Cyber crime evolution


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Cyber Crime Evolution & Ethical Hacking.

a) Statistics of Internet
b) What is Cyber Crime
c) Types of Cyber Crime
d) Who are Hackers
e) Effects of Hacking
f) Definitions of Hackers
g) Types of Hackers
h) Skills of Ethical Hackers
i) Contact

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Cyber crime evolution

  1. 1. Cyber Octet
  2. 2. Falgun Rathod  Ethical Hacker  Penetration Tester  DIE HARD Entrepreneur  Worked for Various GOVT Agencies  Managing Director @ Cyber Octet Pvt. Ltd. Cyber Octet
  3. 3. Cyber Octet
  4. 4.  Packet 1  When We Try Connecting to Internet ,ARP Broadcasting is done on network Who has Tell to get Default Gateway  Packet 2  Default Gateway (Router) Receives the ARP and Assign MAC Address so that now All Packets are sent through this Default Gateway.  Packet 3  When We try to connect with DNS Query sent to know the IP Address of in WEB know one knows  Packet 4  DNS Replies with the IP address of  Packet 5  SYN Packet is sent to on a particular port here is 80 i.e. HTTP  Packet 6  ACK/SYN are sent back to IP Address which asked for  Packet 7  ACK is received and finally the Three Way Handshaking Process is Completed  Packet 8  Here now You will be getting HTTP Response and able to open the site  Packet 9  All the Data and Images from the Website is been loaded on your Browser Cyber Octet
  5. 5. Cyber Octet
  6. 6. Cyber Octet
  7. 7. Cyber Octet
  8. 8. Cybercrime is criminal activity done using computers and the Internet. This includes anything from downloading illegal music files to stealing millions of dollars from online bank accounts. Cybercrime also includes non-monetary offenses, such as creating and distributing viruses on other computers or posting confidential business information on the Internet Cyber Octet
  9. 9.   Fears about the consequences of cyber attacks, internet hacking and identity fraud are at their highest level in five years, with Australians ranking as among some of most concerned people in the world. The latest annual survey has shown there has been a large jump in the number of people worried that their personal details held by banks, financial providers and telcos, may fall into the wrong hands Cyber Octet
  10. 10.  India has 42 millions cyber crime victims every year  India lost Rs 34,200 crore to cybercrime last year   In 2012 42 Million People fell victim to Cyber Crime in India and Loss of 8 Billion US Dollars. According to Report of Norton 66% Adults of India has experienced Cyber Crime in their Lifetime. 115000 victims everyday or 80 victims in a minute. Cyber criminals targeted users of Skype, Facebook and Windows using multiple Exploits in October, according to the latest threat report from security firm GFI Software Cyber Octet
  12. 12. Phishing It is technique of pulling Out confidential information from the bank/financial Institutional account holders by Deceptive means. Cyber Octet
  13. 13. Denial Of Service Attack This is an act by the criminal, who floods the band width of the victim’s Network or fills his e-mail box with spam mail depriving him of the services he is entitled to access or provide. Cyber Octet
  14. 14. SOFTWARE PIRACY Theft of software through the illegal copying of genuine programs or the counterfeiting and distribution of products intended to pass for the original. Retail revenue losses world wide are ever increasing due to this crime Can be done in various ways such as end user copying, hard disk loading, Counterfeiting, Illegal downloads from the internet etc Cyber Octet
  15. 15. CREDIT CARD FRAUD You simply have to type credit card number into www page off the vendor for online transaction If electronic transactions are not secured the credit card numbers can be stolen by the hackers who can misuse this card by impersonating the credit card owner.. Cyber Octet
  16. 16. CYBER STALKING The Criminal follows the victim by sending emails, entering the chat rooms frequently. Cyber Octet
  17. 17. CREDIT CARD FRAUD You simply have to type credit card number into www page off the vendor for online transaction If electronic transactions are not secured the credit card numbers can be stolen by the hackers who can misuse this card by impersonating the credit card owner.. Cyber Octet
