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Jm another story


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Jm another story

  1. 1. Business SummaryMy business will be a green bookstore. I will sell books made of recycled paper and reading devices such as Kindle or Nook. For People who purchase reading devices at the store, the books they buy will be discounted. Book purchases will be tracked to find out what books are popular. You will be able to turn in broken or unwanted reading devices to be refurbished and resold. There will also be a café and library. There will be computers and a reading area in the library. The computers will have a book search so you can find books you want. They will be open for research and educational purposes. The café will sell food like what is at Bread Co. In the bookstore, the recycled books and reading devices will be sold. Book orders will be available to order books not in the store. Other than books, there will be small sections for movies and toys. It will be built where there are not many bookstores are near to increase sales and decrease the amount of travel needed to get to a bookstore for local people. It will provide simple, much needed jobs at the library, café, and bookstore for people who are unemployed. My green bookstore company name will be Another Story: Green Books.
  2. 2. Marketing PlanMy targeted market will be bookworms or people who need to use the computers but don’t have one. There will be advertisements in magazines and on television. A 30 second commercial would cost about 100$ per commercial slot. The bookstore will have a website, which will include contact information for the store and . The store will have a Facebook account and people will be able to contact the store that way.
  3. 3. Products and ServicesThe store will sell books made of recycled paper as well as old books that have been donated. There will also be a café and a library. The store’s competitors will be stores like Barnes and Noble or Discount Educational Supplies. My products will be better because they are recycled.
  4. 4. Management PlanThe bookstore will have very simple jobs for unemployed people. Workers will be neat and organized. There will be one manager in each section: one in the store , one in the library, and one in the café.
  5. 5. Financial PlanThe business will make money by selling used/recycled books and reading devices such as Kindle or Nook. Once the business gets going, it will fund itself. It will cost money to advertise, but once the business starts, the expenses will be covered.
  6. 6. Environmental PlanMy business will be green because it will be selling recycled or used books, which will cut back on paper production and pollution. The store will be located where there are not many bookstores near so that not as much travel is needed to get to a bookstore for local citizens.
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