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alfonsin web

  1. 1. DNS LOOKUP Everything to do with DNS, DDNS, and FreeServicesDDNS – Free Dynamic DNS ProvidersNovember 22, 2011 admin DDNS, Dynamic Dns, 13We maintain the #1 list of Dynamic DNS (DDNS) providers online. Dynamic DNS is a method that allows you to notify aDomain Name Server (DNS) to change in your active DNS configuration on a device such as a router or computer of itsconfigured hostname and address. It is most useful when your computer or network obtains a new IP address leaseand you would like to dynamically associate a hostname with that address, without having to manually enter the changeevery time. Since there are situations where an IP address can change, it helps to have a way of automatically updatinghostnames that point to the new address every time. Enter DDNS to the rescue.We are proud to be considered the top resource online for information on dynamic dns providers. This is a gentle, not-too-technical introduction on it, how it works, and a comprehensive list of mostly free providers. We have also providedsome dynamic dns reviews on various hosting companies to help you better decide who to choose!If you like this list, please link to it will help others find this free list more easily!Name URL and domain selection Subdomains? Domains? 2011) *, *, *.wow64, etc(12+)Free VPN Also AvailableFree 2011) *, *,*, etc (100+)Free $3/mo$6/qr$15/yrNo IP(June 2011) *, *,Free (5 domainlimit)$15/yr173Unbiased Provider ListDynamic DNSFree VPNFree IPv6 TunnelsFree VoIPCategoriesDDNSDNS LookupDNS ToolsDynamic DnsFree DNSFree TunnelFree VoIPRecent PostsDNS Lookup ToolsDynamic DNS Hosts & DomainsDDNS – Free Dynamic DNS ProvidersHome Dynamic DNS
  2. 2. *, etc. (21 domains) 2011) *, many many others (they listabout 300. no, really.)Free (donationsencouraged)Free (donationsencouraged) Subdomains AvailableNo Longer Free Free(Pro: $15/yr) 2011) $10/ 2011) 2011) *.cjb.netFree N/AZerigo(June 2011) (Pro: $19/yr) 2011) Domains: *, *, etc(quite a few, but seem to have trouble accessingtheir sites from US)Free N/ 2011) Domains: *, etc (in Chinese)Free N/ADarSite(June 2011) *$100/year $100/yearFree IPv6 TunnelsFree VoIP ProvidersRecent Commentssburina on DDNS – Free Dynamic DNSProviderschacaman on DDNS – Free Dynamic DNSProvidersstevenharper on DDNS – Free Dynamic DNSProvidersciscocom90 on Dynamic DNS Hosts &DomainsMark_edenberg on DDNS – Free DynamicDNS ProvidersArchivesJuly 2012December 2011November 2011August 2011July 2011MetaRegisterLog inEntries RSSComments RSS
  3. 3. Dec 2001) *, *, *,several othersReg Disabled Reg DisabledDeerfield(2 Nov 2002) *, *, *, others$9.95/year $19.95/yearDHIS(June 2011) *.net.dhis.orgFree N/ADHS(9 Dec 2001) *$5 (one-timecharge?)N/ADNS 4 BIZ(2 Nov 2002) UnknownFree (also for-payoptions available)$4.99/monthDNS Exit(2 Dec 2002) FreeDNS Made Easy(2 Nov 2002) *, othersFree $4.95/year (up to5 domains)DNS Park(8 Dec 2005) $8.95/ Dec 2001) *.dnsd.be5 Euro per yearfor the firsthostname; 4Euro forN/AWordPress.orgTagsafraid changeip DDNS dns dynamic dnslookup dns tools dns utilities dns w atch dynamicdns domains dyndns noip tzo zerigo zoneeditAbout UsAbout
  4. 4. additionalhostnamesmapped to thesame IP.DtDNS(9 Dec 2001) *, *,*, othersFree $20/ Dec 2001) *, *.dynserv.[com/net/org]Free N/ADynAccess(5 Dec 2001)http://www.dynaccess.deDomains: *.dyn-access.(com/net/org/de/info/biz),several others5 Euro/year (ormore, dependingonname selected)DynamIP(5 Dec 2001) $3/monthDynamx(5 Dec 2001) *, *, *, *.irc-chat.orgFree N/ Dec 2001) *, *, *,*.yaboo.dkFree $10/ Dec 2001) *, *, *.au2000.comFree N/ Dec 2001)$35.95/year andup (based on$159.95/year
  5. 5. Domains: *, others domain namechosen) Dec 2001) *, *, *, othersFree 15 Euro/yearDynUp(5 Dec 2001) *.dynup.netFree N/A (“comingsoon”)Easy DNS(5 Dec 2001) $19.95/yearHome PC(5 Dec 2001) *.homepc.orgReg Disabled N/AHotline DNS(5 Dec 2001) *.hldns.comFree N/AMicrotech Ltd.(5 Dec 2001) *, *,*, *.easydns4u.comFree 20 UKP/yearMiniDNS(5 Dec 2001) *.minidns.netFree (“withquota”)Free (“withquota”) Dec 2001) *, *,*, several othersFree $24.95/yearNettica N/A $25/year, $45 for
  6. 6. Nettica(2 Nov 2002) $25/year, $45 for2 yearsOpen DomainServer(5 Dec 2001) *.ods.orgFree $20/year for up to5 domainsPlanet DNS(9 Dec 2001) *.planetdns.[net/org/biz/ca]$19.95/year $49.95/yearPowerDNS(5 Dec 2001) Free for up to fivedomains, peremail from siteadmin.Prout(2 Nov 2002) *, *.dyn.prout.beFree N/ASitelutions(2 Nov 2002) FreeStatic Cling(5 Dec 2001) *.staticcling.orgFree N/AThat IP(2 Nov 2002) *$10 for up to 5names$10 for up to 5namesTurnkey Hub(June 2011) *. TKLAPP.comCloud Services with Turnkey Hub, but pricing basedon Amazon EC3Free FreeTZO Internet$24.95/year $59.95/year