  18. 18. TimeLine Cost of Resources Availability of Resources 1945 1965 Soldiers Strategic Nuclear Weapons 1975 1995 2005 Today Cruise Missile Precision Guided Missiles Munitions New Tech ICBM & SLBM Cyber Octet
  19. 19. Mostly Insiders, Crackers, Foreign Intelligence, Terrorist & Hackers Cyber Octet
  20. 20.      1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s      MIT & Stanford Universities Best Programmers Gamers Game Hacking & Copyright Breaking Website Defacement Cyber Criminals Cyber Octet
  21. 21. Cyber Octet
  22. 22.  Damage to information & theft of information.  Attackers may also use these PCs as "spam zombies" or "spam bots“.  Attackers use backdoors such as Trojan horses, root kits, virus & worms to compromise systems.   Theft/damage of clients or customer/business data, credit card details, and social security numbers, for identity fraud or theft. Theft of email addresses for spamming, passwords for access to online banking, ISP or web services. Cyber Octet
  23. 23.  Hacking into government systems or servers or network can affect its operations & reputation.  Hacking into company will affect its asset & goodwill. Cyber Octet
  24. 24. Case Study Of Google A British researcher, Jim Ley, discovered (2004) an XSS flaw in Google and provided this proof of concept Phishing page where Google becomes a ‘paying service’. If you would be so kind as to provide your credit card details . Now fixed. Cyber Octet
  25. 25. Cyber Octet
  26. 26.   A hacker is someone who gains unauthorized access to a computer system. Many hackers just like the challenge of breaking through a computer security system. The terms Hackers and Hacking are being misinterpreted and misunderstood with negative sidelines. Cyber Octet
  27. 27. Hackers Crackers Script Kiddies Phreakers Cyber Octet
  28. 28.  Hackers are the person who tries to break into computer system to get secret information.  Motive/Intent –  To gain in-depth knowledge of a system, what’s happening at the backend, behind the screen.  To find possible security vulnerabilities in a system.  They create security awareness by sharing knowledge. It’s a team work. Cyber Octet
  29. 29.  An Individuals who break into computers with malicious intent.  Motive/Intent –  To seek unauthorized access into a system and cause damage or destroy or reveal confidential information.  To compromise the system to deny services to legitimate users for troubling, harassing them or for taking revenge.  Effects- Can cause financial losses & image/reputation damages, defamation in the society for individuals or organizations Cyber Octet
  30. 30.  Phreaks – These are persons who use computer devices and software to break into phone networks.  Motive/Intention- To find loopholes in security in phone network and to make phone calls at free of cost!!!  Effects- You may have to big amount of phone bills, for doing nothing!!! Cyber Octet
  31. 31.  Script Kiddies – These are persons not having technical skills to hack computers.  Motive/Intention- They use the available information about known vulnerabilities to break into remote systems.  It’s an act performed for a fun or out of curiosity. Cyber Octet
  32. 32. Cyber Octet
  33. 33. •Individuals professing hacker skills & using them for defensive & are also known as security analysts •Individuals with extraordinary computing skills, resorting to malicious or destructive activities & are also known as crackers •Individuals who work both offensive & defensively at various times White Hat Hackers Black Hat Hackers Grey Hat Hackers Cyber Octet
  34. 34. Reconnaissance Scanning Gaining Access Maintaining Access Cyber Octet Clearing Tracks
  35. 35.  The Hacker who has Right from Concern Authority of Government Body to Hack are known as Ethical Hacker. Cyber Octet
  36. 36. Platform Knowledge • Having depth knowledge of Windows, Unix & Linux Computer Expert Security Knowledge • Should be a computer expert adept at technical solution • Has knowledge of security areas & related issues Cyber Octet
  37. 37. Network Knowledge •Has exemplary knowledge of networking and related software & hardware Technical Knowledge •Has high technical knowledge to launch the sophisticated attacks Cyber Octet
  38. 38.       What are Virus Properties of Virus What are Worms Properties of Worms What are Trojans Properties of Trojan Cyber Octet
  39. 39.  Authentication Bypass  Sql Injection  XSS  CSRF Cyber Octet
  40. 40. Cyber Octet
  41. 41. Thank You Cyber Octet
  42. 42.      Cyber Octet