Are You reAdY ?   GB                                                           M AGA ZINE2011 CITYRUM BLE                 ...
PRO RACEHELMET 11            SPLATTER TEE              KTM RA                     C              GLOVES ETCH              ...
w                                                              vie                          n, tells                      ...
COVER STORY09 H. 15 MIN. 25 SEC. Cold start   AGE 4 / 5
r t                                                                t a                                                   s...
COVER STORY  Vag                                                 ran Almost the right           ever definitely ything is ...
the                                                                                                                       ...
Re                                    ad                                                                      y.          ...
COVER STORY                                        On the                                                 racet           ...
INTERVIEWinterview roczen   AGE 10 / 11
Motocross whiz kid Ken Roczen tells us his views on the subjects of KTM,four-strokes, two-strokes, women and of course, th...
On the outskirts of town, there’s a ramp. A wall ride is             possible, surely. Time for an “I dare you!”          ...
COVER STORY          “You just h                      ave to swit          concentra               ch                     ...
Tech FactsAs fast as it looks:                                                      DETAIL                       KTM 125 D...
E  BIK                           25                                            eaks fo                                    ...
fowerfarts                                                                                                  CR EATBriefing...
T E Y OUR   The five of us probably get along  IKE!                                                          chain, the br...
Create your                                                                                                               ...
CREATE YOUR OWN BIKE                                                                       Solo seat                      ...
COVER STORY       A p lace        to  play18 H. 44 MIN. 02 SEC. harbour location   AGE 20 / 21
performs.                                                                                                                 ...
INTERVIEW                                                     ROK is a stunt rider                                        ...
How did you come to KTM or ratherthe 125 Duke come to you?                                                    You have bee...
COVER STORY   o ck ome R      h                                                                                           ...
PRO RACEHELMET 11        STEP UP GOGGLES                   RADICAL X                   GLOVES WHITE            KEVLAR     ...
The Reason why                                                                                                            ...
4.         Chassis / brakes   A steel tubular space fram                                     e with die-cast  aluminium sw...
Are You reAdY ?                                                                                                           ...
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Ktm Duke 125 details

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Ktm 125 duke_folder_2011_gb

  1. 1. Are You reAdY ? GB M AGA ZINE2011 CITYRUM BLE playground the city into their Five friends turnKENRO CZEN KTM’s 16-year-old factory motocros the 125 Duke s racer gives his verdict on ROKBAG OROs The street stunt rider on the 125 Duke
  2. 2. PRO RACEHELMET 11 SPLATTER TEE KTM RA C GLOVES ETCH 11 KEVLAR RIDING JEANS r y to e r s ov ity C park: c 125 Duk e Skate KTM : s board friend Skate rew: Five 8 Ska te c 4 -2 A GES
  3. 3. w vie n, tells us er Rocze Int . czen ross ra ce r, Ken strokes and our- Ken Ro ctory motoc o-strokes, f fa tw KTM’s e quality of 1 about th 0 -1 . AG ES 1 women UR n YO m s o TE aigh t fro a EA IKE good strts, you ca e n er ow unt ke. 27CR N B ke looks werPar w reet-st oter. N ave r 5D u 26 - ie t o e 12OW M 125 D ith KTM Pon it. u o 7 h -1 v sly, s a sc s he h he ES KT The ctory. W n style S 16 r reviou icks on at doe f. 3 T hys for t AG E e h l -2 a the f p your o w AG t os. P is tr . W se w reason tam n Bagor rmed h 5 Duke and him S 22 I k 6 s 2 Ro perfo KTM 1 bike AG E e Rok as a out th h he ay ab to s
  4. 4. COVER STORY09 H. 15 MIN. 25 SEC. Cold start AGE 4 / 5
  5. 5. r t t a s o ldC The designers at KTM take every motorcycle they build very seriously – from the small 50cc cross bikes for kids to the 1,190cc Superbike. That’s why this 125 is no poor imitation that looks like a big bike, with chopstick-thin fork tubes and tyres as narrow as cutting discs. The 125 Duke is a real KTM with great road-holding, wide tyres and components that withstand even the toughest of stunts. That’s what they say at KTM. We’ll take them at their word and try it out for ourselves. Today is Sunday. We have the whole day to turn the city into our own big 125 Duke skate park.We are travelling on what is currently one of the best and quickest means of transport around town: the 125 Duke.Today the city belongs to us.
