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E dproject


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E dproject

  2. 2. COUNTRY 1 AND 2Mexico Madagascar
  3. 3. THE COST OF TWO PLANE TICKETSMexico  Madagascar$940 in June  $5,486 in June
  4. 4. COST OF LODGINGMexico MadagascarCamino Real Sunny GardenAeropuerto Mexico $510$840
  5. 5. C O S T O F T R A N S P O R TAT I O NMexico Madagascar$97 $375
  6. 6. COST OF FOODMexico Madagascar$150 per day $150 per day$900 whole trip $900 whole trip
  7. 7. OFFICIAL LANGUAGEMexico MadagascarSpanish French
  8. 8. KIND OF FOODMexico Madagascar Rice, veggies, fruitSpicy Sometimes meat and fish
  9. 9. T Y P E O F T R A N S P O RTAT I O NMexico MadagascarCar Car
  10. 10. GEOGRAPHYMexico Madagascar Mountains thatChihuahuan desert separate the northern part of Madagascar from the rest of the country
  11. 11. POPULAR TOURIST SITESMexico Madagascar Royal Hill ofTeotihuacan AmbohimangaAcapulco Andasibe-Mantadia
  12. 12. FESTIVALSMexico MadagascarCINCO de MAYO Hira Gasy The Famadinana
  13. 13. TOTAL FOR BOTH TRIPSMexico Madagascar$2,777 $7,271