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Job package


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Job package

  1. 1. Me as a 35 year old psychiatrist
  2. 2. I am 35 years old. I work at a clinic in WestVancouver B.C. I have three kids two boy and onegirl. I work on 1 ave. I have my own clinic upstairsabove a sushi restaurant. I take my family toHawaii, Mexico and Europe for spring breakholidays. I enjoy playing sport and going toCanucks games with my wife and kids.
  3. 3.  I have a couple of friends that I met in high school. There Bob, John, Jacob, and Mitch. I still talk to them today.
  4. 4. First of all when I was 14 I made the disunion thatI was going to be I Psychiatrist. So any way after Iwas done school I went to Medical school thenafter three year I went to UBC and got my Doctorsdegree. It took four year to get my doctors. Thenafter I opened my own clinic in East Vancouver onHastings St after I year someone brock into myclinic and then that’s when I moved to WestVancouver and opened an new clinic witch I stilluse today.
  5. 5. I was born in Vancouver B.C on Oak St. I lived inSurry B.C until I was 3. I moved to Nelson B.C andlive on the north shore for 1 year. When I was fourI moved to fourth street. I was 18 I moved right toVancouver the summer after high School was over.I started working in the bakery at Safeway.
  6. 6. I play beer league every once and I will and I alsoReferee junior A hockey games and make about200$ a game. I also go to Granville Island with mykids to look at toys and such. All my kids playsoccer so I go and watch them and in the winter Iwatch my boys play hockey in the winter. And ifmy kids are good ill take them to a Canucks game.
  7. 7. Well every once and I while will go to Stanley parkfor a rollerblade around the park. And everysummer I will go to nelson to see my friends andmy little brother Jaxon. I also have a place innelson where a go for a week or two in thesummer.
  8. 8. In my last year of high school I got all A’s and inuniversity I got a degree in medical school. I got adoctors degree. I got married in Vancouver B.Con September 1 2023. I went to school inVancouver B.C at UBC
  9. 9. Monday to Friday I work 9-5 on 1st ave and helppeople with depression and sickness and Iprovide pills to people that are depressed andhave mental health issues. I make about 2000dollars a day. I work about 50 hours a week. Imake about 10000 dollars a week, and about480,000 dollars a year.