to reduce stresses to hinges during opening ● Handles are reinforced to provide longer life in rugged environments ELECTRICAL ● All standard electrical equipment of this vehicle shall be tested and modified as necessary to protect against the armoring process. INTERIOR ● All original OEM interior panels and trim will be resized or modified and re-installed wherever possible to obtain as close to an original look as possible. ● As most original panels will no longer be possible to fit, SOS paneling shall be used in place of same where required by armor design. DOOR ARMORING. Door panels resized to accommodate the armoring of the vehicle. Full 360° armor overlaps at all doors and other openings of the vehicle, providing optimal ballistic and blast protection. Armored Vehicle CHEV-SUB-2500-B6
  6. 6. SPEC OPS SERVICE: A Channel for Uninhibited Personal and Corporate Growth www.specopsservice.comStand with us and you will not stand alone ARMORING DETAIL 08continued BRAKES ● Spec Ops Service and armoring partners undertakes to provide a superior handling vehicle as an alternative to most vehicles in the industry. To this end we upgrade the braking systems of this vehicle for improved performance and safety. ● Front and rear discs are replaced with slotted, vented discs for better heat dissipation. ● Optional upgraded systems are custom made for SOS using even sturdier brake materials taken from the automotive racing industry and engineered to perform in an armored vehicle application. SUSPENSION ● Along with the improved braking systems, Spec Ops Service armoring partners alters the suspension components of all vehicles to provide added safety, and improved performance and handling of the finished armored vehicles. ● SOS uses upgraded suspension components as our company standard on all vehicles, as well as adding custom engineered components not found in standard after-market suspension upgrade kits, which results in a superior ride and handling experience when compared to OEM parts or the less-effective upgrade kits. ● As an optional addition, SOS has the suspension replaced with a system which has been specifically engineered and tested for Spec Ops Service, and offers a ride experience unique in the market and unmatched by any other manufacturer. TIRES AND RUN FLATS ● Overheating of tires during service is a major cause of blowouts in the security and protection industry. SOS utilizes unique methods to offset the effects of overheat during service, thereby ensuring that our vehicle tires will maintain a lower operating temperature and guard against dangerous blowouts at all times during a mission. ● The certified Hutchinson run flats used by SOS have been proven as reliable by clients worldwide in a variety of unique operating environments. ● SOS Standard configuration includes five (5) run flats installed including the spare tire. ● SOS also offers an optional run flat upgrade and heavier tire combination which maintains higher load capacities and runs cooler than standard units. This guarantees improved performance in the event that the vehicle tires become disabled. UPGRADED SUSPENSION: Heavy duty strut with 2 stage coil spring TIRES AND RUN FLATS Chevrolet OEM rims and tires combination Optional SOS upgraded heavy duty steel rims and tires Armored Vehicle CHEV-SUB-2500-B6
