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Quest open house

  1. 1. 7th & 8th Grade QUESTMrs. Beffa
  2. 2. QUEST Course Description:We are on a QUEST to explore the world inwhich we live and make connections. Interdisciplinary investigations Real-world topics and issues Positive community connections
  3. 3. First SemesterExploring the Environment: The Future is Green
  4. 4. The Future is GreenMajor Units First Semester Green Energy Debate Green Business Plan
  5. 5. Second SemesterExploring the Mind & Emotions: Mind Madness
  6. 6. Mind MadnessMajor Units Second Semester Psychology & Mental Illness Great Minds Project
  7. 7. Service Learning ProjectEach Semester Each semester each student will participate in a service learning project. Students will choose their own project with teacher approval. Students can choose to work together as a group or individually.
  8. 8. Materials (to bring every day):  Folder  Paper  Pencil  Pen  Eraser  AR Book  Planner
  9. 9. Grading: Focus is on student performance on the course objectives What the student can demonstrate Each of the course objectives will be evaluated in a variety of ways How each student performs on each of these objectives is then transformed into a pass/fail grade Since this is an advanced course the student will need to perform at a “B” level or higher on the majority of the objectives to receive a passing grade For more information feel free to contact Mrs. Beffa.
  10. 10. Performance Standards & Process SkillsPerformance Information Problem Solving Critical ThinkingStandard ProcessingProcess • Gather information • Recognize a problem • Use reasoningSkills • Analyze information • Use problem solving strategies • Use facts and logic • Organize information • Develop a solution • Explain relationships • Apply information • Use systems thinking Performance Communication Responsibility Standard Process • Plan a message • Work as an individual Skills • Create a message • Work as a group member • Present a message • Work as a leader
  11. 11. Proficiency Advanced Proficient Nearing Basic Below BasicLevel 4 3 Proficiency 1 0 2General Student knows and Student knows Student knows Student knows and Student does notDescription can demonstrate the and can and can can demonstrate know and cannot objective well demonstrate the demonstrate less some of the demonstrate any enough to make objective without difficult parts of objective with help. part of the connections to other making mistakes. the objective but objective. situations or not the more contexts. Student difficult parts or goes ABOVE & may make some BEYOND what is mistakes. expected. Equivalent to letter Equivalent to Equivalent to letter Equivalent to letter Equivalent to letter grade of “A” letter grade of “B” grade of “C” grade of “D” grade of “F”
  12. 12. Communication*Please take the time to make sure I have youremail address. I send out frequentcommunications in the form of updates andnewsletters, and this is the most efficient way forme to do this. Thank you. 
  13. 13. Mrs. Beffa’s Contact Website: