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Washington Plaza Culvert Repair


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Washington Plaza Culvert Repair

Hunter Mill District

Project No. SD-000034-036

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Washington Plaza Culvert Repair

  1. 1. Washington Plaza Culvert Repair Hunter Mill District Project No. SD-000034-036
  2. 2. Project Details Description: The Washington Plaza Culvert Repair project was substantially completed on June 24, 2013. This project consisted of repairing a 21 foot section of damaged concrete culvert, which lies underneath Washington Plaza, within the Historic District. The deteriorated culvert posed a danger both to the public and to the historic structures surrounding it. The completion of this project will maximize use of the storm culvert and provide protection for Washington Plaza. Project Overview: • Removal, storage, and replacement of brickwork • Removal of damaged top and side sections of culvert • Placement of new rigid piping for fountain’s leaking water lines • Placement of rebar • Water-proofing membrane placed on top of culvert to prevent deterioration. DPWES Project Team: Design Engineer: Bill Schell Project Manager: Qais Bashir Construction Engineer: Mannan Qureshi Construction Inspector: Keith Ferrell
  3. 3. Project Location Hunter Mill District - Tax Map No. 172-31-1609B
  4. 4. Pre-existing Conditions: Damaged Culvert Temporary Formwork Supporting Structure Deteriorated Top Wall with Exposed Rebar Formwork Collecting Debris and Blocking Water Flow
  5. 5. Construction: Damaged Sections Excavated. New Rebar, New Piping, and Concrete Placed New Rigid Piping New Rebar High Strength Concrete Being Poured
  6. 6. Construction: Waterproofing & Replacement of Brick Pavers Waterproofing Membrane Being Placed Careful Replacement of Brick Pavers
  7. 7. Post-Construction: CCTV Showing Newly Constructed Work New Thickened Section Top Wall New Top Wall New Side Wall
  8. 8. For additional Information, please call Irene Haske, Public Information Officer 703-324-5821, TTY 711