Ciyda Gazette September 2009 Issue


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Contemporary Indigenous Youth Development Africa (CIYDA) Monthly Newsletter (September 2009 Issue)

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Ciyda Gazette September 2009 Issue

  1. 1. CIYDA MAIN CIYDA Gazette “Probably the best source for African Youth Information…” SPONSORS & PARTNERS V O L U M E 1 I S S U E 9 S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 Get your company logo featured here. Zim Youth Development Festival ‘09 Harare, Zw, Sept 02, 2009 - atmosphere, the ZYDFest start-up, mentorship, volun- CIYDA in partnership with the looks to have organisations of teering e.t.c. Zimbabwe Youth Council and CIYDA’s caliber setting up INSIDE THIS Ministry of Youth Develop- booths for workshops, offering Corporate and other guest ISSUE: ment, Indigenisation and Em- information in various aspects of organisations would be looking ZYDFest 20009 1 powerment mulling youth its service areas such as business to give your advice on various “Your Stepping development festival. developmental aspects of their Stone to Suc- lives most of whom are going cess…” In it’s continued effort to get into the labour market or youths together and interacting higher education be it at home with both private and public or abroad. The aim is to also ZYC Restructuring 1 sector, CIYDA has moved to highlight opportunities at home to be Finalised hold an annual Zimbabwe Youth and how they can be best ex- Soon Development Festival in part- plored. nership with the Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC) and sup- “Your stepping stone to The festival will be capped by ported by the Ministry of Youth success…” FREE live cultural perform- Executive Direc- 2 Development, Indigenisation and ances in music, dance, presen- tor’s Comments Empowerment, aptly named tations both academic and ‘ZYDFest’, with the first com- professional from prominent ing as soon as December 2009 guests, free PRIZE draws for in Harare. attendees...PLUS MUCH MORE! Joshua Foundation: 2 Featured Zim- So Watch This Space….Get babwe Volunteer In an open air style and festival Involved: Organisation UNDP Unveils 2 Zimbabwe Youth Council Restructuring To be Finalised US$548,000 For Youth Programmes In Zimbabwe Harare, ZW, September 02, The restructuring of the ZYC ronments. 2009—The restructuring of will undoubtedly go a long way the Zimbabwe Youth Council For more information visit the in harnessing the combined (ZYC) is nearing an end [after ZYC website: efforts of all independent youth Benefits of Youths 3 a long consultative period]. development organisations Being On line: A Said Mr Sibanengi Mahobele, working towards sustainable Look into Research the Acting Director of the youth advocacy in Zimbabwe. by the MacArthur ZYC. Foundation In terms of the economic, social CIYDA Partners 3 In line with the Zimbabwe and political environment, the Ruvimbo Katiyo in Youth Council Act and it’s con- ZYC restructuring will undou- Beauty Pageant tinued efforts in pursuing youth btedly go a long way in reflec- empowerment and participation, ting changes within these envi- In persuit of youth empowerement the ZYC has sought to finalise & participation its restructuring.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Director’s Comment Lugano, Switzerland, try. Your support in any form, annual Zimbabwe Youth through suggestions or physically Achievement Awards can born September 02, 2009 - getting involved will undoubtedly to bring to recognise Zimbab- My favorite quote from this go a long way in guaranteeing we wean youths working in various month is by the great Statesman, reach our goals. capacities to enhance Zimbabwe Nelson Mandela, “It always from an economic, social and seems impossible until it’s political perspective amongst done...”. Despite the odds seem- With regards to the ZYD- other things. ingly stacked against us in our Fest , I am confident that with endeavours, not only to be a such an initiative being suc- Thank you again for your sup- leading advocate organisation in cessful it can only open up port! youth development initiatives but doors for more opportunities one that actually delivers. I am and closer integration be- F. A. Mapondera glad to note that all signs are tween the Zimbabwean youths (Executive Director, positive for CIYDA as an organi- and the country’s influentials. F. A. Mapondera CIYDA) sation thanks to it’s continued dialogue with other interested It is my personal endeavour to parties at home and in Diaspora see to it that out of this event an not to mention the Youth Minis- Featured Volunteer Organisation: Joshua Foundation “There can be Contributed By Munyaradzi Takawira, Head of Volunteering, CIYDA no keener Harare, ZW, September 02, The Joshua Foundation. Cultural Integration initiative, revelation of a 2009—Following the pub- Founded in 2007 and based at JFZ proposes to use the Arts & lishing of his article entitled the Trinity Methodist Church Sports to carry out part of its society's soul ‘Will your life count’ Mun- in Harare, the Joshua Founda- programme in an effort to than the way in yaradzi has sought to ex- tion has most of it’s values make youths get a better un- which it treats pand that by highlighting based fundamentally on Bibli- derstanding of the aspects that the work of the Joshua cal principles. will be educating them. its children...” Foundation (JFZ) of which The focus of the JFZ is to Full programme outline here: he is also an associate of. bring transformational skills Nelson Mandela to young people, orphans and With the prospect of a future the vulnerable amongst those . (1918—) partnership with CIYDA ^ through its volunteering de- Similarly to CIYDA’s Social & partment, CIYDA is featuring UNDP Unveils US$548K For Youth Programmes Harare, ZW, September 02, stage with the Ministry of Youth and ticipation and voice in key deci- 2009—The United ZYC on ZYDFest 2009. In echoing sion making process...promote Nations Development CIYDA’s Executive Director’s words in social cohesion and cross cultural Programme (UNDP) his Blog commentary on youth idleness communication...”. All of which has unveiled over half being a social time bomb: are aspects CIYDA positively a million US$ in an advocates for through it’s infor- effort to support mative service areas. quotes the UNDP youth participation in CIYDA is confident that in light country representative Dr. Zacharius the creation of an of Dr. Zacharius’s words that the who said, “particular support will be enabling environment government will continue to provided in enhancing the national youth for sustainable development. engage relevant parties in such leadership capacity and qual- The UNDP funds come at a time ity...increasing the young people’s par- endeavours. Read more at: when CIYDA is at a consultative CIYDA GAZETTE
