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Zong final

  1. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: “Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and the most merciful whose blessings are abundant and favors are unlimited.” We are glad to complete our research work on Human Resource department of ZONG Pakistan. We are thankful to respected Prof. Zargham Ullah Khan for our help in this project.
  3. 3.  Telecom industry is growing in Pakistan, with new companies getting license the competition is tough as a result the consumer is getting benefit and enjoying cheap call rates.  The main players in telecommunication industry in Pakistan are:
  4. 4.  ZONG is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile.  First International brand of China Mobile being launched in Pakistan .  CMPak has invested more than US$ 700 million in the telecom sector in Pakistan .  CMPak act as ambassador of friendship between China and Pakistan.
  5. 5. History of Zong: was a mobile telecommunication company in Pakistan. It was the first ever company granted license to carry out cellular phone services in Pakistan, set up by Cable & Wireless. However after the launch and rapid success of Mobilink in 1998, both services lost market share. Recently China mobile company in Pakistan after replacing the code 0304 with 0314 now introduced its new brand called “ZONG”. With an introductory slogan “Say it All” or “Sub Keh Do” & started its advertising campaign at popular print & electronic media outlets.
  6. 6. ZONG PAKISTAN:  ZONG is the first International brand of China Mobile being launched in Pakistan. The core essence of ZONG is to allow people to communicate at will.  Without worrying about tariffs, network coverage, capacity issues or congestion. ZONG will be supported by ground breaking communications, trend setting customer service and an unmatched product offering which will redefine rules of the game and establish ZONG as a serious contender for the number one spot.  ZONG would offer its customers with entertaining & innovative value added services and will empower them by giving a wide variety of products, services & content to choose from.
  8. 8. Mission Statement
  9. 9. Vision Statement
  10. 10. Departmental Hierarchy: President Karachi Islamabad Marketing Finance HR IT Sales Engineering Lahore
  11. 11. Chief HRM Officer Director HRM Senior HR Manager Regional HR Manager Assistant HR Manager Team Leader Team
  12. 12. Job Analysis Recruitment & Downsizing Selection Orientation Performance Appraisals Safety and Health Competent High-Performing Workers Training & Development Compensation & Benefits Human Resource Management Process
  13. 13. Job Specification
  14. 14. When HR department is asked or demand for more employees in any other department, the activity HR department performs that first they compile the whole job title, job duties, responsibility grade, work unit and placement and afterwards they prepare the job description.
  15. 15. Gender basic skills knowledge ability experience and Personality educational background.
  16. 16. Employment planning & forecasting Recruiting: Build a pool of candidates Applicants complete application form Use selection tools; tests to screen-out applicants Director or department head interview final candidates to make final choices Candidate becomes employee
  17. 17. Traditional Recruiting Sources Internal Searches Employee Referrals Employee Leasing Employment Agencies Advertisements School Placement
  18. 18. It is aimed at hiring without any discrimination based on race, color, sex, nationality, religion or disability. Internal Recruitment External Recruitment
  19. 19. Employee referrals Internal Advertisements. Criteria: • Minimum 1 year Experience • Clearance from line managers.
  20. 20. •University Hunts/executive search organizations •Advertising •Employment Agencies •Walk in Candidates.
  22. 22. Recruitment & Selection: Attracting the candidates to apply for jobs in the organization Applicants may apply online to the specific post. HR data base is update after 6 months. Recruitment in consultation with officers and heads of specific department. Judged on the basis of knowledge, skills, tests, experience and references. After screening and short listing desired applicants interviews are conducted.
  23. 23. Recruitment & Selection: Screened CV’s are than provided to departments and they conduct immediate interview with departmental head or nominated person. After interview with specific department selected candidates are than forwarded to HR to conduct a final interview with them. Selected candidates are than appointed for a probationary period. After probation period 2 references are checked.
  24. 24. Recruitment & Selection: For employee personal file following documents are required:  Interview Evaluation form,  Passport size Photos,  Any other special clause,  References, Copy of N.I.C.,  Copies of degree(s): Bachelors and above only  copies of experience certificates Employment letter is than given to selected candidates and get signatures on its copy.
  25. 25.  Orientation of employees at Zong Pakistan includes with the introduction with theorganization, a brief introduction about organization and as well their placement, policies,rules, regulations, safety, health and some other basic issues in the organization. Duringthe orientation of the employees they are introduced with the supervisors, coordinator andother employees working with him/her. They are introduced with their job and workingconditions and other initial information is delivered to them during orientation.
  26. 26. Employee Training What deficiencies, if any, do jobholders have in terms of skills, knowledge, or abilities required to exhibit the essential and necessary job behaviors? Is there a need for training? What are the Organization ‘s Strategic goals? What tasks must be Completed to achieve Organization al goals? What behaviors are necessary for each jobholder to complete his or her job duties?