  7. 7. (5 Dec 2001) *, *, *, *$99.95/2 yearswhyI(9 Dec 2001)*,*,*,*.b0b.orgFree N/AXname(June 2011) *.xname.orgFree N/AWidge DNS(3 Dec 2002) FreeWorld WideDNS(5 Dec 2001) $39/yearCan there be only one such feed?Of course not. Here’s a few other lists of Dynamic DNS Providers and review sites:DMOZ provides a nice big list.Yes, it’s yet another list, on has one here What’s that?DNS, the Domain Name Service, is responsible for helping the Internet to function as it does today. The Internet isdivided into literallymillions of domains; each one has its own name. DNS helps to translate that name into an actual location (IP
  8. 8. address).To a human, names like that (or, or, or any of theother four million domain names registered) make perfect sense.Dotted Quads?IP addresses consist of four numbers, each between 0and 255. More or less. (Some blocks of numbers are reserved for avariety of special purposes.)But not to the computer.The computer doesn’t have a clue. Computers work with numbers.Computers use IP addresses (“dotted quad” numbers like10.20.30.255) to talk with each other on the Internet.DNS is the middleman, translating domain names into numbers (and,occasionally, the other way around).Great. But why “dynamic DNS?”Glad you asked. Let’s review!Got Numbers?In theory, there are 232(about 4.29e9, 4billion or so) possiblenumeric addresses for the Internet in IPv4. In practice, though, many of them wereallocated in an inefficient manner a long time ago, in a way that can’teasily be undone today. Some groups, like MIT, were given literally millions ofaddresses, more than they can ever use, but it’s not really practical forthem to give them back now. (IP routing is an ugly thing indeed. Askanyone who has to deal with CIDR; earplugs to muffle the blood-curdlingscreams of terror are optional.)Over the next few years, IPv6 will be phased in, increasingthe number of addresses to 2128(3.40e38, give or take), enoughfor everyone and all their major appliances to have an address. But untilthen…
  9. 9. There’s only so many numbers out there, at least as far as the computeris concerned. (Basically, each of the four parts in the “dotted quad”address can only be between 0 and 255.) Silly technical limitations eat upa lot of those addresses; historical design decisions eat up some more;and of course a LOT of them are already in use.This means that Internet IP addresses are a finite, scarce resource,and have to be treated somewhat carefully.Suppose you have a normal, $20 per month, Internet dialup account from“Some Local ISP, Inc.” They have three thousand customers, butit’s rare that all of them are online at the same time. (In fact, if theyfollow industry practice, they probably only have 500 or so phone linesanyway.) So that ISP may only have 600 or 700 IP addresses — enough toprovide one for each phone line, a few for internal use, a few for futuregrowth, but nowhere near one for each of those 3000 customers.Or maybe you have a cable modem, though “Big CableCo Inc.”Whenever your cable modem goes online (when you first plug it in and turnit on), it broadcasts a request for an open address, and some computer intheir office eventually answers. Cable modem addresses are usuallyassigned with “leases,” which work just like the lease on an apartment -you’re guaranteed to have that address for a certain time, but after thatall bets are off. Your landlord (the cable company) might evict you,forcing you to move (get a new IP address) at the end of the lease. (These‘leases’ usually only last for a few days, and sometimes only a fewhours.) At the end of the lease, you may be able to negotiate a new lease,but you can’t be sure of it.So not everyone can have their own IP address. Your ISP, cable company,or whoever, might let you have a dedicated IP, but they’ll probably chargeyou extra for it. It’s more likely, though, that they can’t or won’t helpyou…Imagine if the phone company changed your number twice a day — peoplewould have a hard time calling you.Fortunately, most home users don’t need to worry about all this“dynamic DNS” stuff. If you just want to get online, check your email,look at a few Web sites, maybe get in a quick game ofUnreal Tournament 2003,
