Cision Media Monitoring Social Media


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Cision Media Monitoring Social Media

  1. 1. Media MonitoringSocial Media MonitoringRemember back in the day when having a conversation involved picking up the phone andtalking to someone? Nowadays, if you tried to conduct a conversation with everyone who’sout there talking about your company, product, brand, or competitors, you could spendall day on the phone and not even finish a fraction of the list. This is where social mediamonitoring can help. Listen, manage, track, report and engage your conversations withouteven picking up the phone. Engage with your audience Personalized viewUnparalleled In-Depth Global Reach WorkflowContent Analytics ManagementTrack and report on Slice and analyze data on Receive content from Engage and recordover 150 million blogs, multiple levels, and easily virtually every country in conversations, assignsocial networking sites, create graphs, spot trends, languages such as English, posts for follow up,microblogs, online forums, and generate reports. Spanish, German, French, classify content, and20,000+ news websites and Italian, Japanese, Simple manage with one-click450+ video- and Chinese, and more. workflow tools.image-sharing sites.
  2. 2. Media MonitoringSocial Media Monitoring In-depth analysis at your fingertips See which top influencers are talking about youListen Access Recent Engage News Coverage• rack news from millions of sources T • ision’s Social Media Dashboard is a C • he Engagement Console lets you T• ision is the only PR-services C self-service, online portal that delivers track, manage and engage with any company that has complete access to real-time access to social media social media contacts Twitter coverage, plus advanced analytics • esktop alerts notify you instantly D• mail alerts can be organized by topic • ith over 40 charts and graphs, you E W when new coverage arrives and delivered hourly, keeping you can find trends and new influencers • ssign posts with priority ratings to A abreast of new content so you can • se word clouds to identify other U team members for response, and respond as quickly as needed keywords used in conjunction with classify content into categories with• ach article contains key metrics to E your topics one-click workflow tools allow you to demonstrate ROI: • ccess important metrics to A • asily review, connect and comment E -- Engagement level see which posts offer the most on those important conversations -- Comments and unique engagement opportunity • ll conversation and classification A commenters • ustomize each chart by date range, C history is saved on each article and topic keyword, media type and more reflected back in the Social Media -- Number of views and inbound Dashboard links -- Followers and following counts for Twitter posts -- Publicity value 866.639.5087 332 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60604 Copyright © Cision, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 10/12