  6. 6. COVER STORY Vag ran Almost the right ever definitely ything is more more fu nw fun with more pe ts people, o ith more people ople. Ev f course o erything going for . One of th n the 125 Duke “fuel sta a ride in a proper e best fe – if they is elings in ’r tion starts th ” rendezvous, w pack on moto the world e eir engin hen every rbikes. It starts is es and one take at front of th e grid at tries to s their s the fathom o the traffi push the eats, ut for yo c ir wa perfectio urself ho lights. Yes, it fee y to the n. But yo w a curv ls good to when th u simply e can be e whole can’t be ridden to everyone group ta at the m leans ov kes on a oment er at the co a perfec tly coord same tim rner and fighter je inated s e, just lik ts. quadron e of F-16 TH E DUKES: ROK Denise Julien Robert Can be dolled up. Wanted more than just a scooter. Everything but chick stuff. Talk less. Ride more. And speeded up too.10 H. 23 MIN. 04 SEC. Vagrants AGE 6 / 7
  7. 7. the ing like t noth re jus train a idea. u s and n car, b his ow it. But 25 Duke as ainst 1 w ere ag itches the rents p e’s pa ell that Dad Denis a t last. e rides so w wheels ow Denis n two n My ow Duke. And 25 KTM 1AndreuNo stunt too extreme.
  8. 8. Re ad y. .. RThe w eonly ather is p a pa er Spee rtial re fect. We ac d is r ward swin of th ela ,s gf e rid tive. It d ince we rom the ergon er. An epen are o ape omic d that i ds on th n our w x of one e! weig s. So s the e cam ay to curv ht di t m e comb strib hat he or ajor rea ber of th this little to the n inati ution. T she c son w e roa kart ext, on m h an hy d, t tra thro 125 cc ra akes is allows translat we ride t he weigh ck. Stop ugh the cing u t e h t w su mach s really q he chass his or he e 125 Du of the ve atches t burbs. T r abi k h ines ... uick on th is to b lity in e. It inte icle and ell no lie he journe e sho uild up g to ac grate s mass s. y her rt co r t i e is urse. ip. Toget ion. The b the rider vely on th But t her w ike is with e abi hen w ith li pe lity e run the pow ght with rfect into erful optim some en u one w gine, th m ho ri is des12 H. 42 MIN. 58 SEC. ON THE RACE TRACK AGE 8 / 9
  9. 9. COVER STORY On the racet rack: a racin g ride r. Tim e for a little duel b etwee n vag rants and th e prof ession al. I wan t to ri de to Dani Ruiz is a racing rid er, and race o!wants to try rs race ever out the new ything thatKTM 125 cc 125 Duke, w can be mad racing mach hatever the e to move b ines in the R cost. His exp y whatever m ed Bull Rooki ectations are eans. Of cou es Cup. But not so great, rse he the 125 Duke since he nor surprises him mally rides : “Wow!” real
  10. 10. INTERVIEWinterview roczen AGE 10 / 11
  11. 11. Motocross whiz kid Ken Roczen tells us his views on the subjects of KTM,four-strokes, two-strokes, women and of course, the Duke 125. Ken, what are you doing in today? Who are the toughest opponents for I’m picking up my 125 Duke. You can also always be seen with a relax the 2011 season? ed smile in all your photos. Well, first of all, there’s my team mate Jerem What do you think of the 125 Duke y Exactly, because if I’m not always think ? von Horebeek and, apart from him, Jeffre ing I think it’s wicked! I love the aggressive look y about it and putting pressure on myse Herlings. They’re both young and very fast. lf, with the angular lines typical of KTM; I most things seem to happen by themselve like Otherwise, Tommy Searle is very competitiv s. the thick fork, the wide tyres and the sport e y this year. He also knows where his throttle seat position. is. How do you like it in the USA? But wait and see. Everyone’s still really hot I’m really happy there; I think it’s great. at the start of the season. Come mid-seas I’d And it’s a two-seater. You could take on really like to stay there and take part in we’ll see who’s not only fast but tough the your girlfriend with you. as national championships as well, but that well. That’s the time when you’re tired and Well, I haven’t really clashes with the timetable for FIM races in. your body feels battered. Then we’ll see who’s got a girlfriend. fighting who for the top places. How do you manage to combine racingHow come? with high school? Apart from the competition, MX “godThere’s no lack of interest. - I don’t. I left school with an intermedi father” Stefan Everts says it too – he’s ate Yes, but I still don’t have anything serious certificate instead of