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Analysis of music videos

  2. 2. Song Title: Trouble Artist: Neon Jungle A tracking shot is used in the start of the video which shows the girls are sat in there front garden gossiping which is just like any ordinary typical girls. The next shot is the camera 'spying through a pair of blinds at one of the artists, she is sat slouching on a chair, which is not very stereotypical for a girl, like she is waiting for something. More single shots are shown again of the girls, which portrays their different personalities. Throughout the rest of the video, the girls look they are preparing for a party as they're dancing about 'wildly'. At the start of the video there are no men shown but halfway through men show up to the girls house like they're going to a party of some sort. There are 5 boys yet only 4 girls, the boys are dressed rather similarly to the girls quite indie in black jeans and a denim jacket. Most of the camera shots are close ups and mid shots, the close ups show the girls being 'up in your face' and crazy. The angles of the camera make the house look like it has a lot of furniture in it however there isn’t really much in it. For the audience to like the band they would probably have to have a crazy personality themselves. I would say the target audience for this song would be teens or someone who can relate to the band, if they have lived the same lifestyle as them.
  3. 3. The music video then goes to single mid shots of the girls, this shows off what each girl is wearing. The first girl which is shown has rather big, crazy hair which could connote her personality as quite wild, she is also wearing something very showing, a bandeau top and pleather dungarees which is cut quite low and shows off her arms and belly. This girl is wearing the most provocative outfit out of all of them. The second girl shown is portrayed differently, she has long curly hair and is wearing big hooped earrings. From watching several different music videos from this genre most of the artists are wearing hooped earrings. This girls clothing is also different to the previous, she is wearing an off the shoulder cropped t-shirt which shows off her shoulders and part of her belly, however the colour of her shirt is white which connotes innocence. The third girl is stood with her arms above her hair with her hands running through her hair, because she is putting her arms up it lifts up her jumper slightly which shows off more flesh. Finally the last girl is very different from the ones shown previously, she seems more shy than the others as she is facing away from the camera and is pulling her ponytail across her face. This girl is more covered up as she has a cardigan on and not showing any flesh, she is also the girl who sings the lyrics ' their life to the full by partying everynight but also want to settle down because the lyrics say 'I just want to live a quiet life, I'll make an excellent wife' this shows she is most probably the most serious out of all them. The outfits change throughout the whole of the video but are mostly showing a lot of flesh and frequent reference to voyeuristic treatment, like what has been said in the Andrew Goodwin theory, it also relates to Laura Mulveys Male Gaze theory because they are showing off flesh to lure men into watching the video.
  4. 4. The body language of the girls in this video is rather sexual like they are luring you in, this shows a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals as the lyrics say 'I don't look for trouble but trouble looks for me' is almost saying they aren't looking for trouble but they always end up being in it whether by accident or not, and by dancing provocatively it shows they are kind of 'asking for it'. Their body language is also shown like the don't really care about anything as they are dancing crazily around their house, also expanding on this the girl with the really big hair sticks her middle finger up to the camera. The women seem like they do have a lot of power within this music video as they have their own house to themselves and can do whatever they want in it. Shots are shown where the girls are throwing beans around the house and not having a care in the world. The power in them is shown because they are independent adults now so they think they can do anything.
  5. 5. At the start of the video there is an old-ish car shown on the drive of the girls house, the number plate says 'JUNGLE', which is basically the name of the band. It identifies who they are even before video starts. As the car is rather old you either expect the band to be a group of boys because it is a rather manly car or you expect the girls to dress rather old fashioned. A lot of Chihuahuas and small dogs are shown in the video especially being sat with the girl which was shown last, this could symbolise that she is the more serious one out of them all as she is the one who shows off less flesh and dogs are something that couples/people buy when they are settled down in a permanent house. The products in the house are very simple, and don't look costly at all, this portrays that they are maybe living like students as everything is like DIY, however it sets the scene for the music video very well because it gives it more of the indie feel and shows that not all girlbands have to have everything posh and proper, it makes Neon Jungle rather unique.
