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Postmodernism homework


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Postmodernism homework

  1. 1. Postmodern Advert • This is a postmodern brand because it regurgitates sources for its clothes, advertisements and shop interiors scavenged from twentieth century popular culture. It is an Italian brand masquerading as an American brand, mixed with a healthy dose of Europop. • Uses irony • Reflexivity • Uses good looking models so like all fashion brands, Diesel carries the promise of sophistication and sex appeal.
  2. 2. Postmodern Advert • Intertextuality • Reflexivity - gorilla surrounded by cadbury‘sv=SP8E6ouSiC0 traditional colour ofGorilla Advert For Cadburys light purple, and with the words "a glass and a half full” it refers to itself • Irony
  3. 3. Postmodern TV Programme • Blurs the lines between reality and fiction • Intertextuality • Use of multiple narratives
  4. 4. Postmodern TV Programme • Intertextuality • Use of multiple narratives • Use of irony
  5. 5. Postmodern Music • Intertextuality – song is in honour of women such as Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, the Andrewsv=HtXOVKNazYU Sisters, Diana Ross, DonnaKeri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock Summer, Janet Jackson, and the girl band TLC. In the music video, she dresses like these women too.
  6. 6. Postmodern Music • Irony • Intertextuality • ReflexivityEminem – Just Lose It
  7. 7. Postmodern Film • Hyper reality (a world better than the real one) • Has a very open ended ending • Movie explores idea of stories within stories • Film experiments with time bending
  8. 8. Postmodern Film • Hyper reality • Intertextuality • Use of multiple narrative
  9. 9. Postmodern Building • Building is indicative of Dutch Gothic architecture of canal houses that were once common in the Netherlands.Bank of America Centre
  10. 10. Postmodern Building • Building has many references, eg from the top of the site a keyhole shaped opening leads to a little- seen Scala Regia (flight of steps in Vatican City) with a ramped floor, gold-leafed terminus and ancient Egyptian aura which takes visitors into the heart of the building. The turret at the top is sometimes likened to a submarine conning tower while the glazed two sidedNumber 1 poultry clock is in concept and detail a direct quotation from the Fascist era main post office in Naples.