a high school diploma, on still riding after all these years. the go. It would be nice to have a girlfriend, because I was travelling around so much. Stefan is still a fantastic rider. But perha I’m someone to look after me well, but I don’t ps working now – as a racing rider. we’ll find out who’s faster sometime or other want anyone just for the sake of having a girl- . Our styles are not that different; we both friend. I prefer to wait for something bette ride How long have you been riding MX now? r. very smoothly, so it’ll be really exciting. Since I was two-and-a-half years old.What do you do then to relax? The fans expect you to be the I like to check things out on the laptop, see next world champion. How does that feel? what everyone’s up to and what’s happening It’s great to hear that the fans believe in out there. And, of course, I hang out with me. Generally, I try to be relaxed about everything my friends. That relaxes me. I’m not alone , although the world title is a realistic goal. very often; there are almost always peop le But I’m keeping my feet on the ground and around me. riding the races like I always do.
  12. 12. On the outskirts of town, there’s a ramp. A wall ride is possible, surely. Time for an “I dare you!” This ramp is a reminder of every cliff when boarding: it just has to be possible. We’ve been here so often already and talked and talked and talked about it, that a wall ride “has to be possible” here. But the talking is over now, because Andreu has simply gone for it and com- pleted the wall ride. According to the unwritten rules of the group, this means that we all at least have to try it ourselves. Robert analyses it. Julien doesn’t dare. Robert is spurred on by ambition. He approaches it at great speed and almost jumps over the wall. Safely back on the ground, he makes out that’s what he planned to do anyway – intentional. Then it’s Denise’s turn – and she nails the wall ride at the first attempt. We all look at Julien. Julien looks at his shoes as if they were highly interesting. Suddenly, it clicks – you can almost hear it. He swings himself onto his 125 Duke and rides at the wall even faster than Robert ...14 H. 06 MIN. 27 SEC. CLIMBING WALL AGE 12 / 13
  13. 13. COVER STORY “You just h ave to swit concentra ch te on what’ off and s in front o f you.” A LL UR NG WYO BIC LIM
  14. 14. Tech FactsAs fast as it looks: DETAIL KTM 125 Duke. Lightwe ight con Swinga s rm and truction: rim. As rear wh wit eel the focu h all KTM mod Twin ov erhead s with th els, To ens ca is on ra e dical lig 125 Duke ure go mshafts. htweigh optimum od cha enginee p rging a rin manufa g. That’s why K t camsha ower, an inta nd ft each ke and therefore The unde rflo open la ctures th e TM optimis actuate an four valv exhaust sound an or exhaust system ttice-wo rim and the ed ducts . es in flo d perform an combines rk swing tre of gra from de lic arm w- vity. In its ce with a low cestable d ate, but extrem wheel an d the en place betw een the re n- ie-cast e aluminiu ly disappea rs a gine, the exhau ar m. bass tone lmost completely. B st pipe of the sin ut the dee gle cylind p er remain s.11 H. 46 MIN. 12 SEC. Tech Facts AGE 14 / 15
  15. 15. E BIK 25 eaks fo r itself. Duke sp ualities: WP of the 1 al q arance s intern lines.T he appe erything, it ha d steel brake f ev ide ula 1 On top o nts. Bra ator. Form A fat upside-down io n eleme sumption indic is designed fork with radially- suspens . Fuel con ass mounted brake ge eight ch e but a few. caliper guides th F uel gau nology. Lightw To nam front wheel on th e tech r. engine imulato e 125 Duke. This lement s 43  mm WP fork in th e finite e on every road surfa responds sensitive ly ce and has massive reserves, since it co uld provide the sus- pension for a much larger motorbike. It also provides an ind ication of the qual- ity of the road surfa ce straight to your fingers. Technical EnginE TYpE MOTOr Data DiSplAcEMEnT single cylinder, 4-s troke BOrE / STrOKE 124.7 ccm pOWEr 58 / 47.2 mm TrAnSMiSSiOn 11 kW (15 hp) @ 9,500 rpm 6 gears cHASSiS FrOnT SuSpEn SiOn rEAr SuSpEn WP-USD Ø 43 mm SiOn SuSp. TrAvEl WP-Monoshock FrOnT / rEAr TAnK cApAciTY 150 / 150 mm WEigHT (rEADY approx. 11 Liter TO rAcE) approx. 124 kg Strict limits apply for 125cc engines 125s can have no . KTM has made th more than 15 hp, e most of them all is only of use to th so the Duke 125 ha . Legally, e rider if it can be s all 15. However, single-cylinder has applied well to the power a short-stroke desig road. Therefore, th So that headway is n with the widest po e new made with every rev ssible usable rev ra . nge. First Oil Fillin g for all KTM Engin es.
