Book 36 heart−melting traditions (kitab al−riqaq)


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Book 36 heart−melting traditions (kitab al−riqaq)

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Book 36 heart−melting traditions (kitab al−riqaq)

  1. 1. Bk 36 Heart−Melting Traditions (KitabAl−Riqaq)Chapter 1: THE MAJORITY IN PARADISE WOULD CONSIST OF THE POORPIOUS PERSONS AND THE MAJORITY OF THE DENIZENS OF HELL WOULDCONSIST OF WOMEN, AND THE TRIAL BY MEANS OF WOMENBk 36, Number 6596:Usama b. Zaid reported that Allahs Messenger (way peace beupon him) said: I stood at the door of Paradise and I foundthat the overwhelming majority of those who entered thereinwas that of poor persons and the wealthy persons were detainedto get into that. The denizens of Hell were commanded to getinto Hell, and I stood upon the door of Fire and the majorityamongst them who entered there was that of women.Bk 36, Number 6597:Ibn Abbas reported that Allahs Messenger (may peace be uponhim) said: I had a chance to look into the Paradise and Ifound that majority of the people was poor and I looked intothe Fire and there I found the majority constituted by women.Bk 36, Number 6598:This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbasthrough another chain of transmitters.Bk 36, Number 6599:Ibn Abbas reported that Allahs Messenger (may peace be uponhim) stated like this: Re looked into the Fire of Hell. Therest of the hadith is the same.Bk 36, Number 6600:Imran b. Husain reported that Allahs Messenger (may peace beupon him) said: Amongst the inmates of Paradise the womenwould form a minority.Bk 36, Number 6601:This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Mutarrifthrough another chain of transmitters.Bk 36, Number 6602:Abdullah b. Umar reported that Allahs Messenger (may peace
  2. 2. be upon him) supplicated in these words:" O Allah, I seekrefuge in Thee from the withdrawal of Thine blessing and thechange of Thine protection (from me) and from the sudden wrathof Thine, and from every displeasure of Thine."Bk 36, Number 6603:Usama b. Zaid reported Allahs Messenger (may peace be uponhim) as saying: I have not left after me any (chance) ofturmoil more injurious to men than the harm done to the menbecause of women.Bk 36, Number 6604:Usama b. Zaid b. Harith and Said b. Zaid b. Amr b. Naufalboth reported Allahs Messenger (may peace be upon him) assaying: I have not left after me turmoil for the people butthe harm done to men by women.Bk 36, Number 6605:This hadith has been narrated on the authority of SulaimanTaimi with the same chain of transmitters.Bk 36, Number 6606:Abu Said Khudri reported that Allahs Messenger (may peace beupon him) said: The world is sweet and green (alluring) andverily Allah is going to install you as vicegerent in it inorder to see how you act. So avoid the allurement of women:verily, the first trial for the people of Isrill was causedby women. And in the hadith transmitted on the authority ofIbn Bashshar the words are:" So that He should see how youact."Chapter 2: THE STORY OF THE THREE PERSONS OF THE CAVE ANDTHEIR MAKING GOOD DEEDS OF THEIRS AS THE MEANS OF RIDDANCEBk 36, Number 6607:Abdullah b. Umar reported that Allahs Messenger (may peacebe upon him) said: Three persons set out on a journey. Theywere overtaken by rain and they had to find protection in amountain cave where at its mouth there fell a rock of thatmountain and thus blocked them altogether. One of them said tothe others: Look to your good deeds that you performed for thesake of Allah and then supplicate Allah, the Exalted, that Hemight rescue you (from this trouble). One of them said: 0Allah, I had my parents who were old and my wife and my small
  3. 3. children also. I tended the flock and when I came back to themin the evening, I milked them (the sheep, goats, cows, etc.)and first served that milk to my parents. One day I wasobliged to go out to a distant place in search of fodder and Icould not come back before evening and found them (theparents) asleep. I milked the animals as I used to milk andbrought milk to them and stood by their heads avoiding todisturb them from sleep and I did not deem it advisable toserve milk to my children before serving them. My childrenwept near my feet. I remained there in that very state and myparents too until it was morning. And (0 Allah) if Thou artaware that I did this in order to seek Thine pleasure, grantus riddance from this trouble. (The rock slipped a bit) thatthey could see the sky. The second one said: 0 Allah, I had afemale cousin whom I loved more than the men love the women. Iwanted to have sexual intercourse with her; she refused but onthe condition of getting one hundred dinirs. It was with verygreat difficulty that I could collect one hundred dinirs andthen paid them to her and when I was going to have a sexualintercourse with her, that she said: Servant of Allah, fearAllah and do not break the seal (of chastity) but by lawfulmeans. I got up. 0 Allah, if Thou art aware that I did this inorder to seek Thine pleasure, rid us from this trouble. Thesituation was somewhat eased for them. The third one said:Allah, I employed a workman for a measure of rice. After hehad finished his work I gave him his dues (in the form of) ameasure of rice, but he did not accept them. I used these riceas seeds, and that gave a bumper crop and I became rich enoughto have cows and flocks (in my possession). He came to me andsaid: Fear Allah, and commit no crueltv upon me in regard tomy dues. I said to him: Takeaway this flock of cows and sheep.He said: Fear Allah and do not make a fun of me. I said: I amnot making a fun of you. You take the cows and the flocks. Sohe took them. 0 Allah, if Thou art aware that I did it forThine pleasure, case the situation for us. And Allah relievedthem from the rest of the trouble.Bk 36, Number 6608:This hadith has been transmitted on the authority of Musa b.
  4. 4. Uqba but with a slight variation of wording.Bk 36, Number 6609:Abdullah b Umar reported: I heard Allahs Alessenger (maypeace be upon him) as saying: Three persons belonging to theearlier Ummahs set out on a journey until they had to spend anight in a cave. The rest of the hadith is the same and theadditional words are:" A person amongst them said: 0 Allah, Ihad my aged parents and I served them milk before I (servedthat) to my wife, children and my servants." And in case ofthe second one, the words are:" She avoided me until she washard pressed because of famine and she came to me and I gaveher one hundred and twenty diiiirs" And in cease of the thirdone (the words are):" I invested his wages, and it broughtprofit and, as a result thereof, the merchandise increased andthere was abundance of goods." And he (the narrator said) thatthey got out of the cave and began to walk.