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No One Succeeds In A Silo


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9 Essential Principles for Creating Successful Partnerships - Today’s stranger may be tomorrow's partner. “It doesn't matter how smart or savvy we are when it comes to technology, product development or any single skill. Nobody succeeds in a silo. Whatever we venture—personal, professional, philanthropic, political, or private—we must remember the people involved in and essential to our success.

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No One Succeeds In A Silo

  1. 1. by  Faisal Hoque founder  of: NO ONE SUCCEEDS IN A SILO 9  Essen/al  Principles   for  Crea/ng  Successful   Partnerships
  2. 2. Today's stranger may be tomorrow's partner. “It  doesn't  ma@er  how  smart  or  savvy  we  are  when   it  comes  to  technology,  product  development  or   any  single  skill.  Nobody  succeeds  in  a  silo.  Whatever   we  venture—personal,  professional,  philanthropic,   poli/cal,  or  private—we  must  remember  the  people   involved  in  and  essen/al  to  our  success.”
  3. 3. PURPOSE “Every  organiza/on  needs  to  pin  down   ‘why  we  do  what  we  do’.   That’s  the  organiza/on’s  North  Star,  guiding  every   aspect  from  product  development,  sales,  and   recruitment  of  customers  and  partners.   A  strong  purpose  drives  growth  and   profitability.”
  4. 4. PLATFORM “If  vision  is  an  expression  of   the  soul  of  a  organiza/on,   plaQorm  is  its  body.   The  assets,  whether  internal  or   external,  lend  the  organiza/on  its   capabili/es  and  character.  These   competencies  are  plaQorms,  or   assets  with  business   applica/ons.”
  5. 5. INSPIRE AND INFLUENCE “The  best  and  brightest  will  be   toppled  if  they  can’t  inspire  others.   It  takes  a  dynamic  person  with  a  posi/ve,   honest,  forward-­‐looking  aStude  to   inspire  and  influence  the  people  involved  in   building  and  growing  partnerships.”
  6. 6. COMMUNITY “A  business  ecosystem  is  "an  economic   community”  supported  by  a  founda/on  of   interac/ng  organiza/ons  and  individuals.   They  are  the  structure  that  surrounds  and   supports  our  businesses.  These  ecosystems,   encourage  organiza/ons  to  coevolve  their   capabili/es.”
  7. 7. COMMUNICATION “Direct  communica/on  leads  to   direc/on.   If  you  can’t  say  something  clearly  and   directly,  wait  un/l  you  can  ar/culate  it   to  yourself.”
  8. 8. THINK AHEAD “We  need  to  surround  ourselves   with  forward  thinkers.   Since  we  know  that  what  we’re  doing   today  will  change  tomorrow,  we  need  to   forge  trus/ng,  resilient  teams,  a   constella/on  of  partnerships.”
  9. 9. THINK LONG TERM “To  thrive  within  a  vola/le  world,  leaders  must   be  aware  of  the  present  moment  while   simultaneously  seSng  their  sights  on  long-­‐ term  goals.   Since  value  crea/on  is  qualita/ve  as  well  as   quan/ta/ve,  no  metric  can  completely   capture  success.”
  10. 10. “Partnreships  are  oXen  unpredec/ble—comfort  with   uncertain/es  provide  confidence  for  success.” SeSng  smaller  goals  offers  us  posi/ve   reinforcement  when  we  achieve  them.” COMFORT IN UNCERTAINTY
  11. 11. FLEXIBLE, ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP “Partnership  needs  changes,  leaders  need   to  keep  evolving  at  the  right  pace.   That  requires  introspec/on,  self-­‐ awareness,  and  a  keen  sense  of  strategy —both  in  the  short-­‐  and  long-­‐terms.”
  12. 12. Shadoka’s  porQolio  of  offerings  enables   entrepreneurship,  growth,  and  social   impact.  Our  customers  and  partners   aspire  to  create  sustainable  value.  They   are  focused  on  repeatable  and   measurable  impact.  We  enable  their   aspira;ons.   We  bring  together  the  management   frameworks,  digital  plaQorms,  and   thought  leadership  for: •  Evalua/on,  execu/on,  and   monitoring  of  programs •  Scaling  sales,  revenue,  and   profitability •  Crea/on  and  management  of  digital   communi/es  and  marketplaces About SHADOKA Follow us @shadokaventures
  13. 13. About Me Founder  of  Shadoka  and  other   companies.  Shadoka  enables   entrepreneurship,  growth,  and  social   impact.   Formerly  of  GE  and  other  global   brands.  Author  of  several  books,   including  Everything  Connects  –  How  to   Transform  and  Lead  in  the  Age  of   Crea:vity,  Innova:on  and   Sustainability  (McGraw  Hill,  2014)  and   Survive  to  Thrive  –  27  Prac:ces  of   Resilient  Entrepreneurs,  Innovators,   And  Leaders  (Mo/va/onal  Press,  2015). Follow me @faisal_hoque