  16. 16. fowerfarts CR EATBriefing in Robert’s garage. There’s a probloriginal. That has to change. We start withKTM’s PowerParts range, beca em; a serious one: Denise’s 125 Duke is the hand guards and a couple use they make a big difference for little mone too of stickers from y. O WN B L WITH: LOOK COO adlight mask r he » Smalle » LED kit ets » Sprock ring. For that, the rear wheel first has to beAlso good looking: the KTM-orange chain can be dismantled easily, just like every otherremoved of course. Good that the 125 Duke with stickers more easily.KTM. Once removed, the rim can be decorated SAFE & QUICK WITH: » Racing footrests » Crash pads » Wave front brake disc we go!The pit stop complete in record time: away The use of several articles from the KTM powerparts range is not permitted on public roads under certain15 H. 26 MIN. 21 SEC. CREATE your own bike AGE 16 / 17 circumstances (differs from country to country). Further information can be obtained from your KTM dealer.
  17. 17. T E Y OUR The five of us probably get along IKE! chain, the brake disc with orange together so well because we’re so anodised aluminium carrier, the steel different. So our 125 Dukes areB chainguard, the hand guards, a set different too. of stickers in military colours and The most radical example of which is axle protectors for his crashes. In the Andreus’ machine. First of all, it has meantime, his Duke looks just as wild been converted to a single-seater, as him. Hard to top. Robert, however, seeing as no one really dares take the intends to outdo him this evening in pillion seat, since that thing with the the dark, with LED strips along the long flight of steps and the railings. bellypan of his 125 Duke. All parts that But at least the bike looks a lot better are guaranteed to fit, because they now. Andreu has of course also gone come straight from KTM’s PowerParts for the smaller licence plate holder. range. On top of that, he has the orange check web! om the 25duke.c www.1
  18. 18. Create your With high-quality parts from the PowerParts range, own 125 Duke! you can turn a 125 Duke into “your” 125 Duke. Sticker kits Respraying parts is tricky and look s lousy if not carried out by qualified That’s why there are PowerParts stick hands. er kits with which you can decorate Duke. Application is quick and easy your – removal is too. HEAD- LIGHT MASK The small headlight mask is as flat as a Supermoto number plate and makes the front of the Duke just as flat too. Without any spray-painting equipment, you can make the mask your very own with PowerParts trim stickers. 125D 125D UKE UKE .COM .COM Brake disc Swap the standard single-piece brake disc for this racing component: a KTM- orange anodised bracket made of light- weight aluminium provides a floa ting hold for a jagged wave disc mad e of grippy stainless steel.15 H. 32 MIN. 49 SEC. CREATE your own bike AGE 18 / 19
  19. 19. CREATE YOUR OWN BIKE Solo seat No girlfriend or boyfriend? Invest the money you’ve saved in a single-conversion: instead of the pillion seat, fit a racing-style cover with padding – and lose the grab handle s! LICENCE PLATE HOLDER Shorten the standard licence plate holder drastically with the PowerParts version. Licenc e plate and indica- tors are also removed quickly when you want to take a ride on the kart track. Lighting kit These slim, space-saving LED strips can be fitted anywhere on the Duke, even behind the visible parts, for example to illuminate the engine indirectly. God knows, it deserves it. Stainless steel chain- guard The chainguard made from stainless steel sheet looks extremely high quality, it’s wear-resistant and fits in perfectly with the pure, tough profile of the Duke. Orange chain When your chain needs replacing, whether due to wear or simply due to appearance, you can fit this PowerParts replacement: riveted, no connecting link and in the fashionable colour of “glowing manifold orange”. Rim stickers Crash padsWe supply the 125 Duke with black Sometime or other you’re going rims so that you can make them to dropyour own with the minimum of effort. your Duke. No problem. It tumbles PowerParts rim stickers don’t evencost much, but they make a big impres better with these bolt-protecting sion. pads on the axles. The use of several articles from the KTM powerparts range is not permitted on public roads under certain circumstances (differs from country to country). Further information can be obtained from your KTM dealer.
