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Survey Analysis


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Audience research

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Survey Analysis

  1. 1. Survey Analysis
  2. 2. There is the age range we expected our age range to be around, this makes it easier for us to target our products at a certain group of people. Since this age rang is still quite young then we have to consider aspects of post-grunge genre that appeal to this age group, whether it's the clothing or the type of music video that we are going to create.
  3. 3. The majority of the people who filled out the survey were female, even though it is quite close being equal at 63% but after looking at the bands and post-grunge music video's we have looked at I have found aspects that appeal to both men and women such as fighting for women's rights, the male gaze (although being used in an alternative way to promote equal rights between men and women) and considering that Flyleaf is a female headed band you would expect to this appeal more to the girls who listen to rock music, we can apply David Gauntlett's theory of 'Girl Power' because it could be seen as girls uniting together. This means we will have to featured aspects that attract both men and women but mainly focusing on things that attract women to this band and genre.
  4. 4. We also asked what type of music video's people who like this genre want to see, the main aspect people wanted to see was a clear storyline. This is something we are going to have to consider since so many people chose this option, performance was the second most popular choice so we are going to have the think about also including this aspect so that it appeals to our audience completely. We should think about mixing these two idea's together because this fits the theme of post- grunge music and especially the style of Flyleaf. When we were thinking about our initial ideas they were mostly based on video's and digipak's that tell a story so it allows us to be able to do the idea's that we wanted to.
  5. 5. These are the locations we were interested in filming in and have access to, two of the most popular choices were to film in a forest and graveyard this is better for because these two locations were some of our favourite choices of location. After thinking about doing a fairytale themed video because it it with Flyleaf's theatrical aspect we thought that forests and graveyards fit into the Brother's Grimm style fairytale we were thinking about creating. These are the two locations we have decided to use, even though industrial areas were one of the more popular choices we didn't think it fit with the fairytale theme as well as being very hard to get access to these areas.
  6. 6. We asked the question of what type of clothing people would like to see in music video's of this genre, there was quite a lot of suggestions for black clothing however also for vintage clothing so we would want to mix both of these elements together some how. Vintage clothing fits in with the fairytale theme, especially with the idea of vintage fairytales which are darker and have more gruesome factors to them which works even better for Flyleaf's style. Lacey (the previous lead singer for Flyleaf) worn clothes that had a vintage style to them so it represents her, which is important because our chosen song was released when we Lacey was still in the band. We are going to have to incorporate both dark and vintage into our clothing, maybe choosing vintage style clothing for all of our characters and using light clothes for good character and dark clothing for villians.
  7. 7. We chose to include this question because we had the idea of light and dark, Flyleaf tend to lean more towards a dark style of rock music with their aesthetic and look. Paramore have a very colourful almost childish aesthetic, since Paramore was the first band we looked into doing because we liked their style however we couldn't do our original idea so we chose to do Flyleaf. This question allows us to use Paramore's style as well as still having Flyleaf's darker style, which we are going to show through the separate settings of real life and fantasy. So we are going to use Paramore's more childish theme throughout the video as well as Flyleaf's more theatrical style, combining bright colours and the idea of a fantasy story to have both of these elements.
  8. 8. Since we had chosen a fairytale theme for our video because we'd seen this fantasy idea throughout music video's we looked at, we thought about the type of stories we could use and create a video for easily. Alice In Wonderland was more popular than any of the other choices so we chose to use this one, we are going to include versions of the characters who fit in with our video. After finding out that a narrative was a favourite for people when watching music video's for this band and genre, it was obvious how important it would be that we included one so choosing to do fairytales allows us to have a clear storyline because fans are familiar with it and it leads us to easily being able to create a fantasy theme for our video.
  9. 9. This question we asked about the lighting people said they thought would fit fairytales, people said that they wanted to see brightly lit settings, for this we could use artificial lighting or daylight, daylight would work best if we were going to use the favourite locations such as forests and graveyards. They also said that we could use bright lighting for the good people and dark lighting for evil characters, similar to how we might use clothing for characters. We could use the bright lighting for daytime shots and darker shots when she is in the fantasy world. Someone also suggested washed out colours and lighting, this could be a good effect to use for some shots to add to the drowsiness of the girl and how she is feeling.
  10. 10. We wanted to make sure that we got the colour scheme right for our video that fit the theme and Flyleaf. The most popular choice was blues/greens, this is what we expected to fit into the fantasy idea. Then we had purples/maroon as the second most popular choice, so we figured that these two were the most important colours to include. Tying in with the vintage aspect that people have been interested in, we are going to include these colours through costume and the locations. These also manage to fit our idea of light and dark since green/blues can be used as light colours where as purple/maroon tend to only be darker shades.