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FCDOT: Vienna-Silver Line Bus Service Discussion


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FCDOT: Vienna-Silver Line Bus Service Discussion

June 4, 2013

Published in: News & Politics
  • We live on Old Courthouse Rd NE and vehemently oppose bringing a bus down our street as was proposed under Option 1.
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FCDOT: Vienna-Silver Line Bus Service Discussion

  1. 1. Fairfax CountyDepartment ofTransportationJune 4, 2013Vienna: Silver Line BusService Discussion
  2. 2. County of Fairfax, Virginia Welcome• Ground Rules and Meeting Format• Goals• Overview of Timeline• Fairfax Connector Safety and Training Discussion• Service Characteristics• Route Options• Timeline and Next Steps• Questions and Discussion
  3. 3. County of Fairfax, Virginia Ground RulesMeeting Format– Presentation– Structured Public Comment• If you wish to speak, you must complete a ‘Comment Sign InForm’• Comments will be heard in order• Comments will be limited to two minutes, depending on thenumber of speakers• No speaker can donate their time to another speaker– Question and Answer after all speakers are finishedPlease be respectful - All opinions are valued
  4. 4. County of Fairfax, Virginia GoalsWhy We Provide Bus Service• Reducing the number of single occupant vehicle trips =improving congestion• Providing mobility options– Accessibility to Metrorail• Contributing to the local economy by improving mobility• Helping to improve air quality in the region
  5. 5. County of Fairfax, Virginia TimelinePublic Outreach• Two rounds of public meetings– Westbriar Elementary School:• February 4, 2013 & April 22, 2013– “Vienna at Your Service”• March 13, 2013• Substantial discussion about proposed Route 432– No consensus on routing• Board approval of Service Plan – June 4, 2013, withoutthe Route 432• Vienna Community Meeting – June 4, 2013• Board consideration of Route 432 alignment – July 2013
  6. 6. County of Fairfax, Virginia TimelineCommunity Feedback on Proposed Route 432:– Service desired on Beulah Road– Mixed support on Old Courthouse Road and Creek CrossingRoad– Mixed support on Trap Road and Towlston Road north of theToll Road (267)– Town of Vienna concernsOperational Challenges:– No right turn from Maple Ave to East Street or Beulah Roadwithout infrastructure improvements– Making a left onto Beulah Road from Maple Ave requiresminimal infrastructure improvements– Taking the Toll Road (267) to Trap Road (Southbound) is notideal for bus operations– Traffic delays on Maple Ave
  7. 7. County of Fairfax, Virginia SafetyCreating a Safety Culture• Recruiting professional commercial vehicle operators‒ Background checks‒ Fitness for duty [DOT]‒ Interview process• Rigorous new hire training and testing programs‒ Operators must complete 212 hours of training includingclassroom and on the road‒ Commercial driver license testing [CDL]‒ 90 day probationary period‒ Annual refresher training‒ Mandatory safety meetings
  8. 8. County of Fairfax, Virginia Quality AssuranceSafety is Priority #1• Safety doesn’t happen without a total commitment.Fairfax County requires the highest level of safetyperformance from employees.‒ Supervisor oversight of operational activities‒ Safety committees and mandatory attendance at safety meetings‒ Employees awards for safety performance‒ Mystery rider program‒ Database captures comments/suggestions/complaints‒ Semi-annual Customer satisfaction survey‒ Quality vehicle maintenance program
  9. 9. County of Fairfax, Virginia MeasurementsHow do we measure success?• Customers are using Connector service at increasing levels.Source: Fairfax County Department of Transportation
  10. 10. County of Fairfax, Virginia MeasurementsHow do we measure success?• What we’re hearing from our Customers and the GeneralPublic:– 1.87 unsafe complaints per 100,000 miles driven FY13 year-to-date• 9,684,234 miles driven FY13 year-to-date– 1.67 unsafe complaints per 100,000 passenger trips FY13 year-to-date• 8,654,308 passenger trips FY13 year-to-date• Mystery Rider Observations– 99% of mystery riders felt operators were driving in a safemanner• Measurements: Safe turns, safe braking, driving in a safe manner• Approximately 500 trips observed FY13 year-to-date
  11. 11. County of Fairfax, Virginia MeasurementsHow do we measure success?• What are our Customers observing about our operations?Source: Fairfax Connector Customer Satisfaction Survey 2011
  12. 12. County of Fairfax, Virginia Key IndicatorWhat does the record say?• The Connector continues to grow both in terms of customers servedand miles and hours of service provided. Our safety recordindicates a positive trend over the last few years.•Source: Virginia Transit Liability Pool
  13. 13. County of Fairfax, Virginia Service CharacteristicsProposed Route 432• Weekdays only• AM and PM peak service only• 6 - 8:30 a.m. and 4 – 7 p.m.• Service operated every 30-40 minutes• Approximately 12-14 trips per day• Will operate with a 30-foot bus
  14. 14. County of Fairfax, VirginiaProposed Route 432:Options
  15. 15. County of Fairfax, Virginia Route 432 – Option 1Projected Ridership per Day: 150
  16. 16. County of Fairfax, Virginia Route 432 – Option 2Projected Ridership per Day: 312
  17. 17. County of Fairfax, Virginia Route 432 – Option 3Projected Ridership per Day: 108
  18. 18. County of Fairfax, Virginia Route 432 – Option 4Projected Ridership per Day: 96
  19. 19. County of Fairfax, Virginia TimelineNext Steps• Consider community feedback on options– Would like to reach consensus• Make recommendation to the Board• Prepare for implementation• Implement• Adjust, if necessary, based on actual experience
  20. 20. County of Fairfax, VirginiaQuestions?