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Softvative SharePoint User Profile MySite Cleanup job Process

SharePoint Server has Enterprise social media feature called User Profile Service. That service has My Site as a personalized storage space for SharePoint users. There are few conditions that can delete the user My Site.

Review this process infographics and read my blog post on the My Site Cleanup Job, My Site Deletion Conditions, how to monitor it and avoid it. I've used this process for few customers who tend to use the MySite feature.

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Softvative SharePoint User Profile MySite Cleanup job Process

  1. 1. SharePoint User Profile MySite Cleanup Job - Process By: Faisal Masood – PMP, V: 1.1 MySite Cleanup Job User Profile DB UserProfile_Full Table Filter: bDeleted = 1 Stored Procedure: Profile_GetDeletedUserList MySiteDeletionStatus Table 1st email notification NotificationStatus = 1 2nd email notification NotificationStatus = 2 User’s MySite · If Mysite exists, assign user’s Manager as secondary contact. Notify manager for deletion in 14 days · After 11 days, email manager again that site will be deleted in 3 days · After 14 days, delete the user’s myste · Account disabled in AD · Account deleted in AD · Filtered by User Profile Sync Criteria (e.g dept = fired) · Not Part of Sync with Active Directory OU Note: The above process is just an initial draft. There are other scenarios that are not yet added into this process diagram.