Ciyda Gazette November 2009 Issue


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CIYDA Monthly Newsletter

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Ciyda Gazette November 2009 Issue

  1. 1. CIYDA MAIN CIYDA Gazette SPONSORS & “Probably the best source for African Youth Information…” PARTNERS V O L U M E 1 I S S U E 1 0 M I D N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 9 Reach out to the Zim Youths, get your company logo CIYDA Shortlisted For Jobzippers Award featured here. November 15, 2009 - CIYDA scholar, Mr Peter Vogel. we moved swiftly in compiling is proud to inform all its fol- and submitting our report on Having seen CIYDA’s INSIDE THIS lowers of the strides being where CIYDA has come from visionary and innovative ideas to ISSUE: taken in securing funding for and where it is going. youth development in Zimba- CIYDA Shortlisted 1 various youth development The report was sub- bwe as well as its advocacy for Jobzippers programs it has sought to work, Jobzippers invited CIYDA mitted on the 13th November Scholarship Award embark on in 2010. The cur- with an outcome expected by to submit a more detailed re- rent effort came in the form the 30th November 2009. of being shortlisted for a CHF In response to the Don’t Focus Only 1 5000 on Entering Labour award nomination, the CIYDA The CIYDA team put forward a team was full of praise for the Market, Youths Advised brief proposal to Jobzippers of encouragement it has received “CIYDA, helping shape Zim its prospective project under- youths’ future…” from Zimbabwean youths both taking for 2010 in Zimbabwe. in Zimbabwe and in the Dias- Chairman & Chief 2 port on its Zimbabwean project. Executive Officer’s Swiss based Jobzip- pora. Comments As part of our com- pers, a youth and student ori- An update will follow soon: mitment to those Zimbabwean ented organization, was founded youths CIYDA seeks to serve as Youth Develop- 2 by an equally ambitious PhD Jobzippers: well as those that wish to see a ment: Success Be- (Entrepreneurial Engineering) yond the Bright successful youth organization, Lights CIYDA Incorpo- rates As Youth 2 Don’t Focus Only On Entering Labour Market Development & Harare, ZW, —Youths who Advocacy NGO in have attained technical and Zimbabwe Medium Enterprise and Coop- terprising youths have a starting business management skills erative Development with a point in business. CBZ for in- have been encouraged not project proposal in hand. stance has pledged US$250K only to focus on entering the for youth projects [Read CIYDA: An Insight 3 labour market seeking em- More] Delivering her keynote address ployment but rather are en- into Youth at the graduation ceremony, the Mentoring couraged to look around in Permanent Secretary in the their community to search for Ministry of Small and Medium an opportunity where they Enterprise and Cooperative can apply the skills they Development, News Extra & would have attained. 4 Mrs Ndhlovu said "Credit facili- CIYDA Gift Shop ties specifically targeting young Once they identify such a ven- entrepreneurs are available to ture, they should approach bankable projects. They are Graduates at Magamba Training either the Ministry of Youth or aimed at making sure that en- Centre Encouraged the Ministry of Small and
  2. 2. P AGE 2 Chairman’s Comments Lugano, Switzerland, Novem- and international delegates yet dues by any youths, but I be- ber 16, 2009 - to be assigned as we seek suita- lieve we owe those we advo- Firstly I would like to express ble candidates .In trying to pur- cate in the name of a duty of my sincere apology for the dis- sue a more efficient service care in our undertakings. ruption in service that was ex- delivery to the youths on all perienced on the CIYDA web- platforms, we have in the past navigated away from bureau- Your support through following site last week. I on behalf of the our activities and feedback as CIYDA team appreciate your cracy which will hate and lament about everyday within our youths has been spurring us on patience during that period. and we continue to welcome it. NGOs. For that we thank you.. On a more happier note, since our last newsletter, CIYDA has However I am confident that F. A. Mapondera taken steps in incorporating fully expanding our CIYDA team not