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Audience feedback summary


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Audience feedback summary

Published in: Education
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Audience feedback summary

  1. 1. 93% 7% Does this look like an R&B magazine? Yes: No: 57% 14% 29% 0% Why?What on the front cover makes it look/not look like an R&B magazine? Colour scheme: Main Image: Cover Lines: Other: 7% 86% 7%0%0% What age group do you fit in? 15 or under: 16-24: 25-34: 35-44: 44+ : 43% 57% What is your gender? Male: Female: I made sure that both femalesandmalesansweredmy questionnaire asmymagazine istargetedtowardsbothgenders. Thisis whyitwas importantto include the opinionof both gendersonmy magazine. Most of the people Igave the questionnaire towere betweenthe age of 16 and24 as thisisthe age that magazine isaimedtowards.Imade sure to include afew people fromsome otherage groupstooto include the opinionof a wideraudience. Most of myaudience saidthatthe magazine lookedlikean R&B magazine,whichispositiveasitshowsthat mymagazine has metthe purpose.Itrepresentsthe genre itis.Thisshows that the use of colour,fontsandothertechnique andfeatures was correct. I askedto questiontosee whatIhad done rightand whatI hadn’t.It linkstothe previousquestionasit makesthe audience elaboratetheirreply.Most people saidthatmycolourscheme wasa feature that made it looklike anR&B magazine,whilesome saidthe cover linesandothersthe mainimage. Therefore thisshowsthatthe colourscheme isa veryimportantfactorin displayingthe genre of a magazine.
  2. 2. 36% 50% 0% 14% What on the contents page makes it look/not look like an R&B magazine? Colour Scheme: Main Image: Text: Other: 36% 64% 0% 0% What is it on the double page spread that makes it look/not look like an R&B magazine? Colour Scheme: Main Image: Text: Other 43% 7% 50% Which gender(s) do you think the magazine is targeted towards? Females: Males: Both: Thisquestionalsolinkstothe previousquestionas it continuestoaskwhatI have done rightor wrong on the contentspage.I providedoptionsforthis questiontoo.The mostpopularchoice wasthe mainimage,whichshowsthatthe mainimage is alsoa huge factor,whenitcomesto representing genre. From thisquestionIwasable tosee what I didright and wrongon the double page spread.Iprovided the audience withchoicesforthisquestion.From all the choicesthe mainimage was,again,the most popularchoice amongstthe audience.This continuestoshow the importance andimpactof the imagesusedonthe magazinesmainpages. I askedthisquestionasIwantedto know frommy audience whotheythoughtthe magazine wasfor. Predominantly,peoplethoughthe magazine wasfor bothgenderswhile quiteafew people thoughtitwas aimedtowardsfemalesbecause the numberof images of femaleswasgreaterthanthatof males.Thisshows that the image representsthe targetaudience.
  3. 3. 43% 0%0% 50% 7% Why do you think this? More images of females: Greater mention of female artists: Cover lines seem to appeal to women more?: There are images of both male and females: Mention of females to appeal to men: 93% 7% Does my magazine target ethnic minorities? Yes: No: 79% 21% Am I challenging stereotypes by having more females on my magazine? Yes: No: 57% 14% 7% 22% Is there something I could have done to make it better? No: Add more images: Used a differet colour scheme: 50% 36% 14% 0% What catches your attention on the front cover? Main Image: Masthead: Cover Lines: Other: 86% 14% Do you like the colour scheme? Yes: No:
  4. 4. Conclusion: From myaudience feedbackquestionnaire Ihave learntmanythings.Imade sure to give my questionnaire tobothmale andfemale audiencesasthiswasmytarget audience.Ialsomade sure that the agesthat answeredmyquestionnaire weresimilarorexactlymytargetaudience asI want to getthe mostaccurate feedbackfromthe people Ihave made mymagazine for. Ihave received quite positivefeedbackfrommyquestionnaire asmanypeople have saidthatmymagazine looks like aR&B magazine.Ihave realisedthatthe mainimage,mastheadandcoverlineshave ahuge impacton the recognitionof the genre astheyare the most attention-grabbingfeatures.Mostof my feedbackshowsthatpeople assumedthe genre fromthe mainimage andthe colourschemes.This showsthat colourschemesare alsohugelyimportantinrepresentingthe accurate genre.Overthree quartersof the audience saidthattheylikedmycolourscheme,whichispositiveastmeansthat my colourscheme isattractive to the majorityof the people.!3outof 14 people alsosaidthatmy magazine targetethnicminorities.Myinitial aimwastotargetpeople fromall ethnicitiesasmany differenttypesof peoplelistentothe genre of R&B despite theirrace,ethnicityetc. Overall fromthisaudience feedbackquestionnaire Ihave learntthatthe audience relyhugelyonthe featuressuchas the masthead,colourschemesandimagestorepresentthe genre of amagazine.It alsoshowsthat the audience judge amagazine throughthese featuresbefore theyopen/buyit.The resultof thisquestionnaire showsthatmymagazine hasmet itsaimof appealingbothmale and female audiencesbetweenthe agesof 16 and 24.