  27. 27. Training Methods Job Rotation Simulation Exercises Classroom Lectures Understudy Assignments On Job Training Films and Videos
  28. 28. Training & Development: Soft skill training to remove personal distraction from job.  Conflict management training  People management training  Communication skills  Anger management  Time management training  Teamwork training etc
  29. 29. Training & Development: Developmental programs are arranged for long term beneficial planning of organization. To motivate human resource by developing their personal skills. The ZONG HR department develops the employee’s career development plans in which the HR department predicts the next logical step for their employees within five years.
  30. 30. Training Need Assessment Policy: About 20% of performance problems require “training” solutions and remaining 80% is handled by the quality of supervision and other work environmental factors (rewarding good performance, punishing poor performance, and removing obstacles to good performance).
  31. 31. Performance Appraisal: According to Newstrom, “It is the process of evaluating the performance of employees, sharing that information with them and searching for ways to improve their performance’’.
  32. 32. Process Setting performance standardsTaking corrective standards Discussing results Comparing standards Measuring standards Communicating standards
  33. 33. Performance Appraisal: To evaluate and improve the actual performance of employee (current/past) towards performance standards and also future potentials of ZONG. ZONG uses the computerized performance appraisal method. ZONG conduct its performance appraisal of employees in December.
  34. 34. Performance Appraisal: Appraisal sheets are developed by HR department and send to other department supervisors. ZONG use 180 degree tool in past for appraisal and 360 degree currently.
  35. 35. Disadvantages: If not done appropriately, can be a negative experience. very time consuming, especially for a manager subject to rater errors & biases. If not done right can be a complete waste of time. Can be stressful for all involved
  36. 36. Motivation:  Motivation of ZONG employees is based on two factors, intrinsic and extrinsic.  Intrinsic due to fast growing image of ZONG  Extrinsic due to attractive pay scale together with basic facilities such as medical play important role to keep the employees motivated.
  37. 37. Job Enlargement:  To motivate employees in every level Management frequently takes steps. Due to this management use technique of job enlargement by increasing the number of subordinates and giving extra span of control.
  38. 38.  At the same time job enrichment tool is useful to boost up the skills of employees and discover their talent which motivates them to do something extraordinary.
  39. 39.  Tool to motivate and expand their skills, knowledge, interest & abilities. It can be either horizontal or vertical. In Vertical employee are promoted to a new position and in horizontal jobs are rotated among same statuses. After this it is easy for a supervisor to evaluate reliably. ZONG is doing a vertical job rotation at a very low level usually.
  40. 40. Objective of Performance Review:  To measure work performance  To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance and achieving their personal/professional career goals  To provide objective information for making decisions on salary increases, promotions, bonus and transfers  To identify employees training and development  To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual
  41. 41.  On the successful completion of the probationary period an employee's services will be confirmed in writing and then an employee will be entitled to avail benefits of Medical scheme, Leave Entitlements, Coverage under Group Life Insurance, Membership of Provident Fund, Gratuity Fund, Pension Fund..
  42. 42.  Reward system policies are strictly practiced at ZONG. Employees are paid when they are supposed to pay.  Other rewards are also fast but they are mostly tenure based rather than performance based.  Policies shows that rewards are totally performance based but in actual this policy is not followed strictly.  Mostly rewards are determined by the organizational membership and seniority.
  43. 43.  Promotion is given on the basis of performance  PMO (Project management office) introduces many club memberships, game shows, lunch arrangement and many more for employee to be motivated., as well as tenure.  Special achievement awards at each individual level, team awards, department awards and division awards.
  44. 44.  Maximum jobs of ZONG are not hazardous to health so, there is no such need of health measurements.  Though everybody wants to be safe and that’s why when you visit some ZONG office to meet someone of a high designation level. You need to fulfill various safety measures.
  45. 45. Communication is the life blood of an organization.  Internal Communication  External Communication
  46. 46.  No concept of employee union in Zong.  Internal Employee problem handling system.
  47. 47.  Backup support  Value-added services  Ever-increasing subscribers  Ever-increasing coverage area
  48. 48. They have this opportunity that after fully establishing here they can expand globally.  New product development: it can introduce new products.  Zong has the opportunity of growing its customer base due to increasing trend of using mobile phones.  Zong has the opportunity to win the customers of its competitors by providing them superior service on lower price.
  49. 49. Late entry into the market Least count current subscribers Low area coverage (so far)
  50. 50.  Threats of new entrants.  Threat from other cellular brands Mobilink, Ufone, Warid, Telenor.  Increasing customer base of Telenor and Ufone is also a major threat for Zong.  Bad economic condition and instability of Pakistan is a huge problem for all businesses in Pakistan.
  51. 51.  As far as ZONG is concerned, generally the conclusion is very easy to comprehend that ZONG HRM Department has to cover some aspects in order to compete with its competitors’ UFONE, TELENOR, MOBILINK, WARID, so they have to formulate some new techniques for training and development.
  52. 52.  Delegation of authority should be clear regarding decision making for HR department.  ZONG should simplify its policies for its employees.  ZONG should increase its recruitment sources.  If an employee is performing dual tasks simultaneously, he/she should be well paid. In this way they can be encouraged and hence they will increase productivity of the organization.  As “customer is king” so Customers care services should be improved and complaints of the customers should be solved in time.