Chairman & Chief as an NGO in Zimbabwe. With only inline with the incorpora- F. A. Mapondera Executive Officer, this various CIYDA positions on tion, but first and foremost with the desire to be transparent and CIYDA the board became available and were successfully nominated. for accountability to those However there remains regional CIYDA seeks to serve. True in saying CIYDA is not owed no Youth Development: Success beyond the Bright Lights “There can be By Munyaradzi Takawira, Director of Youth Volunteering, CIYDA no keener Harare, ZW, November 16, talked about how it was impor- cess but rather, people now 2009—Following the launch tant that the ZYC urgently have the leverage to pursue revelation of a and the outcry from the look to rectifying the anomaly even what seemed to be be- society's soul that is there in terms of people yond their dreams. To borrow Minister on lack of repre- representing the young people passages from the Biblical realm than the way in sentation in rural areas by in the rural areas. one would say youths are look- youth organizations, ing for someone to point them which it treats CIYDA’s Director of Youth The call could not have come in the self-sustaining direction its children...” Volunteering gives thoughts at a timelier hour when all towards the ‘promised land’. It on the issue seeking success across, Zimbabweans, young is at this that we raise the ques- beyond the bright lights. and old are hoping in expecta- tion of Youth development in Nelson Mandela tion for a turnaround in the Zimbabwe with CIYDA. fortunes of our nation. They (1918—) At the recently held launch of look forward to a time when Read full article here at the Zimbabwe Youth Council people are now free from a (ZYC), the minister of youth mind-set that puts everyone on Cde Saviour Kasukuwere a conveyor belt to career suc- CIYDA Incorporates As Youth Advocacy NGO Harare, ZW, November 16, embarking on its next step towards the need to be rushed into mak- 2009—The CIYDA team establishing an organization that will ing decisions that are not inline through the leadership continue working with the youths of with our objectives towards the of Shingirayi Jeremiah Zimbabwe beyond the current rebuild- youths we serve. This exercise Chimbodza & ing phase. was activated after having built Munyaradzi Takawira the right structures to those we has embarked on the will be accountable to in the CIYDA NGO registra- For this purpose, CIYDA redefined its future”. tion in Harare, Zimba- constitution and organizational struc- bwe. ture all of which can be found here: The incorporation will also un- Following months of doubtedly bring potential part- building a network of In response to the incorporation, the ners that wish to work with youths and sustainable foundation CIYDA Chairperson, Mr Fungai Alexan- CIYDA in various youth develop- for its future projects CIYDA is der Mapondera said, “We have resisted ment areas. CIYDA GA ZET T E
  3. 3. V OLUME 1 ISSUE 10 P AGE 3 CIYDA: Explore Your Interests & Expertise November 16, 2009—In the last Dr. R Muhwandavaka. issue of the CIYDA Gazette, we This is in addition to the executive invited young and enthusiastic Zim- team of directors and representative babwean youths interested in mak- that we already have within CIYDA. ing a positive difference. Working with CIYDA in developing the core of the Zimbabwean youths not only CIYDA still welcomes all those that opens up your knowledge to others wish to work with us in building devel- but imparts you with some of the opmental structures for youth success relevant key skills in your personal in Zimbabwe. development. CIYDA’s Four Pillars: CIYDA is proud to announce its new The CIYDA Constitution & Organiza- board members and representatives in tional Structure will be available for *Business Start-Up download soon at various regions. *Social & Cultural Integration Or contact us as at: for Mr Stephen Ruvire *Socio-economic Mentorship a copy. Mr Nigel Pfunde *Volunteering Miss Chipo Mataure “Learn what you need, share what CIYDA: An Insight into Youth Mentoring you know...” November 16, 2009—One of When you have a better understand- you can on mentoring: what it is, CIYDA’s main areas that it seeks what it means to be a mentor, the ing of mentoring, you can begin to to