  20. 20. COVER STORY A p lace to play18 H. 44 MIN. 02 SEC. harbour location AGE 20 / 21
  21. 21. performs. 125 Duke simply out drifting in the dirt: the KTM knows all ab where we want spots full of dirt, cycle magazines But there are also bert reads motor spot, by chance, drifting today. Ro . If ed a large empty to practise lled gravel drifts” recently discover play around with the ng about “controJulien r, where we now and th ey are always writi ter all, KTM is “the” expertdo wn by the harbou try out a few things on en so can we! Af ly, the Duke can ne who wants to they can do it, th permotos. Actual125 Dukes. Everyo space for that. A to dirt and su eel swerves out bike knows that you need a lot of ere when it comes when the rear whhis or her stupid remarks, wh d really well, even Julien is smiling again surises you with be controllespace where no one pres ng goes wron g and that is ertaking. Even th e slightly grazed run-off if somethi out squealing for ov long after dark.there’s plenty of can complain ab and we stay untilso secluded th at no residents just such a by the harbour istyres. Julie n’s discovery down u can test how low the th grip, where yospace. There are areas wi .125 Duke can go . Hint: pretty low u lean the Duke then?How low can yo
  22. 22. INTERVIEW ROK is a stunt rider from, model year 1989. He has always loved motorsport, even when such things as basketball and tennis intervened as a child. At the age of 15, he acquired a scooter and an appropriate licence so that he could copy the tricks of elite street-stuntmen on his bike. Now he rides a 125 Duke.20 H. 55 MIN.BAGOROS Meet and greet INTERVIEW 05 SEC. AGE 22 / 23 22 /23
  23. 23. How did you come to KTM or ratherthe 125 Duke come to you? You have been able to test the 125 Duke a bit now. How will itAfter four years on a scooter, I was ready for a new challenge. At withstand the tough daily routine of I a stunt machine?the Intermot in 2010, I spoke to KTM about the 125 Duke, which The biggest problem with stunt bikes . It appeared to be the perfect is that the frame soon breaksonly knew previously from pictures due to the impact forces in crashes. That’s why there are only astunt bike. And apparently KTM thought I was the appropriate rider. few bikes that are really suitable for stunts. The 125 Duke is one of them. Its tubular steel frame makes it very robust and crash-proof.Your old work tool was a two-stroke stunt scooter. What wereyour first impressions of the extremely different 125 Duke? Stunts need an audience. How well does the 125 Duke go down I was afraid that it would take me a while to get used to the with the spectators? 125 Duke, but it was exactly the opposite: After two days, I had They’re all surprised how zippy the 125 Duke is and how well the already nailed the first tricks and now, two months later, I can ride tricks are going. Then people not in the know ask me whether the it better than I could the scooter. Duke is a 600 or 800 cc machine. And those who do know what they’re talking about ask me how I make drifts, burn-outs and What are currently your favourite stunts on the KTM? wheelies look so easy with only 15 hp. And the engine hasn’t even been tuned. At the moment, my favourite tricks are the so-called “combo cir- cles”, which are circle wheelies where you try to change your body What are your (next) goals? position as much as possible. Apart from that, I like the “jump-to- switch” wheelie, where I jump off during the wheelie and land with In the short-term, I want to ride as man y shows as possible. But my legs crossed. my main goal is to become world stun t champion. How much do you practice per day? I train for 3 or 4 hours almost every day, whatever the weather. And what have you broken doing that ? I haven’t broken anything at all yet. But you can feel the long train- ing sessions every day. In fact, I alwa ys have bruises and grazes somewhere or other. What should a 125 Duke rider definitely have a go at? The brakes and fork are tailor-made for stoppies. The centre of gravity also helps. And, if something goes wrong, it withstands it really well.
