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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. SUBJECTS OFFEREDSport, Lifestyle & Recreation:You can select one of the two SLR courses offered bythe PDHPE faculty: a) 1 Unit SLR – 3 periods per week b) 2 Unit SLR – 6 periods per week
  2. 2. SPORT, LIFESTYLE & RECREATION• SLR is a non-ATAR subject.• 1 Unit = 3 periods of study per week.• 2 Unit = 6 periods of study per week.• Both a theory (30%) and practical (70%) based subject – not just sport.• If you are considering selecting SLR for yourStage 6 studies, you MUST have a STRONGInterest in sport.
  3. 3. SPORT, LIFESTYLE & RECREATION• Within this course, the class selects 2 - 3 topics if you are studying 1 Unit SLR and 6 - 12 topics if you are studying 2 Unit SLR. These topics are selected from the list below: * Games and Sports * Aquatics * Individual Games and Sports * Athletics * First Aid and Sport Injuries * Dance * Sports Administration * Fitness * Outdoor Recreation * Gymnastics * Resistance Training * Healthy Lifestyle * Sports Coaching and Training * Social Perspectives of Games and Sports
  4. 4. POTENTIAL CAREER PATHWAYS• PDHPE Teacher • Health Promotion Officer• Physiotherapist • Life Guard• General Practitioner • Fireman• Sports Scientist • Group Fitness Instructor• Personal Trainer • Naturopath• Coach • Nutritionist• Referee • Dietician• Sports Administrator • Pharmacist• Swim School Instructor • Sports Manager• Outdoor Recreation • Dance Instructor• Leisure and Recreational • Paramedic and more! Studies
  5. 5. UNIVERSITY OPPORTUNITIESStudying SLR will give you an advantage in many courses offered at University in theHealth, Sport and Fitness field. Some of which include; Bachelor of Health and Fitness Management Bachelor of Sport Science Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) Bachelor of Health and Movement Bachelor of Science in Public Health Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing, Education, Community Studies) etc, etc, etc (Please note – it is important to speak to FVHS Careers Advisor for specificprerequisites for all university courses. This may have a large impact on your subject selections)
  6. 6. TAFE & FURTHER STUDY OPPORTUNITIESStudying SLR will give you an advantage in many courses offered at TAFE, privateinstitutions and other nation wide courses. Some of which are included below; Western Sydney TAFE Courses;  Statement of Attainment in Foundations  Certificate III and IV in Fitness of Anatomy  Diploma in Fitness  Certificate IV in Massage  Certificate I-IV in Outdoor Other private courses; Rec.  Auswim Instructor Qualification  Diploma in Outdoor Rec.  Sports Management Courses  Diploma in Remedial Massage and many more
  7. 7. NEED MORE INFORMATION?• If you are interested in studying either 1 or 2 unit Sport Lifestyle and Recreation and want more detailed information about what you will be studying in Year 11 and 12, simply click on the following links to explore the syllabus! 1 AND 2 UNIT SLR SYLLABUS OR
  8. 8. NEED MORE INFORMATION?• Ask Mr. Karam or any PDHPE teacher over the next few days during Health classes; or• Write down a list of questions and ask Mr. Karam at Subject Selection Evening or see him in the PDHPE staffroom located in Wright block 