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Summer Tree Care-Urban Forestry Information


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Summer Tree Care Urban Forestry Information 2013

Urban Forest Management
Division (UFMD)
Department of Public Works and Environmental Services
Fairfax County, Virginia
Summer 2013

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Summer Tree Care-Urban Forestry Information

  1. 1. Urban Forestry Information Urban Forest Management Division (UFMD) Department of Public Works and Environmental Services Fairfax County, Virginia Summer 2013 Summer Tree Care
  2. 2. Summer Watering Tips for New Trees The first summer is the most difficult for new trees: Hot winds High temperatures Droughts Immature root systems
  3. 3. Trees from the Nursery When trees are removed from the nursery field, about 90 percent of the root system is severed. Then, the roots are wrapped in burlap and shipped to the retail nursery to be sold. For a new tree to survive, the root system must regrow. Homeowners can help their new trees grow by applying the right amount of water.
  4. 4. How much water?  New trees need one inch of rain per week How can a homeowner measure the amount of rain?  Local weather stations broadcast the amount of rain  Purchase a rain gauge from a hardware store
  5. 5. How much water does a new tree need during a drought?  Provide ten gallons of water per week during the first growth season for a new tree that is one to two inches in diameter
  6. 6. How Should the Water be Supplied?  Apply the water slowly  Allow the water to soak into the soil  Try this low-tech method:  Drill a small hole (less than 1/8th inch) on the side, near the bottom of a five gallon bucket**  Fill the bucket with water and place it next to the tree  The water will slowly soak into the soil ** If you have pets or small children, place a secure lid on the bucket.
  7. 7. How Much Water is Too Much? Even with a complete root system, it is normal for tree leaves to droop during the hot and sunny times of the day. Tree leaves should fully recover during the night. If the leaves do not fully recover by morning, the tree may need water. Before watering, check under the mulch near the tree to see if the soil is dry.
  8. 8. Pruning New Trees After Minor Storm Damage Summer Storm Damage to New Trees Summer storms can be very damaging for new trees: Branches break Tops break
  9. 9. Storm-damaged trees in June 2013 show split trunks and leafless branches. Fairfax County Photo
  10. 10. Tree pruning tip: the branch collar is where the branch meets the trunk of the tree. When necessary, cutting off a branch at the branch collar may allow the cut to close properly. Fairfax County photo. Tree Pruning
  11. 11. For more information call or email the staff of the Urban Forest Management Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services Fairfax County 12055 Government Center Parkway Fairfax, VA 22035 703-324-1770, TTY 711 email A Fairfax County, Virginia publication Summer 2013 Thank you.