  24. 24. COVER STORY o ck ome R h smile atisfied wn ha s that s n handle eryone ca yes. Ev s that it el r goodb 5 Duke prove n part: The fu do ay ou ou s, we s ome, the 12 ell as the fu Du ke endezv ay h sw he 125 At our r ce. On the w y today just a Back home, t can find your e f a da g. u est tim on their e part of the ank remainin ore, so that yo g the b y t e routin shows half a ew seconds m g an d havin ed. After ever th e ridin food and b ycle gauge still af ath for as well. bik t from , towards motorc s the p g apar riding a e. minate or in the dark ay. Nothin eading home y the harbour, eater expertis e, illu STEP UP hat a d ow we’re h own b s to gr he city centr the do W d nk way to le. N the one ety tha t e CKETJA possib n a track like – greater saf rey car park in k: Here too, w sion o much bette r o ulti-st rippy, and loo ses em ls so ough th specially g just fee diversion thr isn’t e k. ea ere ift-wor We tak he surface th controlled dr e t e becaus tly turn in som n c ompete What we learnt toda y: now we can do co ntrolled dr ifts in the car park as well.21 H. 26 MIN. 12 SEC. ROCK DOWN HOME AGE 24 / 25
  26. 26. The Reason why 2. Fully fledged The 125 Duke has the DNA of a fully-fledged sports bike. Its two big brothers answer to the name of 690 Duke and 990 Super Duke respecti vely; you could say the 125 is a chip off the old block!6 reasons .. Thanks to an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, it is incredibly easy to handle, . extremely powerful and very comfortable to ride, both alone and two-up. Full to the brim with superior fea- tures and 11 litres of petrol, 1. A proper motorcycle only 135 kilograms. the 125 Duke weighs in at Before we say anything else : the KTM 125 Duke is not a cess after race success kno kids’ bike! Those who churn w how cool bikes are produc out race suc- by motorcycle riders for mot ed The KTM 125 Duke has bee orcycle riders. It looks like a n developed it rides like a real KTM – in short, it is a real KTM! real KTM, it’s equipped like a real KTM and 3. Fair price Back in the 60’s and 70’s , KTM was already succes selling small-displacement sfully motorcycles for daily road With the 125 Duke, KTM has use. come full circle back to the roots, offering the best-possib se le introduction to the world motorised two-wheelers, all of at a fair price.6 reasons for the 125 DUKE AGE 26 / 27
  27. 27. 4. Chassis / brakes A steel tubular space fram e with die-cast aluminium swingarm keeps a tight rein on the unbridled power of the eng absorber at the rear and a ine. The WP shock 5. Style 43 mm WP upside- The LED indicators, LED tail down fork at the front ensure light and LED licence plate that the power also the hottest high-end bike in illumination make the 125 feels smooth on the road. Cas this motorcycle class. It alre Duke t aluminium rims stylish impression straight ady makes a cool, grown-up and extra wide tyres finally from the dealer, but it looks and apply this power to own stamp on it. “Create you even better once you have put the asphalt. Thanks to the alu r own bike” and tune your Duk your minium footrests, PowerParts and PowerWear e individually with the extensivthe 750 mm wide handlebars range. e and the fat frontbrake disc with radially- mou nted four-piston 6. Top technologybrake caliper, you’ll certainly be faster, but safer The