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Lgotw ch 2


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Lecture slides based on Ch 2 of Letting Go of The Words

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Lgotw ch 2

  1. 1. Date Ch 2. Personas and Conversations & Content Strategy
  2. 2. Be Specific ✤ To inform. To persuade. It’s not specific enough. To whom are you speaking? ✤ “I’m writing this so (who) (can do what).
  3. 3. Start with a purpose ✤ Don’t on the written product - focus on the purpose. ✤ “This week, when you start each writing job, take a few seconds to thing about your purpose - about what effect you want to have on your reader.”
  4. 4. You are not your user ✤ “You may be an early adopter of new technology, eager and engaged in all manner of social media. But your typical site visitors may not be. You have to know about and understand how to meet their needs because the only way to meet your business goals is to satisfy your site visitors.”
  5. 5. Your audience in 4 steps (or more) 1. Gather information about your site visitors. 2. List groups of site visitors. 3. List major characteristics for each group. 4. Understand the conversations they want to start.
  6. 6. Gather Information ✤ Think about your mission ✤ Read their emails ✤ Read feedback, reviews, recommendations, blogs ✤ Talk to colleagues ✤ Analyze site search logs ✤ Use web analytics ✤ Use social media (track conversations) ✤ Interview people (contextual, critical incident) ✤ Do usability testing
  7. 7. List groups of site visitors ✤ How do people identify themselves? ✤ What about my site visitors will help me know what content the web site needs and how to write that content?” ✤ experienced travelers, occasional travelers ✤ Use key phrases - and the language level appropriate to your visitors (experience and expertise).
  8. 8. Audience Characteristics ✤ Values ✤ Technology ✤ Social and cultural environments and language ✤ Demographics