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  1. 1. 36480756286500190501314450Sarah has an average normal life (regular up’s and downs like any other family) before the death of her mother. She works hard at her job, which is around fifteen minutes (if the buses are running on time) away from her home in Debden. Her and her husband, Jake, get along reasonably well apart from the silly arguments they have. The arguments are due to the fact that Jake always seems to use the family car to travel to work and leaves Sarah to get the bus. They talk on Facebook on their breaks and tell each other about their day, so they are quite a young couple that’s up to date with the times. Their son Andy draws and writes in his school. Andy’s teachers believe him to be a good student who performs very well at school. Like any kid however he still gets in trouble; but the bad things he does is normal for a kid and not too extreme e.g. he threw a piece of Lego at another child after he stole a drawing of Andy´s. They family live in a three bedroom house, watch television and live in a happy family home/environment. This lifestyle changes dramatically when Sarah´s mother passes away at the age of 67 with the cause of death being lung cancer. It is made especially difficult for Sarah to cope seeming as she lost her best friend since childhood not too long ago. The house hold is in ruins and so is Sarah. She begins doubting her marriage, her relationship with Andy, her friends, family and even the existence of her own life. Suicidal and depressed; it is clear Sarah needs help, however it turns out it comes from the most unexpected place, the love from her eight year old son, Andy. Her rite of passage is the death of her friend and mum. The family’s rite of passage is discovering how to become a family again. After Sarah starts to retreat within herself Andy’s personality starts to change. He starts coming to school moody and stops doing his homework properly because he keeps on thinking about his mother and whether or not she’s ok. Although he’s young he’s completely aware of everything that’s going on in his house, so he knows about his mums failed suicide attempts. Jake tries to shield Andy away from what’s going on at home, but it just makes things worse for Andy because it makes him worry about his mum even more. Andy starts to be disruptive at school and often gets told off a lot more and his grades are slipping. Jake leaves home worried about what will happen to his wife if he leaves her at home on her own. He is scared/worried and doesn’t know what to do because he’s never had to deal with a situation like this before. Due to Jake worrying about his wife he makes mistakes at his workplace. Sarah on the other hand says at home curled up in a ball. One day Sarah hears Andy crying himself to sleep and wishing that when he wakes up everything will be a dream and his mum will be fine. After Sarah saw Andy crying she realises how her behaviour is affecting everyone else in her family, so she decides to be stronger for her family. All these events are taking place near Andy’s birthday. Andy’s and Jakes behaviour starts to get better as Sarah’s gets better. One day Andy comes home with a few of his friends and opens the door. He sees his mum standing on a chair with rope (it looks like she’s about to commit suicide to the audience). We see a close-up of a shocked Andy. It is later revealed that Sarah’s hanging up decorations for Andy’s surprise birthday party and she is back to her old former self. The family is back to their normal self and they learn the importance of family and how important it is to stay strong during the most difficult of times.<br />