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Update on Tysons Transportation Projects - April 1, 2020


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Update on Tysons Transportation Projects - April 1, 2020

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Update on Tysons Transportation Projects - April 1, 2020

  1. 1. Update on Tysons Transportation Projects Tysons Partnership – Transportation Council April 1, 2020 Tom Biesiadny, Director Fairfax County Department of Transportation
  2. 2. Presentation Overview • Transportation Projects Major Roadway Projects (Tysons-wide) Table 7B Projects Grid of Streets Tysons Circulator Service Tysons Metrorail System Access Management Projects Neighborhood Intersection Improvements Study Bike Lanes and Bikeshare 2
  3. 3. Major Roadway Projects (Tysons-wide) Tysons-wide Improvements: • The Comp Plan Amendment identified 17 Tysons-wide roadway improvements necessary to support the anticipated growth. • 1 of the 17 is complete • 1 of the 17 is under construction • 1 is in land acquisition • 4 others in study, preliminary engineering, or design 3
  4. 4. Route 7 Bridge over Dulles Toll Road – Completed May 2018 4 Major Roadway Projects (Cont.)
  5. 5. Jones Branch Connector – Completion Spring 2020 5 • Two Lanes in Each Direction Open to Traffic in November 2019 • Pedestrian walkway completed: February 2020 Major Roadway Projects (Cont.)
  6. 6. Route 7 Widening - (Reston Avenue to Dulles Toll Road) 6 • Widen Route 7 from 4 to 6 lanes from Jarrett Valley Drive to Reston Avenue Intersection improvements Shared use trail on both sides Upgraded bus stops • Total Project Estimate: $314 million  VDOT is the project administrator with County input • Project Schedule: Contract awarded: August 2018 Construction start: Spring 2019 Estimated completion: Fall 2024 • Current Status: Completed early improvements at Baron Cameron Avenue and opened third left-turn lane from Route 7 to Baron Cameron Avenue in August 2019. Design plans approved for construction on 10/2/19. Noise analysis finalized in November 2019; reviewed and approved by FHWA and VDOT. All environmental permits (DEQ, USACE, VMRC) have been issued. Major Roadway Projects (Cont.)
  7. 7. Route 7 Widening (Route 123 to I-495) 7 • Widen existing 6 lanes to 8 lanes with pedestrian improvements • Bus Rapid Transit proposed through the corridor (Envision Route 7 – NVTC) • Route 7 widening study is being coordinated with the BRT study • BRT final recommendations: Spring 2020 • Design will continue following BRT lane configuration recommendations Major Roadway Projects (Cont.)
  8. 8. I-495 Overpass at Tysons Corner Center 8 • Tysons-Old Meadow Road Bike/Ped Improvements  Shared use trail from the intersection of Route 123 and Old Meadow Road east of I-495 • Total Project Estimate: $12.2 million  $4.6 million Service District Funds • Project Schedule:  Design approval: November 2018  Right of way acquisition: Fall 2019 – Summer 2020  Construction phase: Spring 2021 – Spring 2022 Major Roadway Projects (Cont.)
  9. 9. I-495 Overpass at Tysons Corner Center 9
  10. 10. Other Major Roadway Projects 10 Major Roadway Projects (Cont.) • Alternative analysis underway, three alternatives are being evaluated • Draft recommendations to be shared with stakeholders and public in Fall 2020 • $10.5 million in service district funds approved for design and land acquisition Route 7 Widening (I-495 to I-66) Project #12 • Pre-scoping to start in early 2020 • Will include aerial imaging and ground surveys • $1 million in service district funds approved for study/engineering Ramp from Greensboro Drive to Dulles Toll Road Project #6
  11. 11. Tysons Table 7B Projects 11 • Super Street Option selected in the previous study (30% design completed) • Included in the Route 123 corridor study • Multiple options being considered Route 123 Widening (I-495 to the Dulles Connector Road) • Staff continues analysis of the Comprehensive Plan recommendation to widen Route 123 from 6 to 8 lanes • Multiple options being considered Route 123 Widening (I-495 to International Drive) • Consultant selection completed • Analysis of Future Conditions: Jan 2020 • Final recommendation and phasing analyses: Summer 2020 Both Projects
  12. 12. Tysons Table 7B Projects (Cont.) 12 • Modification to the eastbound off-ramp from the Dulles Access Road to Route 123 • Two preferred alternatives: Braided Ramp and an Auxiliary Lane concepts • Included in the Route 123 corridor study Cleveland Ramp • To allow additional capacity • Advancing to 15% design based on charrette recommendations • Two concepts are being considered • Stakeholder meetings are anticipated in Spring 2020 Route 7/Route 123 Interchange • To I-495 SB Ramp • Study to be initiated in the future Gallows Road at Gallows Branch
  13. 13. 13 Tysons Grid of Streets On-going Development
  14. 14. Lincoln Street 14 • Street to connect Route 123 to Magarity Road. • Will allow access to existing/approved developments along Old Meadow Road from Magarity Road. • Additional access to residential units on Old Meadow Road. • The Board has approved a total of $8.2 million for study and design • Design work underway  Feasibility study completed  15% design completed  Est. completion: June 2020 • Construction begins in 2024 • Estimated project completion: 2025
  15. 15. Old Meadow Road Realignment 15 • This project is a part of Dulles Rail Phase I funding • Design is 100% complete • Utility Relocation: Complete in Spring 2020  One utility is remaining and ongoing • Construction start: Spring 2020 After utility relocation, construction to be completed in 4 phases with no total road closures • Phase 1 and 2 – Major road construction • Phase 3 and 4 – ADA ramps and final pavement • Estimated completion: Summer 2020 Cable Relocation
  16. 16. 16 Transit Service in McLean & Tysons
  17. 17. Transit Service 17 • Enhance transit service in the Tysons area • Support transit-oriented development • Provide transit connections from the Metrorail stations to areas of Tysons not within walking distance Purpose • 2009 - Neighborhood routes from McLean and Vienna • 2013 - I-495 Express Lanes service from Burke Centre, Lorton, and Springfield • 2014 - Circulator routes serving Tysons’ Metrorail Stations • 2019 – New mid-day and late-night service on route 467 from Vienna neighborhoods to Tysons Implemented Service • Bus Rapid Transit along Route 7 from Tysons to Alexandria • Work groups are evaluating alignment, station locations, and roadway design • Final BRT report to be completed by Fall 2020 • 2021 - Route optimization study will re-evaluate the Tysons routes and better align bus service with evolving demands • DRPT Study considering additional express service to Tysons using I-66 Outside of the Beltway toll revenues Future Improvements
  18. 18. Transit Service (Cont.) 18 • Service began July 24, 2014 • Service changes in May 2015 and June 2016 in response to passenger feedback • Weekend service implemented on Route 424 in June 2016 Tysons Circulator Service • Overall ridership is increasing in FY 2019 compared to FY 2018 for the following routes: • 422 , 423, 424, 721, and 724Ridership Trends • After completion of Jones Branch extension across I-495, planning staff will evaluate realigning Route 424 to serve the north side of McLean Metrorail Station • Tysons – Vienna Route Optimization Study (2021) Future Improvements
  19. 19. Tysons Metrorail Station Access Management Study 19 • To prioritize access improvements to the Metrorail stations in Tysons. • Study completed in 2011 Purpose of (TMSAMS) • Staff recommendations approved by the Board in May 2012 • Staff is currently working to design/construct these projects Timeline • 34 of 41 projects completed • 5 in Construction/Utility Relocation • 1 in Land Acquisition • 1 in Design Progress Update
  20. 20. 20 TMSAMS Projects
  21. 21. TMSAMS (Cont.) 21 • Construction completed: January 2019 • Ribbon cutting ceremony completed Vesper Trail from Vesper Court to Route 7
  22. 22. TMSAMS (Cont.) • North side construction completed: October 2018 • South side construction completed: August 2018 Route 7 Walkways on Both Sides under Route 123 North Side South Side
  23. 23. TMSAMS (Cont.) 23 • Portion of work from south of DTR to Jarrett Valley completed in May 2018 • The remaining construction will be included in the Route 7 Widening project from Jarrett Valley to Reston Parkway • Estimated completion: July 2024 Route 7 Walkway from Dulles Toll Road to Beulah Road • Design and land acquisition completed • Construction is 50% complete • Estimated completion: Fall 2020 Scotts Run Walkway through Scotts Run Stream Valley Park • Design and land acquisition completed • Utility relocation complete • Construction is 50% complete • Estimated completion: Spring 2020 Route 123 from Great Falls Street to McLean Station
  24. 24. 24 Tysons Bike Lanes More bike lanes will be added through future repaving and development Vesper Trail was completed in January 2019 Jones Branch Connector provides bike/ped connection to McLean Metrorail Station in February 2020. Scotts Run Trail is under construction. Dolley Madison Blvd Trail is under construction.
  25. 25. 25 Tysons BikeShare 14 of 15 bikeshare stations planned for launch currently installed 18 additional stations underway (Providence Dist.) Approximately 8,600 trips taken in Tysons in CY2019, an increase of 60% from CY2018. Nearby Merrifield and City of Falls Church launched in May 2019
  26. 26. Tysons Neighborhood Traffic Study 26 •Evaluate existing (at the time 2008) and future (2030) traffic impacts and potential mitigation measures for 30 intersections in the areas surrounding Tysons •13 intersections were shown to have either AM, PM, or both peak hours failing (LOS F is considered failing) under 2008 conditions Purpose •Intersections were chosen based on input from Dranesville, Providence, and Hunter Mill Supervisors •Staff evaluated 2030 conditions and potential mitigation measures and decided upon a series of proposed next steps Selection Method •Annually monitor locations that currently do not fail that are projected to potentially fail by 2030 •Locations in the “Monitor” category will be evaluated regularly, with potential solutions generated for locations with LOS deteriorating towards failure •Feasibility studies, design, construction activities are underway for specific projects. Proposed Next Steps
  27. 27. 27 Tysons Neighborhood Study (Cont.)
  28. 28. Tysons Neighborhood Study (Cont.) 28 •Finalizing detailed traffic analysis of Offset T-Intersection alternative •Public information meeting: Spring 2020 (upon end of current restrictions) •Estimated completion of study: June/July 2020 Lewinsville Road and Spring Hill Road •Part of the VDOT Route 7 Widening Project (Jarrett Valley Drive to Reston Avenue) •Concept for this intersection is a displaced left turn •Estimated Completion: July 2024 Lewinsville Road and Leesburg Pike •Preferred T-Intersection Improvements Option A.1 to be advance to design •Advance property acquisition completed in October 2018 •Walkway connections to Balls Hill Rd/Churchill Rd, Balls Hill Rd/Spring Side Way and Old Dominion Dr/Forestwood Dr. •Design to begin in Spring 2020 Balls Hill Road and Old Dominion Drive Projects Advancing:
  29. 29. Tysons Neighborhood Study (Cont.) 29 • Dolley Madison Boulevard Corridor Study • Includes the following Neighborhood Study intersections: Dolley Madison Boulevard at Lewinsville Road/ Great Falls Street Dolley Madison Boulevard at Old Dominion Drive Lewinsville Road at Balls Hill Road • Also includes: Great Falls Street and Chain Bridge Road Lewinsville Road and Old Maple Drive Dolley Madison Boulevard and Ingleside Avenue Old Dominion Drive and Ingleside Avenue/Park Avenue • Analysis of short-term and long-term mitigation measures has been completed • A community meeting was conducted in June 2019 • A survey concerning mitigation measures was conducted during Summer 2019 • A meeting was held with the District Supervisor in February 2020 to discuss next steps • The next community meeting is proposed for Fall 2020
  30. 30. Silver Line Phase II 30 • Overall Phase 2 – 98% complete • Package A (Rail, System & Stations) – 98% complete • Package B (Rail Yard at Dulles)- 98% complete Project Status •Dynamic testing, site inspections, and walkdowns ongoing •Property conveyances and maintenance agreements in final review •Wiehle Reston East Station scheduled shutdowns for testing General Activities •Concrete Panel Deficiencies •Fouled Ballast at Dulles Rail Yard •Concrete Ties/Cross-Level Deficiencies MWAA and WMATA Concerns
  31. 31. Silver Line Phase II (Cont.) 31 •Civil – Utilities relocation work completed; paving operations, stormwater management ponds, storm drains ongoing •Stations – Interior finishes, station clean up, elevator and escalator testing, and lighting installation and other electrical work ongoing •Systems – Traction Power Substations (TPSS) and station equipment testing and final connections, all TPSS have been energized providing power to the contact rails, communications cabling installation and testing, testing of train control systems, and preparing track for dynamic testing •Rail Yard – Punchlist work for all building at the yard, remedial track work and installation of hoist equipment ongoing Construction Status •Package A (Rail, System & Stations) completion – Mid 2020 (Target) •Package B (Rail Yard at Dulles) completion – Fall 2020 (Target) •WMATA Board to establish Revenue Operations Date - TBD Project Schedule
  32. 32. Silver Line Phase II (Cont.) 32
  33. 33. Silver Line Phase II (Cont.) 33
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