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How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is a continual process of invention, reinvention, and discovery, and for this reason leaders must always set their sights on long-term goals. Here's 8 ways to bring this understanding to your company culture.

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How to Create a Culture of Innovation

  1. 1. by Faisal Hoque founder of HOW TO CREATE A CULTURE OF INNOVATION “An innovative culture begins with accepting that the world really has changed and being open to more changes to come.”
  2. 2. “Sustained innovation is a journey, not a destination. Discipline and innovation are not opposites, but complements.” [Photo:  Flickr  user  Ekaterina]
  3. 3. LISTEN “Members of an organization’s internal and external community often have tremendous insights and ideas that lead to new innovations.”
  4. 4. UNDERSTAND “Who your actual and potential customers are; what they want and need; what they will need; and why those needs have not yet been met.”
  5. 5. ORGANIZE “Organize the resources and investments needed to address the problem.”
  6. 6. CREATE “Create an environment and capability for innovation by giving the team the ability to fail.”
  7. 7. EXPERIMENT “Experiment and learn from failure. Conduct many experiments in parallel.”
  8. 8. DESIGN “Design the concepts to address customer-centric values like cost; intuitive use; ease of change; and sense of enhancement.”
  9. 9. IMPLEMENT “Implement the final go/no-go decision. Consolidate or eliminate competing alternatives to a manageable number.”
  10. 10. “The most sustainable way to create value is to continually invest in our capabilities, both as individuals and as organizations.” Source: “Everything Connects”
  11. 11. Shadoka’s  por,olio  of  offerings  enables   entrepreneurship,  growth,  and  social   impact.  Our  customers  and  partners   aspire  to  create  sustainable  value.  They   are  focused  on  repeatable  and   measurable  impact.  We  enable  their   aspiraAons.   We  bring  together  the  management   frameworks,  digital  pla,orms,  and   thought  leadership  for: •  Evalua@on,  execu@on,  and   monitoring  of  programs •  Scaling  sales,  revenue,  and   profitability •  Crea@on  and  management  of  digital   communi@es  and  marketplaces About SHADOKA Follow us @shadokaventures
  12. 12. About Me Founder  of  Shadoka  and  other   companies.  Shadoka  enables   entrepreneurship,  growth,  and  social   impact.   Formerly  of  GE  and  other  global   brands.  Author  of  several  books,   including  Everything  Connects  –  How  to   Transform  and  Lead  in  the  Age  of   Crea:vity,  Innova:on  and   Sustainability  (McGraw  Hill,  2014)  and   Survive  to  Thrive  –  27  Prac:ces  of   Resilient  Entrepreneurs,  Innovators,   And  Leaders  (Mo@va@onal  Press,  2015). Follow me @faisal_hoque