  7. 7. SPEC OPS SERVICE: A Channel for Uninhibited Personal and Corporate Growth www.specopsservice.comStand with us and you will not stand alone ARMORING DETAIL 10continued ADDITIONAL FEATURES (included in standard armoring) ● Roof also armored to level B6+. ● Ballistic protection for engine ECM unit and battery. ● Steel protection over fuel tank ● Wire mesh installed in tailpipe to prevent insertion of foreign objects. ● All armoring completed by experienced technicians. ● Rear bulkhead with view glass installed in front of rear doors. ● 5 ton vehicle tire jack (upgraded if necessary to lift additional weight of armor) tire iron. ● Tow Rope ● Warning Triangle ● Hand-held Fire Extinguisher ● First Aid Kit ● Roof mounts (front/rear/both available upon request) ● Certificate of Compliance can be provided along with certificates of material testing. ● All manuals and written information provided by vehicle manufacturer shall be included. WEIGHTS The approximate weight for the complete armored vehicle is 5,000 Kg. Please note: The center of gravity in any vehicle is raised after armoring which can affect the stability in cornering and braking. While suspension upgrades have been completed to offset this effect, care must be taken in handling the vehicle. It is recommended that drivers are trained to handle the vehicle with the increase in weight load and change in center of gravity position.*** Ballistic armoring is installed in the engine bay to protect the ECM unit and battery from ballistic threats. ENGINE BAY ARMORING Armored Vehicle CHEV-SUB-2500-B6
  8. 8. BALLISTIC SPECIFICATIONS VEHICLE OPTIONS LIST 12 The above table represents the ballistic protection levels for the above mentioned vehicle for both transparent and opaque armor: (CEN level B6). Opaque Armor: Armored passenger compartment roof and 4 sides. Floor of passenger compartment is protected to shield against fragmentation from simultaneous detonation of 2 DM-51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent. OPTIONS AVAILABLE (In Addition To Standard Armoring) 01 03 05 07 09 02 04 06 08 10 11 UPGRADED SUSPENSION (HD shocks, upgraded torsion bar cam locks, rubber springs) ADVANCED SUSPENSION (custom made adjustable shock absorbers with remote canister, upgraded torsion bar cam locks, rubber springs) BRAKE UPGRADE 2 (slotted discs and H/D racing pads [ceramic or other] ) UPGRADED HD TIRES (with OEM Rims) UPGRADED HD TIRES, RIMS AND RUN FLATS (18”) COMBO UPGRADED HD TIRES, RIMS AND RUN FLATS (19.5”) COMBO FUEL TANK PROTECTION (Blast protection all around / Standard feature) FUEL TANK PROTECTION (Ballistic protection sides and blast protection underneath) UPGRADED FLOOR 1 (Mild Steel Additional Layer Underside) UPGRADED FLOOR 2 (9-Layers Of Kevlar) BRAKE UPGRADE 1 (slotted discs) (Standard feature) 12 14 13 RADIATOR PROTECTION ( Full Ballistic Protection, Additional Intake Fan and Ram Air Scoop) HEAVY DUTY FRONT RAM BUMPER HEAVY DUTY REAR RAM BUMPER *** All Armor is protected from multiple (3) shots *** LEVEL FB/BR4 9 mm luger 0.357 magnum 0.44 rem. magnum 8.0 10.2 15.6 FJ2 /PB/SCP1 FJ1/PB/SC FJ1 /RN/SC FJ1 /CB/SC FJ2 /FN/SC 400 430 440 3 on a 120 mm 3 on a 120 mm 3 on a 120 mm 3 on a 120 mm 950 710 830 820 FJ2 /PB/SCP1 FJ1/PB/SC FJ1 /PB/SC FJ2 /PB/HC1 FJ2 /PB/HC1 FJ1 /PB/SC 5.56 x 45* 7.62 x 39 7.62 x 51** 7.62 x 51** LEGEND: FB/BR5 FB/BR6 FB/BR7 WEAPON PROJECTILE CALIBER (mm) TYPE SPEED +- 0.1 (m/sec) SHOTS +- 10 (mm) MASS(g) + - 0.1 L-Armor Piercing CB-Coned Bullet FJ-Full Metal Jacket Bullet FN-FLat Nose Mass 3.7 +- 0.1g HRC 63+ PB-Pointed Bullet RN-Round Nose SC-Soft Core (lead) SCP1-Soft Core (Lead) Steel Penetrator SS109 1) Full Steel Jacket Plated 2) Full Steel Jacket *Twisted Length 178 mm +- 10mm **Twisted Length 254 mm +- 10mm Armored Vehicle CHEV-SUB-2500-B6
  9. 9. VEHICLE OPTIONS LIST 14continued OPTIONS AVAILABLE (Continued) 16 18 20 15 17 19 21 22 REINFORCED FRONT OEM BUMPER REINFORCED REAR BUMPER ROOF ESCAPE HATCH FRONT RETRACTABLE WINDOW (Actuator) STANDARD IAG GUN-PORT EACH (to be installed in metallic portions) GLASS GUN-PORT EACH (with oval gun-port, ballistic glass and installation) WIRE MESH TAILPIPE PROTECTION (Standard feature) CARE PACKAGE (5 ton Jack, Tow Rope, Warning Triangles, Hand-held Fire Extinguisher, First Aid) (Standard feature) 23 24 HIGH OUTPUT ALTERNATOR (275 Amps) 1-WAY PA (Public Address) SYSTEM WITH SIREN (Required For Strobe Lights) 25 26 2-WAY PA (Public