2012 Fairfax County Bond Referendums: What You Should Know


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2012 Fairfax County Bond Referendums: What You Should Know

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2012 Fairfax County Bond Referendums: What You Should Know

  1. 1. 2012 Fairfax County Bond ReferendumsWhat You Should Know
  2. 2. 4 Bond Questions on Ballot On Nov. 6, four individual bond questions are on the general election ballot for: • Libraries • ParksVote YES or NO • Public Safety • Stormwater
  3. 3. What You Should Know • It won’t raise your taxes. • County can borrow money at very low interest rates due to its triple-A credit rating.• Money can only be used for the purpose stated—not another program or service.• Bonds aren’t sold until money is needed—this saves money for taxpayers.
  4. 4. Reasons For/Against Bond Financing
  5. 5. Past Projects Paid for by Bonds Ossian Hall Park Oakton Library
  6. 6. Library Bond: $25 Million • Renovate 3 libraries ($15 million) to offer: – Quiet and group study areas – More computers for customers – Upgrades to old, energy inefficient building systems • Build a new regional library in Reston ($10 million)
  7. 7. Public Safety Bond: $55 Million • Rebuild 3 old fire stations that can’t meet current operational needs ($35 million): – Baileys Crossroads – Jefferson – Herndon • Renovate 22 courtrooms in the Fairfax County Courthouse ($20 million): – Security upgrades – Meet ADA requirements – Technology needs
  8. 8. Parks Bond: $75 million Money for the Fairfax County Park Authority ($63 million) and Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority ($12 million). For county parks, money will be used to: • Buy new land for parks and preserve historic sites, like Huntley Tenant House • Make improvements at community parks, like Monticello • Expand existing facilities, like the RECenters, golf courses and Water Mine • Renovate current facilities like trails, playgrounds and athletic fields
  9. 9. Parks Bond: $75 million Project Allocations for the $63 Million for Fairfax County Park Authority Land Acquisition/ Facility Stewardship Expansion 20% 31% Community Parks/New Facilities 12% Existing Facility Renovation 37%
  10. 10. Parks Bond: $75 million Of this bond, $12 million will go to fund Fairfax County’s share of costs to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. NVRPA will use the money to: • Expand public open space and trails • Protect natural, cultural and historic resources • Improve existing facilities • Provide additional recreational opportunities
  11. 11. Stormwater Bond: $30 million Build a levee and pumping station along Cameron Run to protect the Huntington neighborhood which has experienced severe flooding three times in the last 10 years.
  12. 12. For More Informationwww.fairfaxcounty.gov/bond Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 551 Fairfax, VA 22035