  6. 6. The type of music this song is pop, it is very fast paced which matches the visuals as the shots are edited together rather quickly to show 'trouble' and 'chaos'. The shots change very quickly and are often repeated. The quickness of the shots also links with the quickness of the song, as it is a pop song it is stereotypically expected to be a quick video rather than a slow one. The message being told in this song/video is that they are young adults and want to live their life to the full by partying every night but also want to settle down because the lyrics say 'I just want to live a quiet life, I'll make an excellent wife' . The shots show craziness in the start of the video but around the middle/end of the video the pace slows down as they are being serious about life and want to 'slow' down.
  7. 7. In the video there is a young girl slow dancing in the middle of the stage where it looks like people are watching but they aren't, this could connote that she is maybe alone. The tempo of the video is rather slow and the artists voice is quite monotone, but the at the chorus the tempo seems to speed up a little. The artist is sometimes shown on screen lip-syncing, this gives the audience an idea on who the artist actually is, so they have an idea who she is and maybe idolise her also. Song Title: Satellite Artist: Little Boots There are no men in this video, it is just the artist and the young girl who is dancing on the stage. As there is no men in the video it could suggest the artists hate for men as the song could also hint about the sadness of her past relationships with men. The young girl in the video could connote how strong she is without the boyfriend and her dancing proves this, she is facing her fears and standing up to them. The type of music this song is quite dance but also house/electro. The way the girl is dancing fits in with the dance genre, it also makes the song sound more interesting as the artists voice is rather monotone so the beat of the music livens it up a little.
  8. 8. The girl is dressed in a sparkly leotard which makes her stand out a lot, although she is a young girl quite a lot of her skin is revealed which attracts the people to watch it. The girl is also wearing quite a lot of make up and gems around her eyes, as she is all silver it makes her look like a satellite because satellites are silver. It relates to the lyrics and title of the song. Also the artist is wearing silver with a silver necklace which matches the dancers costume. Not a lot of skin is revealed on the artist as it is only a mid close up shot, this could suggest that she doesn’t want that much attention drawn to her and would rather the audience focus on the girl.
  9. 9. In the video there doesn't really seem for any need of power, however the girl that is dancing looks like she is trying to express her emotions through dancing and trying to gain power over the person who she is singing about which could maybe be about a previous boyfriend. However towards the end of the video the dance movements seem to get a lot stronger which could suggest she finally has power over him, the dance movements are emphasised a lot throughout the routine. Most of the shots are shown in slow motion, which contrasts with the tempo of the song, this looks very effective and we thought we could use this as an inspiration for our video. The message of the song could be that the artist is trying to explain a past relationship as the lyrics say 'I’m falling down to earth, When I get too high, You're calling get back down to earth', this could connote that she wasn't happy in this relationship as she was always 'dragged back down when she was happy'. As well because the song is rather slow this could relate to her heartbreak also.
  10. 10. The effect on the video is quite dull, it is almost like a black and white effect. This could connote how depressed the artist is feeling as it reflects on her mood. As the artist is not shown a lot and the main video revolves around the young girl it could suggest the artist is singing about herself when she was a young girl, and the young girl is pretending to be her. Also the effect links with this because the black and white touch looks like they’re looking back in time. The products highlighted in the video are the diamante's/gems which are on the girls eyes, costume and also which are falling around her. The diamonds are silver which connotes the satellite they are singing about. Also the organ the artist is playing behind the girl is highlighted in the video, although she is quite far from the camera she is always highlighted and she stands out. The young girl also turns back to look at the artist like for reassurance. The camera angle on the artist is an high angle shot, the camera is looking down on the woman to maybe connote that she isn’t so dominant and not in power. The girl dancing is always in shot whether it is an establishing shot or a close up, this could connote her importance within the video.