  3. 3. VOLUME 1 ISSUE 9 PAGE 3 CIYDA: Explore Your Interests & Expertise September 02, 2009—In the last individuals CIYDA through its di- issue of the CIYDA Gazette, we rector has engaged an upcoming invited young and enthusiastic Zim- Zimbabwean jazz artist based in babwean youths interested in mak- France. Chengetai is a package of ing a positive difference. Working beauty and brains, a versatile with CIYDA in developing the core singer, songwriter and model born & of the Zimbabwean youths not only raised in Zimbabwe. opens up your knowledge to others but imparts you with some of the Getting in touch from her just ended relevant key skills in your personal CIYDA’s Four Pillars: development. tour in Serbia, Chengetai reiterated how she would welcome the oppor- tunity to perform for CIYDA during *Business Start-Up Far from being an experts job, working its fundraising events in an effort to with CIYDA needs only passion and a reach out to many. *Social & Cultural Integration willingness to give and learn at the same Visit Chengetai’s website here: *Socio-economic Mentorship time. Don’t let your talent go to waste, help somebody, work with CIYDA. *Volunteering Or contact us as at: In continued to reach out to such CIYDA: Benefits of Youths Being Online Today “It always seems impossible until it’s done...” How Youths Can Pick Up Social & Technical Skills Needed In Becoming Competent Citizens In This Digital Age Nelson Mandela September 02, 2009—Results ***There is a generation gap in how only abroad but in Zimbabwe CIYDA (1918—) from an extensive study on youth and adults view the value of will continue to set up discussion young people and their use of online activity. platforms on prominent social net- working sites to share ideas as well as digital media show why CIYDA ***Young people are motivated to offering interactive and informative since its establishment has learn from their peers online. services through its website. sought to highlight the impor- CIYDA will also continue working to tance of new media in engaging ***Young people respect each remedy the issue of generation gap in young people as part of a gen- other’s authority online and are getting those in authority to come on eral development process. board and work with us in making more motivated to learn from each other than from adults. sure the benefits are fully realised in Some of the key findings from the Zimbabwe. Read FULL article HERE: In an effort to encourage Zimbabwean study showed: - youths active participation online not CIYDA On The Web You can follow CIYDA on any of the following social networking and information sites. Visit our If you have an arti- website & click the relevant but- cles that you want tons to get connected. CIYDA to include If you can’t find us please don’t in the next newslet- hesitate to contact us: - ter please send them to
  4. 4. What is CIYDA Contemporary Indigenous Youth Development Africa (CIYDA) is an non-profit organisation founded in 2008 and is based in Harare, Zimbabwe. CIYDA is working to develop and empower the youths Contemporary Indigenous of Zimbabwe for the benefits of Zimbabwe and Africa as a conti- Youth Development Africa nent through the use of new media, information technology and networking amongst other things. Through these drivers, CIYDA 6 Crawford Road, Graniteside, P.O. Box 6966, Harare, ZW aims to harness ideas and pusure developmental projects, while at the same time facilitate an information hub and service provision in the areas of Business Start-up, Social & Cultural Integration, Socio- economic Mentoring and Volunteering. CIYDA currently has a network connection of over 500 Zimbabwean youths in many coun- “Making today’s youths, tomorrow’s tries amongst them, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, leaders...” United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and Canada. CIYDA Team: - Fungai Alexander Mapondera For more information on CIYDA and its work please Shingirayi J. Chimbodza contact the Executive Secretary: - Brian Mamvura Tapiwa Katiyo Shingirayi Jeremiah Chimbodza Tino Jean Kasi Munyaradzi Takawira CIYDA Partnering With African Beauty CIYDA Gift Shop This item plus much MORE....! CIYDA is proud to announce its partnership with Miss Ruvimbo Katiyo a young and ambitious USA based scholar of Chemistry competing in the Miss Africa USA 2010 Beauty Pageant to be held in November 2009. Not only has Miss Katiyo had the ability to showcase Zimbabwean beauty and talent, but it's her innovative charitable initiatives in youth advocacy and development that have established this long term partnership with CIYDA. Miss Katiyo is working with CIYDA in furthering her aspirations in developing her chari- table projects with CIYDA in the areas of economically empowering young rural folks in Zimbabwe in realising their various talents namely in the areas of agriculture, carpentry, GB£27.59 sewing to name a few. Miss Katiyo is also looking to establish a girl child sponsorship project that pays education fees and upkeep initially for a single ambitious and talented young girl in Zimbabwe and looking to expand after the undoubted success of that. To VOTE and see more of Miss Katiyo’s initiatives via Slide Share as well as join her Facebook group visit: