Lecture 2-project organization


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Lecture 2-project organization

  1. 1. PROJECT ORGANIZATIONRajesh - AIMS 7/20/2012
  2. 2.  Organizing a Software project involves developing an effective and efficient organizational structure for assigning and completing project tasks; and Establishing the authority and responsibility among the tasks.Rajesh - AIMS 7/20/2012
  3. 3. Organizing involves: Listing project activities required to achieve project objectives. Arranging project activities into logical clusters. Assigning groups of activities to various organizational entities. Delegating responsibility and authority needed to carry out the activities.Rajesh - AIMS 7/20/2012
  4. 4. Functional Project Organization: The project is organized into a number of functional groups, each group accomplishes its responsibilities and passes the project to the next group to complete other functional activities of the project. Project management is distributed among functional groups managers.Rajesh - AIMS 7/20/2012
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  6. 6. Project Organization: The project manager creates a project group for accomplishing all activities of a given project. Project manager has total authority over project.Rajesh - AIMS 7/20/2012
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  8. 8. Matrix Project Organization (the two boss system): A combination between the project and functional project organizations. The project manager has the responsibility for managing and completing the project.Rajesh - AIMS 7/20/2012
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