  10. 10. your specific address doesn’t matter. You’ll get a fresh address everytime you dial in, that’s all yours for as long as you stay connected, andsince other people aren’t trying to connect to your computer, you’re allset.If you want to run a BBS, or Web server, or any number of otherservices, on your home computer, though, having your IP address change allthe time is a real problem.Enter DDNS, otherwise known as Dynamic DNS services or Free DNS. They act like old-style phone operators:other users call the operator, and ask to speak to you, and magic happens.Every time your computer comes online, you tell the DDNS server what yourcurrent address is. Other users, through the magic of DNS, will be sent tothe right place.Sounds neat. Tell me more about how DNS works.It gets a bit more technical here. If you just want to run apart-time Web server, or Shoutcast server, or something like that, youprobably don’t need to know most of this. But it may come in handy, andit’s (I hope) interesting anyway. If you want to run a BBS, you’ll almostcertainly need to read on.Sidebar: When aren’t DNS mappings one-to-one?Really big Internet services, like Yahoo!, can’t possiblybe run on one computer. Many different numbers point to “” Behind the scenes,most of Yahoo’s services are handled by big databases anyway.It goes the other way too. It’s possible for one computer(thus, one number) to host many Web sites.The most interesting, and useful, types of DNS records are Arecords, MX records, and CNAME records.“A” records specify Addresses. An A record usually matches asingle name to a single number. For instance, as I write this, it matches
  11. 11. the domain name “” to the number“″. (Don’t use that number for anything; I have adynamically-assigned address too.) This mapping isn’t always one-to-one,but for this discussion let’s pretend they are.“MX” stands for Mail eXchanger. MX records specify othercomputers that handle mail for a given domain. To continue the phoneanalogy: My primary MX is my home phone. If you can’t reach me there,though, you might try my pager (a secondary MX) or my cell phone (anothersecondary). If a domain doesn’t have an MX listed, the address from the Arecord will be used.CNAME stands for Canonical Name. It specifies aliases – other namesthat a computer answers to. Suppose you want to look like a big company,running a Web server, FTP server, news, IRC, and other services too. Butyou can’t afford to buy a dozen computers to run them all. So you set up anumber of CNAMEs for your one computer:,,,, and others.That one computer could run all those servers at once.Sidebar: TTL“TTL” stands for “Time To Live.” It’sone of the parts of a DNS record, and it basically says how long a givenrecord is valid before your computer should double-check to make sure thecomputer hasn’t “moved.” Most computers don’t move often, so their DNSentries “live” for hours or days. The secret to Dynamic DNS isthat its entries usually live for five minutes or less.There are other DNS records, from the never used WKS, to PTR and HINFO,to the dreaded “” record. But they are beyond thescope of this document. For a good primer to DNS in general, see the LinuxDNS HOWTO at you’re interested in running a DDNS service of your own (you bravesoul, you), there are a couple things to do: Either write the softwareyourself (as the people at Dynup.nethave done), or get a ready-made package from someplace (like CheapNet).I don’t want this to become a list of “dynamic DNS software providers,”but here’s a (partial, incomplete) list of pre-made packages:
  12. 12. GNUdipGNUdip2 (no, I don’tknow what the distinctions are)A DDNS server for Windows2000Okay, I’m sold. From whom can I get Dynamic DNS service?Above you will find a list of providers that we are doing our best to keep up to date. (The date at the top of this documentshows you when I lastchecked all these sites; then, at least, they all appeared to be inbusiness and taking new customers. If things have changed since then and you would like to leave a dynamic dnsreview, letme know by leaving a comment below.Sidebar: TOS“TOS” stands for “Terms Of Service.”When you signed up with your ISP, or DSL or cable modem provider, youprobably had to sign (or click “I Agree”) to one of these. Usually, theysay you cannot run a Web server, or any other kind of server, offyour home computer. Be sure you check this before you start publicizingyour new Web site, or else you might not have any Internet access at all.But first, let me explain the table.quot;Subdomains” means you get a sub-domain of a name the companyalready owns. If your computer is named fred, and you buy this kind ofservice from “Some Big ISP,” at, your domain namewill be“Domains” means you’ve purchased your own Internet domainname. This will be something like “”. There areliterally hundreds of places that can sell dotcom names and others aswell. I’ve gotten good prices and good results, both personally andprofessionally, from GoDaddy. Thename is lame and cheesy, but for domain names starting at about sevenbucks a year, the price is hard to beat.