consolidate its youth devel- benefits of mentoring and how see how it can help people in your opment services is through mentoring impacts both the youth community. Before you get started ‘Mentorship’. Below we give an and adult. on the structure of the program, you insight into youth mentoring as There are plenty of scholarly jour- must first do a ‘needs assessment’. seen by CIYDA. nals on the internet and many men- You have to take a look around your toring programs have websites. You community and see what the needs Starting a youth mentoring pro- may also want to check out differ- are of the youth in your community. gram is a huge project to take on, ent materials your local library may When conducting a needs assess- but the rewards are endless. If you have even stories from mentors ment, make sure to find out if there are just starting out in the mentor- and mentees may help you get a are other mentoring programs in ing world, the first thing to do is better idea of the importance of your community and what popula- research. mentoring. tions they serve. Absorb as much information as Full article at More Xenophobic Attacks on Zimbabweans in South CIYDA will be making a contribution towards the support efforts to our brothers and sisters affected in the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa. We encourage you all to assist in any way you can by visiting: PASSOP Office at 0217624638 or Gill at 0835360242 CIYDA On The Web You can follow CIYDA on any of the following social networking and information sites. Visit our If you have an arti- website & click the relevant but- cles that you want tons to get connected. CIYDA to include If you can’t find us please don’t in the next newslet- hesitate to contact us: - ter please send them to
  4. 4. What is CIYDA Contemporary Indigenous Youth Development Africa (CIYDA) is an non-profit organisation founded in 2008 and is based in Harare, Zimbabwe. CIYDA is working to develop and empower the youths Contemporary Indigenous of Zimbabwe for the benefits of Zimbabwe and Africa as a Youth Development Africa continent through the use of new media, information technology and networking amongst other things. Through these drivers, 6 Crawford Road, Graniteside, P.O. Box CIYDA aims to harness ideas and pusure developmental projects, 6966, Harare, ZW while at the same time facilitate an information hub and service provision in the areas of Business Start-up, Social & Cultural Integration, Socio-economic Mentoring and Volunteering. CIYDA currently has a network connection of over 500 Zimbabwean “Making today’s youths, tomorrow’s leaders...” youths in many countries amongst them, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, United Kingdom, United States of America, CIYDA Team: - ∗ Fungai Alexander Mapondera (Chair & CEO) Australia and Canada. ∗ Chipo Mataure (Vice Chairperson, Board) ∗ Shingirayi J. Chimbodza (Executive Secretary) For more information on CIYDA and its work please ∗ Brian Mamvura (Dir. of Business Start-up & Treasr) ∗ Tapiwa Katiyo (Dir. of Social & Cultural Integration) contact the Executive Secretary: - ∗ Munyaradzi Takawira (Director of Volunteering) Shingirayi Jeremiah Chimbodza (Harare) ∗ Tino Jean Kasi (North America Representative) ∗ Stephen Ruvire (Board of Non-Executive Directors) or ∗ Dr Muhwandavaka (Board of Non-Executive Dir) ∗ Nigel T. Pfunde (Board of Non-Executive Directors) CIYDA Partnership With African Beauty Finals This November, VOTE NOW! or directly at CIYDA Gift Shop For All Your Autumn & Light Wear...! CIYDA Promotional Clothing Partnerships November 16, 2009—Since its founding, CIYDA has sought an innovative approach in connecting with its followers and the youths it seeks to serve. CIYDA has had an online gift shop for fundraising purposes and as means of self sustaining amongst other in- come streams. However the CIYDA gift shop has always been accessible by those in the Diaspora. CIYDA has engaged the up and coming clothing GB£25.00 apparel makers Blackarmoor and Conscious Clothing to partner CIYDA in making a ‘CIYDA’ co-branded line of merchandise to be made available in the CIYDA gift shop and in Zimbabwe through representatives. CIYDA is confident this service will be available to its followers and many others soon. Read more: