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Stonewall School Report


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Slides for my journal club presentation to paediatricians on Stonewall's School Report looking at issues facing LGBT+ youth. Talk given at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh.

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Stonewall School Report

  1. 1. The School ReportThe experiences of gay young people in Britain’s schools in 2012 ThomO’Neill TW: S, SH
  2. 2. healthcare for lgbt+ kids
  3. 3. The Study
  4. 4. The Study 1614 LGB young people
  5. 5. Age 11 - 19
  6. 6. The Study54%girls 45%boys
  7. 7. The Study 92% white 8% bme
  8. 8. The Study 18% disability or mental health problem
  9. 9. 10% respondents from scotland
  10. 10. homophobic bullying
  11. 11. of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people experience homophobic bullying in Britain’s schools. 55%
  12. 12. It happens anywhere, but particularly in sports lessons. I have to change in a separate changing room now because of the abuse. Alex, 15, secondary academy (South West)
  13. 13. gay pupils don’t feel safe at school. Pupils who experience homophobic bullying are three times more likely than those who aren’t bullied to say they don’t feel safe at school. One in five
  14. 14. I’ve heard a teacher tell another openly gay student to ‘act less gay and stop poncing around and flaunting it’ while he was complaining to her that he was getting bullied. Alfie, 13, secondary academy (South East)
  15. 15. pupils who experience homophobic bulling
  16. 16. Who experiences homophobic bullying?
  17. 17. types of bullying
  18. 18. Sometimes I’d get messages on Facebook from people I didn’t know threatening me and telling me not to come back into school.
 Will, 16, secondary school (Greater London)
  19. 19. Consequences
  20. 20. I feel that I don't want to carry on in school if this is what I have to put up with and hide what I feel all the time. Simon, 14, secondary school (South West)
  21. 21. More than two in five (43 per cent) lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils who experience homophobic bullying and even one in three (35 per cent) gay pupils who haven’t been bullied don’t feel that they are achieving their best at school.
  22. 22. Three in five gay pupils who experience homophobic bullying say that this impacts on their school work. One in six (16 per cent) say it’s had a big effect on their school work.
  23. 23. I got bullied because a girl outed me on her bus telling everyone that I’m a lesbian. After that I got bullied for a year and a bit, then I left. Bryony, 13, now home schooled (South West)
  24. 24. Because of the bullying I received in school, I was diagnosed with depression, self-harmed and had suicidal thoughts. Gemma, 16, FE college (South East)
  25. 25. standard screening for depression for everyone surveyed
  26. 26. of gay pupils who experience homophobic bullying have symptoms consistent with depression. 46%
  27. 27. of gay young people who aren’t bullied are also likely to be depressed. 35%
  28. 28. 49% of girls 29% of boys
  29. 29. I have recently started to cut myself. I have had enough of being hated by so many people for just being who I am. Rufus, 15, secondary academy (East Midlands)
  30. 30. I once carved the words ‘dirty lesbian’ into my thigh because people kept calling me that. I hated myself. Claudia, 17, single-sex secondary academy (South East)
  31. 31. of gay young people deliberately harm themselves. 56%
  32. 32. of black or minority ethnic gay young people deliberately harm themselves. 83%
  33. 33. lesbians and bisexual girls are twice as likely as gay and bisexual boys to self-harm (72 per cent compared to 36 per cent)
  34. 34. I experienced a lot of bullying at school.
 I contemplated suicide and attempted it enough to get me referred to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Drew, 17, sixth form college (West Midlands)
  35. 35. Nearly one in four lesbian, gay and bisexual young people have tried to take their own life at some point.
  36. 36. 7 in 10 lesbian and bisexual girls and 6 in 10 gay and bisexual boys have suicidal thoughts.
  37. 37. black and minority ethnic gay boys have highest risk of suicidal thoughts, at 76%
  38. 38. of transgender young people have tried to take their own life. 48% (separate study)
  39. 39. The bullying went on for the whole five years of secondary school. From when I started to when I finished. I tried to fight back. I was depressed, I cut, and I was on the verge of suicide. For one year, I came home everyday crying into my mum’s arms, saying I wanted to leave the school. Rabi, 15, sixth form college (Greater London)
  40. 40. implications for practice
  41. 41. thank you!!