  13. 13. Free IPv6 Tunnels Dynamic DNS Hosts & DomainsLog in to ReplyLog in to Replyafraid, changeip, DDNS,, dns dynamic, dyndns, noip, tzo, zerigo, zoneeditThe inevitable “?” means that the Web site inquestion doesn’t list the information, or that it’s sufficiently confusingthat I gave up looking for it. (Usually, it means that you can only getthe information if you sign up. I don’t want to pollute all thesedifferent databases by creating accounts I’ll never use, and I don’t evenknow what I’d do with 100 extra domain names.And now, the standard disclaimers: I don’t work for anyone on thispage. I am a happy customer of a couple of these companies; if you knowyour way around DNS tools, you’ll be able to figure out which ones. ThoughI try to keep this page up-to-date, I don’t guarantee that anything onhere is accurate. Including this disclaimer.This list was originally created and provided by:David E. Smith order to help keep this list fresh, feel free to register and post a comment with your suggestions.13 thoughts on “DDNS – Free Dynamic DNS Providers”admin says:June 23, 2011 at 4:41 amTry leaving a comment here!patrik_fm says:August 26, 2011 at 8:18 pm.. how can i add my ddns server? and will it be in routers than? what i have to do ? can you help me?
  14. 14. Log in to ReplyLog in to ReplyLog in to ReplyLog in to Replydyndnss says:May 31, 2012 at 12:36 amA new free DynDNS Updater Service “Made in Germany” is DynDNS You have 3 DynDNS Accounts for free andPremium Users have 25 Accounts and URL-Forwarding.ddnsPT says:July 13, 2012 at 2:06 pmHi, here are my 2¢For spanish(Español) users:http://www.ddns.mxFor portuguese(Português):http://www.ddns.ptThey offer free and paid services also with DNSSEC for free and a high customizable API.HAL-9000 says:July 22, 2012 at 4:11 pmTo advise is also the http://www.szcloud.degslbme says:November 20, 2012 at 1:58 pmAnother new dns service to achieve smart balancing is at http://www.gslb.meboomshadow says:January 3, 2013 at 6:59 amI’ve been using your list quite a bit to find a new provider once DynDNS stopped offering free accounts. I still
  15. 15. Log in to ReplyLog in to ReplyLog in to ReplyLog in to Replyhave my 1 free hostname with them as it was being auto-updated by a home server. But if it ever stops gettingupdated after 30 days time, they will delete it.After playing around with a few providers, I think is my favorite. Pretty well developed system, easy touse, and still has free accounts. I just hope they don’t turn around and do what DynDNS did and take awaythose free accounts.I know a lot of routers and other IP devices came specifically programmed to use DynDNS’s free accounts, butthen they got screwed over. For those users that still want the DynDNS free account, you can still get it. I wroteup a guide here: says:January 12, 2013 at 8:28 pmchacaman says:January 12, 2013 at 8:30 pmsorry yo can have 15 A records on or user cpanel and more i like thisservicechacaman says:April 26, 2013 at 11:58 amthis service have clients for windows and linuxMark_edenberg says:April 10, 2013 at 5:48 amI also use for a year. It’s free and they have one-step signup formand auto-activation service. Their refresh period is 1 minutes but you can’t change this to 1 hour or more if it isneccessarry.
  16. 16. Log in to ReplyLog in to ReplyLog in to Replystevenharper says:April 21, 2013 at 10:14 amNew provider free uses openid for accountssburina says:May 31, 2013 at 3:41 pmYet another new free DDNS provider: Burina.NET DDNS.The service is totally free, and it will remain such as long as the company exists. Every account gets the defaulthostname “”, and a possibility to create up to 4 additional hostnames under this default:“”.Leave a ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment.AboutDNS LookupDesigned by Ugesi. Powered by WordPress.