free-revving 125 cc singas well! le cylinder mobilises a whole clearly reflects KTM’s experie 15 hp and presses on solidly nce in compact and lightwe with every rev. The power uni and only consumes 3.3 litre ight high-performance engines t s of fuel every 100 kilometres . The engine sounds furious Digital rev counter with gea (86 mpg); on top of which, r indicator, fuel consumptio it’s extremely low on emissio naturally all come as standa n in litres / 100km and an ind ns. rd. ication of the remaining ran ge ... for the 12 5 DUKE
  28. 28. Are You reAdY ? 125DUKE.COM eNGINe eNGINe TYPe Single cylinder, 4-stroke dISPLACeMeNT 124.7 cc Bore / STroKe 58 / 47.2 mm PoWer 11 kW (15 hp ) @ 9,500 / min Torque 12 Nm @ 8,000 / min CoMPreSSIoN rATIo 1 : 12.7 CoNTroL 4 V / DOHC CooLING Liquid cooling LuBrICATIoN Wet-sump lubrication eNGINe oIL Motorex Formula 4T TrANSMISSIoN 6 gears PrIMArY drIve 72 : 22 FINAL drIve 14 : 45 CLuTCH Wet multi-disc clutch, mechanically operated FueL SYSTeM Bosch EFI eNGINe MANAGeMeNT / IGNITIoN Bosch EMS SILeNCer Stainless steel silencer with regulated catalytic converter STArTer / BATTerY Electric starter / 12 V, 6 Ah 125D125D UKE CHASSIS UKE .COM FrAMe Chromium-Molybdenum trellis frame, powder coated .COM SuBFrAMe Steel HANdLeBAr Aluminium, tapered, Ø 26/22 mm FroNT SuSP. / SuSP. TrAveL WP-USD Ø 43 mm / 150 mm reAr SuSP. / SuSP. TrAveL WP-Monoshock / 150 mm FroNT BrAKe Four piston, radially bolted caliper, brake disc Ø 280 mm reAr BrAKe Single piston, floating caliper, brake disc Ø 230 mm WHeeLS FroNT / reAr Cast aluminium wheels 3.00 x 17"; 4.00 x 17" TYreS FroNT / reAr 110/70 R 17; 150/60 R 17 CHAIN X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4" STeerING HeAd ANGLe 65° TrAIL 100 mm WHeeL BASe 1350 ± 15 mm GrouNd CLeArANCe 185 mm SeAT HeIGHT 810 mm Photos: H. Mitterbauer, r. Schedl, S. romero TANK CAPACITY approx. 11 liter WeIGHT (reAdY To rACe) approx. 124 kg (without fuel) The motorcycles advertised in this folder are only suitable for use in normal traffic in the homologated version. The use of several articles from the KTM PowerParts range is not permitted on public roads under certain circumstances (differs from country to country). Further information can be obtained from your KTM dealer. When purchasing a motorcycle, it is necessary to clearly observe all safety aspects and appropriate warnings. The motorcycles illustrated are in part equipped with extras that are subject to additional costs. All information concerning delivery, appear- ance, performance and weights and measurements of the vehicles comply with KTM’s sales program in Austria at the time ArT. Nr.: 3.212.354GB of printing and all information is supplied without obligation and may be subject to alteration at any time. Please note that model specifications can be different from country to country. LeGAL dISCLAIMer Should not be emulated. The riders illustrated are professional motorcycle riders. The photos were taken on a closed racing circuits or closed roads. KTM draws to the attention of all motorcycle riders that they should abide by all traffic laws and regulations, that they should wear the recommended protective clothing and always ride in a responsible way. KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG 5230 Mattighofen, Austria © 2011, KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG