Fairfax County Transportation Advisory Commission: Dulles Rail Phase I Bus Service Plan


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Fairfax County Transportation Advisory Commission: Dulles Rail Phase I Bus Service Plan

July 17, 2012

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  • Discuss the short range bus service plans associated with the opening of the Silver Line in late 2013 Presentation includes a high-level overview of both Connector and Metrobus changes in the areas impacted by the silver line: Tysons Corner, Vienna, McLean, Reston and Herndon
  • Service changes based on the 2009 TDP TDP was unconstrained: offered recommendation for transit service in a perfect world Balancing perfect world versus constrained reality TDP provided recommendations – but the final plan is not going to be identical to the TDP. Staff in process of verifying routes with field checks, developing cost estimates for service levels for inclusion in the FY14 budget development. Launching web site by Sept 1 with detailed maps: as draft schedules are developed the website will be updated
  • Plan proposes to: Modify up to 22 existing Connector routes and 8 Metrobus routes – 40% of Connector service is projected to change Create up to six new feeder routes Eliminate up to 9 Connector routes Establish an internal circulator system in Tysons Corner (Silver Line Connector) – short range: will discuss how this relates to the 2050 Circulator a bit later Now I’m going to go walk you through the process and the areas where you will likely see modifications to routes
  • TDP recommended five routes operating wholly within Tysons Corner when the Silver Line Phase I was operational Highly frequent service (10 minutes) Seven-days a week Dubbing this the ‘last mile’ service: until Tysons redevelops, many people will need to transfer to a bus from rail to get to their final destination. Further field work being done this month to determine optimal alignment and service levels – want to have attractive, highly-frequent service but are sensitive the transit ridership may develop slowly Most likely will operate with a reduced fare
  • Tysons Silver Line Connector: Conceptual routes Five routes, Already modified from original TDP alignment Routes will be modified as Tysons redevelops and as ridership patterns solidify INTRO – going to talk thru the Connector changes first then briefly discuss the Metrobus changes near the end of this presentation. FYI – route numbers may change.
  • Tysons Corner route modifications – re-route to cut back to metro stations or realign to serve metro station 401, 402 Route 574 Route 981 Route eliminations: 425, 427 -
  • McLean: Potential new Connector routes: TDP recommended up to six new routes – still examining alignments and service levels, but fully expect to run new Connector feeder service from Mclean into the new stations in Tysons. No commuter parking at wolftrap Still examining the feasibility of routing a bus along leesburg pike
  • Vienna: Route modifications 462, 463 Re-align these routes to provide service to Tysons Corner stations. Providing a link between the orange line and new silver line in the western part of the service area
  • Reston and Herndon: More straighfoward - Most feeder routes that currently serve west falls church will be re-routed to serve the Wiehle-Reston East station Service will be increased as the length of the routes are shortened – looking to reinvest existing hours back into the new service Feeder routes that terminate at Herndon Monroe will be extended to Wiehle (forgot to include 924, 926, 927, 929)
  • Recommending a new sunrise valley/sunset hills circulator that will connect the Wiehle-Reston East station to Herndon via local streets (commute and reverse commute service) Routes that are slated to be eliminated will have coverage by other routes or by rail
  • TDP made several recommendation about Metrobus service. FCDOT Staff working cooperatively with WMATA service planners to: Maximize efficiency and avoid duplication of services Partnering with WMATA on public outreach and marketing campaigns Can arrange for WMATA staff to brief TAC
  • Sept 1 – Website launch Fall 2012 – Board member outreach and service plan development First ½ of 2013 – public outreach, draft plan presentation, final plan presentation Final plan to Board – Summer 2013 Marketing and implementation – Fall 2013
  • In parallel with the short-range planning efforts, there is an on-going study to look at long-range Circulator system to support Tysons Corner redevelopment and rezoning Goal is to design a system that maximizes transit trips and minimizes auto trips Study identifies needed transit preferential treatment, which will support a reliable and effective circulator system Also identifies required expansion of right of way, which may require additional adjacent land There are pieces that need to come in to place before the long range circulator can be operational – grid of streets and densities As Tysons transforms, as the streets are built, as densities develop and as ridership solidifies, the short-range circulator system will change. Long-range Circulator will likely take the place of the short range system; however, the short range system will continue to be modified as Tysons transforms until the long range Circulator can be implemented.
  • Fairfax County Transportation Advisory Commission: Dulles Rail Phase I Bus Service Plan

    1. 1. County of Fairfax, Virginia Dulles Rail Phase I Bus Service Plan Fairfax County Transportation Advisory Commission July 17, 2012Department of Transportation
    2. 2. County of Fairfax, Virginia Dulles Rail Bus Service Plan•Based on recommendations from Fairfax County’s TransitDevelopment Plan (TDP) and defined by two differentcomponents: – The realignment, enhancement and addition of new feeder service to the new rail stations within Reston, McLean, Vienna and Tysons Corner; – The implementation of a five-route circulator bus system within Tysons Corner.Department of Transportation 2
    3. 3. County of Fairfax, Virginia Dulles Rail Bus Service Plan• The complete plan proposes to – Modify approximately • 22 Connector Routes • 8 Metrobus Routes – Create up to six new feeder routes to new stations in Tysons Corner – Eliminate nine Connector routes that will be duplicated by new bus service and/or Silver Line service – Establish a five route internal circulator bus system in Tysons Corner (Silver Line Circulator)Department of Transportation 3
    4. 4. County of Fairfax, Virginia Tysons Corner• Proposed New Connector Routes: – Silver Line Connector (SLC) • SLC East (Via Jones Branch) • SLC West • SLC Beltway • SLC Central • SLC GreensboroDepartment of Transportation 4
    5. 5. County of Fairfax, Virginia Tysons: Conceptual Silver Line Connector Routes5
    6. 6. County of Fairfax, Virginia Tysons Corner• Route modifications – Routes 401/402: Springfield-Tysons via Gallows Road – Route 574: Reston to Tysons via Baron Cameron and Leesburg Pike – Route 981: Tysons to Dulles Airport• Route Eliminations – Routes 425, 427: Service from West Falls Church Metro Station to Tysons CornerDepartment of Transportation 6
    7. 7. County of Fairfax, Virginia McLean• Proposed New Connector Routes – Route 434: Kirby Road • Kirby Road, Great Falls St to West Falls Church Metro Station – Route 731: McLean Feeder • Lewinsville Road, Chain Bridge Road, CIA to Tysons Corner – Route 732: Wolf Trap Shuttle • Trap Road, Leesburg Pike to Spring Hill Metro Station – Route 733: Northern McLean Feeder • Central McLean, Churchill Road to Tysons Corner Metro Station – Leesburg Pike ShuttlesDepartment of Transportation 7
    8. 8. County of Fairfax, Virginia Vienna Route Modifications• Modifications – Route 462: Vienna, Park Street, Dunn Loring Metro Station – Route 463: Vienna, Navy Federal, Dunn Loring Metro Station Routes will be modified to serve the Tysons Corner Metrorail StationDepartment of Transportation 8
    9. 9. County of Fairfax, Virginia Reston and Herndon• Modifications and enhancements – Routes: 552, 553, 554, 557, 585: North and South Reston to West Falls Church – Routes : 950, 980: Herndon to West Falls Church – RIBS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Reston Internal Bus SystemDepartment of Transportation 9
    10. 10. County of Fairfax, Virginia Reston and Herndon• New Routes – Route 959: Sunrise Valley/Sunset Hills Circulator• Eliminations – Route 505: West Falls Church to Reston via Sunset Hills – Route 551: South Reston to West Falls Church – Route 555: Sunset Hills P&R to West Falls Church – Routes 595, 597: Reston to the Pentagon/Crystal City – Routes: 951, 952: Reverse commute service between West Falls Church and RestonDepartment of Transportation 10
    11. 11. County of Fairfax, VirginiaWMATA Metrobus Modifications – Route 2T: Tysons Corner, Dunn Loring, Vienna – Route 3T: Pimmit Hills, Magarity Road, Griffith Road to West Falls Church Metro Stn. – Routes 15 K & L: Chain Bridge Road, CIA via Chain Bridge Rd to Rosslyn Metro Stn – Route 15M: George Mason, Tysons Corner – Routes 23A, B & T: McLean, Crystal City – Route 28A & X: Leesburg PikeDepartment of Transportation 11
    12. 12. County of Fairfax, Virginia TimelineFall 2013: Meeting with Board MembersJanuary - June 2013: Meetings with variouscommunity groups, stakeholder groups and holdpublic meetingsJuly/August 2013: Board approval of planSeptember – December 2013: Marketing andimplementationDepartment of Transportation 12
    13. 13. County of Fairfax, Virginia The Circulator SystemLONG RANGE (2050) Planning study to supportTysons Corner redevelopment and rezoningprocess – Design circulator system to support goal of maximizing transit trips/minimizing auto trips•Identify needed transit preferential treatments – Support a reliable and effective circulator system – Identify required expansion of right of way – may require additional adjacent land•Silver Line Connector ridership will help determine longterm alignment for the CirculatorDepartment of Transportation 13
    14. 14. County of Fairfax, Virginia Questions?Department of Transportation 14