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Mh project


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Mh project

  1. 1. Countries● Togo and Puerto Rico
  2. 2. Puerto RicoPuerto Rico is a very great place to visit, grassy, sand, and water near by to go swim in. Right now is probably the best time to visit , with it being 73 to 80 degrees . Puerto Rico is southeast of Florida. The food there is quiet like American food. There are many things to do here like , water sports, cultural center called ponce , beaches surrounding the area , mountain ranges, and rolling hills, plus you do not need a pass port to get into Puerto Rico. Official language here is Spanish
  3. 3. TogoTogo is a small country,near the gulf of guinea,the capital is Lome. The land in Togo is mostly mountain with the Togo mountain covering most of this country. The highest point in Togo is a place called Mont Agou. Land becomes low south and east of those mountains, hardwood trees, sandy coastal, and grass remain in these parts, but there are many lagoons, swamps,also with oil and coconut forest . Official language is french .
  4. 4. FinancialIts cost $1316 for two ● This trips plane tickets people to go on a will cost $1634, hotel plane. The hotel will here will cost you cost $1013. $546, transportation transportation $56 and will cost $655,cost of I gave $350 for food $350, altogether food, altogether is this this trip will cost trip will cost $2,735. $3185.
  5. 5. Which country I recommend:I recommend Togo because, yes it cost more but the hotel is gorgeous, everything there is everything you asked for, the hotel is amazing , I hope if you go you will love it!
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