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Land Development Services 2019 CGP Reissuance


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Land Development Services 2019 CGP Reissuance

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Land Development Services 2019 CGP Reissuance

  1. 1. Land Development Services 2019 CGP Reissuance
  2. 2. 2019 Construction General Permit Reissuance WHO: • Operators of projects w/existing 2014 Construction General Permit Coverage (CGP) WHAT: • Continuation of coverage for 2019 permit cycle (7/1/2019 - 6/30/2024) • AKA: VAR10 permit, VPDES permit, State Permit Coverage, VSMP permit, DEQ permit WHEN: • Complete & accurate 2019 Registration Statements for reissuance must be rec’d by 7/1/2019 WHERE: • Site Application Center, 2nd Floor Herrity Building or via email WHY: • Operators of construction activities permitted under the 2014 CGP intending to continue construction activities after 6/30/2019 are req’d to reapply for permit coverage
  3. 3. 2019 CGP Reissuance – Key Points 1. New 2019 Registration Statement form online • Requires E&S plan approval date & site map attachment 2. No fee for reissuance, maintain existing VAR10 # 3. Projects under Time Limits Provisions (obtained coverage or commenced construction prior to 7/1/14) must continue coverage in order to maintain Time Limits & continue using SWMO Article 5 technical criteria until 2024 4. If project is complete / stabilized /never started & won’t start = submit a Notice of Termination (NOT) 5. 7/1/2019 new NOT & Transfer forms will be available online 6. 2019 CGP regs include changes to SWPPP requirements 7. Technical Bulletin No.19-04 issued 3/26/2019 for more details