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DC Vibrant Streets Toolkit: Overview and Applicability to Fairfax Revitalization


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DC Vibrant Streets Toolkit: Overview and Applicability to Fairfax Revitalization

Oct. 22, 2012

Published in: News & Politics
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DC Vibrant Streets Toolkit: Overview and Applicability to Fairfax Revitalization

  1. 1. DC Vibrant Streets Toolkit:Overview and Applicability to Fairfax Revitalization October 22, 2012
  3. 3. process
  4. 4. DEFINEDVIBRANT STREET (adj + noun):A neighborhood’s core. A retailenvironment that is treasured by itsresidents, customers and retailerswhose daily actions ensure itsenduring vitality.
  5. 5. ANALYSIS Small-Scale Shopping Streets Carytown • Richmond, VA North Market Street • Frederick, MD Main Street • Manayunk, PA Charles Street • Boston, MA Oak Street • Chicago, IL Madison Park • Seattle, WA Bethesda Row • Bethesda, MD East Davis Street • Culpeper, VA O’Donnell Square • Baltimore, MD Atlantic Avenue • Brooklyn, NY
  6. 6. ANALYSIS Destination Streets Walnut Street • Philadelphia, PA Newbury Street • Boston, MA North Michigan Avenue • Chicago, IL Third Street Promenade • Santa Monica, CA Champs-Elysees • Paris, France Omotesando Dori • Tokyo, Japan
  7. 7. DATA COLLECTION Year Supported by Average Retail Average DailyEstablished an Assoc./Org. Rents Traffic CountAvg Sidewalk Within an Condition of walkscore Width Historic Dist.? Ownership?# of Blocks in Underground Retail Vacancy Vehicles per Length Utilities? Rate HHPublic Open Residential Mix of # of Bus Space? Population Retailers RoutesStreetscape Median Locals : Subway/LR/ Design Household Inc Nationals Streetcar Stop Located Daytime Civic /Cultural Parkingwithin a BID Population Anchor Facilities
  8. 8. FINDINGS• 100% have an active and unifying management/representation structure.• Population, income, and employment data alone did not ensure retail success.• Traffic counts had a “sweet spot”: 10k – 16k AADT• Small shopping streets: Avg retail rent = $18/sf; Destination streets: Avg retail rent = $120/sf.• 100% have underground power lines.
  10. 10. education
  11. 11. retail decision-making trees: regional home decorExample Neighborhoods 1 2 3Population: 39k 52k 16k35,000 + within 3 milesAvg HH Inc:$50k+ within 3 miles $83k $63kMin. Education:College Grad CollegeCompetitive Environm’t: Low HighLow to ModerateAppropriate Site 4,000 sfAvailable signed
  12. 12. retail decision-making trees: national nail salonExample Neighborhoods 1 2 3Population: 32k 17k 8k5,000+ within 1 mileAvg Household Income:$25,000+ $38k $45k $82kDaytime Population:10,000+ within ¼ mile 9k 11k 18kCompetitive Environment: High High HighHighAppropriate Site 1,800 sf 1,200 sf 1,000 sfAvailable signed signed signed
  13. 13. retail decision-making trees: regional organic grocery storeExample Neighborhoods 1 2 3Population: 30k 18k 27k10,000+ within 1.5 milesAvg Household Income:$45,000+ $62k $85k $44kTraffic Count:12,500 AADT+ 14k 7k 22kApplicable Incentives: No YesPriority Development AreaAppropriate Site 6,500 sfAvailable signed
  15. 15. RESOURCE ALLOCATION Neighborhood Goods & Services Food & Beverage General Merchandise, Apparel, Furnishings & Other
  16. 16. implementation
  17. 17. VISION We want to give every neighborhood thenecessary tools to create a Vibrant Street oftheir own, regardless of population, ethnic composition, location, income, or budget.
  18. 18. WEBSITE
  19. 19. WEBINAR SERIES • Series • Guest experts • FREE • Market Analysis and Neighborhood Broker Training $$$ • All webinars available for download on our website
  20. 20. PARTICIPANTS COME FROM…To-date, 260 participants from 190 cities, suburbs, towns, and villages.
  21. 21. ON-GOING RESEARCH • Areas in most need are the suburbs. • Not all suburbs are alike! Vibrant Streets offers tools for 4 community typologies: incl. suburban and urban- suburban. • Vibrant Streets™ Toolkit to be released next spring.
  22. 22. LEARNING LAB (April 29-30, 2013) • Hands-on training. How to grow a great retail environment “from the grassroots up.” • Developers, retailers, economic development experts, planners, market analysts. • A new way of thinking about street retail. • Everyone leaves with a “do this NOW!” list.
  23. 23. VIBRANCY for FAIRFAX CO. Herndon Tysons Corner, 2050 McLeanCentreville Annandale Fairfax
  24. 24. VIBRANCY for FAIRFAX CO. Today, a vibrant retail center: 1. Is driven by “experience,” perhaps even more than commerce; 2. Impacts home purchasing decisions; 3. Creates community identity (+/-); 4. Is considered a RIGHT, not a privilege. 5. Establishes common ground, and allows stakeholders to become invested in one another.
  25. 25. QUESTIONS?