Address) SYSTEM WITH SIREN (Required For Strobe Lights) SPOT LIGHT WITH FRONT + REAR STROBE LIGHTS PACKAGE (Requires PA System) 27 28 STROBE LIGHT (Each Available In Red Or Blue) (Requires PA System) WARNING ROTATING BEACON 29 30 FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM CODAN NGT HF COMMUNICATION PACKAGE 31 32 MOTOROLA GM 360 VHF SYSTEM BOMB DETECTOR SYSTEM 33 34 OPTIMA SHOCK RESISTANT BATTERY SELECTABLE 1+1+BOTH DUEL BATTERY SWITCH WITH OFF POSITION (Kill Switch) PA system and fire suppression system control unit Spec Ops Service warrants any armor related items installed, and conversion related custom workmanship, for one year or 20,000kms (12,500 miles), whichever comes first; any suspected warranty related work must first be confirmed as being necessary by means of technical consultation with a representative of Spec Ops Service. Technical consultation regarding any repairs or malfunctions is available by telephone during our normal operating hours. Warranty work to be directly covered by Spec Ops Service shall be performed locally only after assessment and authorization by Spec Ops Service. Spec Ops Service shall, upon consultation and approval, make payment for any/all repairs deemed to be of a reasonable nature by our management and engineering department. Spec Ops Service does not cover any OEM vehicle parts and components that have not been modified or preformed work on during the armoring process. Such parts and components are the sole responsibility of the client and the vehicle OEM. Spec Ops Service assumes no responsibility for damages incurred through vehicle misuse or abuse, negligence, accidental damage, or any unauthorized modifications or alterations made to the vehicle following delivery of the vehicle to the client. Under the terms of this limited warranty, Spec Ops Service. shall in no way be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from loss of use or time, inconvenience, or commercial loss resulting from the need for warranty work. This warranty covers the repair and/or replacement of warranty related items only, and any non-warranty related additional costs incurred remain the responsibility of the client. Accessories not directly related to the armoring process (winches, lighting, shields, etc.) shall be covered by the warranties of their respective manufacturers, and are not included in the warranty coverage provided by this agreement. However, although Spec Ops Service does not warrant these items directly in any way, we do agree to offer any reasonable assistance in obtaining servicing from their companies of origin. Should there be any undue difficulties with obtaining servicing of these accessories; Spec Ops Service will also agree to replace them for the client at our current wholesale cost price. The client shall remain responsible for any/all shipping and handling fees or incidental costs associated with the replacement of such items, as well as the aforementioned replacement cost. Upgraded high output alternator Motorola VHF system, fire suppression and battery kill switch control units Operable ballistic glass window (actuator) WARRANTY Armored Vehicle CHEV-SUB-2500-B6
  10. 10. FORESIGHT | ENDURANCE | EXPERIENCE | KNOWLEDGE Our pillars form a promise to our clients; Stand with Us and You Will Not Stand Alone.DUNS: 046345551 www.specopsservice.com 9595 Six Pines Drive, Suite 8210, The Woodlands, TX 77380 Cage: 6UKX3 License: C18664 Mitigating Security Risk Through Unmatched Performance and Planning. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOUTHANKYOU PLEASE CONTACT FOR LEASING TERMS. CARSON KELLER office: 832.631.6080 carson@specopsservice.com DAVID ‘JOHNNY’ WITTROCK CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER office: 832-631-6080 johnny@specopsservice.com
  11. 11. 9595 Six Pines Drive, Suite 8210, The Woodlands, TX 77380 www.specopsservice.com