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Napoleon Hill’s aim was to create the world’s first ‘scientific’ formula for success – a
formula that anybody could use to achieve success. With the aid of his mentor, Andrew
Carnegie, Napoleon Hill recorded this formula in Think and Grow Rich.
Think and Grow Rich is the result of a 20 year study in which Napoleon Hill analyzed
hundreds of the most successful men – including Henry Ford, F.W. Woolworth, Thomas
Edison and Theodore Roosevelt.
Although the title of the book suggests that it is about ‘getting rich’, it is important to
realize that the principles in this book can be used to help you get anything you want –
not just money. This is why the fundamental belief behind this book is:
‘All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea!’

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  1. 1. Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill’s aim was to create the world’s first ‘scientific’ formula for success – aformula that anybody could use to achieve success. With the aid of his mentor, AndrewCarnegie, Napoleon Hill recorded this formula in Think and Grow Rich.Think and Grow Rich is the result of a 20 year study in which Napoleon Hill analyzedhundreds of the most successful men – including Henry Ford, F.W. Woolworth, ThomasEdison and Theodore Roosevelt.Although the title of the book suggests that it is about ‘getting rich’, it is important torealize that the principles in this book can be used to help you get anything you want –not just money. This is why the fundamental belief behind this book is:‘All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea!’ Page 1 of 10
  2. 2. THOUGHTS ARE THINGS:Everything is first created in the mind – especially success! In fact, all you need tosucceed is one good idea. How many of the world’s largest companies were formedbecause of one simple idea?Unfortunately, having an idea is not enough – many people have excellent ideas, but veryfew people turn them into something successful.This is often not for a want of trying – most people do act on their ideas. Unfortunately,they quit on their ideas after a few failures and do not persist enough.There is a story of a gold-digger who invested everything that he had so that he could buya drill and dig for gold. He spent weeks searching for gold and could not find any. Hethen decided to quit, leaving his machinery behind. Then another person came along andstarted digging and dug only 3 feet to find the gold – if the other man had persevered anddug for 3 more feet, he would have found gold!The moral of this story is that people give up when they are literally on the doorstep ofsuccess – continue to persevere, success could be only a few inches or minutes away!It is crucial to persevere because once you have succeeded; you will realize how truethese next few lines are: ‘When riches come, they come so quickly and in such abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.’DESIRE:Life is fair. If you ask for a penny, it will give you a penny. If you ask for a milliondollars, it will give you a million dollars – so long as you work towards getting it.This belief may be difficult to comprehend, but the reason behind it is simple, everythingis created in the mind. If you expect life to only give you a penny, your thoughts, attitude,motivation and desire will be very low. However, if you have high goals and want to be amillionaire, then you will automatically start to think like a millionaire and your thoughts,attitudes and motivation will be like that of a millionaire.If you want to become something, first think like you have become it. This is why somany great men have come from difficult situations to achieve great things. The author,O Henry, started being successful the moment he stopped thinking like a prisoner andstarted thinking like an author. If you change the way you think, your life will change. Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. The following Six Step Formula will help you to change the way you think: 1. Fix in your mind a clear outcome – the clearer the better 2. Determine exactly what you intend to give of yourself so that you can have it 3. Establish a definite date for when you want to achieve it 4. Create a definite plan to getting it – begin at once to put the plan in action 5. Write out your answers to 2,3 and 4 in a clear and concise statement 6. Read out this statement twice a day, once in the morning and once at nightRemember that what you ask from life, it will give you. It does not matter what life hasgiven you in the past, you can at any moment start to ask more from it – and by changingthe way you think – begin to get more from it.FAITH:‘Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the manwho wins is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!’Faith is such a powerful emotion that it can literally ‘color’ the mind – it can change theway we think – it can transform your thoughts from that of a normal person to that of asuccessful person.Faith is a habitual emotion - the more we practice it, the more conditioned we becomingto experiencing the emotion of faith. By experiencing faith, the qualities of confidence,motivation and persistence will always be present as well.The most important characteristic of faith is that it has no limitation – whether you wantto have $1 million or $1 billion – faith will serve you towards achieving it. The amount islimited only by the person and what he is committed to achieving.Mahatma Gandhi won India Independence through only one thing – Faith. Although theBritish had guns and soldiers, Gandhi chose not to apply any of those forces – he knewthat faith was all that he needed. By applying faith in his belief of non-violence and ofrespect for life, Gandhi succeeded in his goal of an Independent India. This is howpowerful faith can be and how much success it can lead to - because of the depth ofperseverance, motivation and persistence that it can conjure up from within. Page 3 of 10
  4. 4. AUTOSUGGESTION:The greatest success a man can have is to able to control his mind. As we have seenalready, thoughts (thinking like a millionaire) and emotion (having faith) are two of themost important ingredients of success.We have, in effect, two minds – the first is a conscious mind and the second is asubconscious mind. The conscious mind is guided by our senses and can only registerone thought and emotion at a time. The subconscious mind is like a library where allemotions and thoughts are stored.Consequently, our conscious mind is like a torch, picking out the right thoughts andemotions from our subconscious mind, so that we can access and use them. Bycontrolling our conscious mind, we can control our subconscious mind – which is whereour infinite abilities lie.Unfortunately, controlling our conscious mind so that we can then use it to positivelyaccess the ‘ideal’ areas of our subconscious mind is not easy to do. It takes great practiceand can only be mastered by using both thought and emotion – you cannot do it by justthinking you can, nor can you do it by just hoping that you can.SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE:Knowledge is only potential power – many professors have great knowledge but littlemoney! In order for knowledge to be of real power, it must be organized and specified, sothat it can easily be called upon and used when needed.It is not essential for someone to have all their knowledge in their own mind, the canbuild up a MASTERMIND TEAM that can provide them with this knowledge whenneeded. In fact, many of the most successful men are not the ones who possess the mostspecified knowledge in their own minds, but the ones who have built the best MastermindTeams to help them access specific knowledge when needed. Let us put these ideas into practice. In order to succeed in business, you need to be goodat keeping accounts, good at negotiating a good purchase price, a good salesman etc. It isvery difficult for one man to master all of these areas – which is why he will hiresomeone with specialized knowledge of accounting to manage the accounts and someonewith specified knowledge of sales to do the selling etc. This business person does nothave to learn each of these skills on his own, but his level of success will be determinedby the quality of accountant, salesman, buyer etc that he employs. Page 4 of 10
  5. 5. IMAGINATION:Man can achieve anything that he imagines he can achieve. Therefore, what he canachieve is only limited by his own imagination!There are two levels of imagination – synthetic imagination and creative imagination.When using sympathetic imagination, a man draws upon his own past experience andknowledge as his source – he simply rearranges what has happened and changes theresults of certain past scenarios. Due to this, his imagination is automatically limited towhat is already contained from past experience, previous knowledge etc.Let us use an example of synthetic imagination. Bill has a thought, ‘I want to make $1million in a month.’ Firstly, Bill realizes that this is something that he has not yet done.His friend, Bob, once made $119,000 in a month, but that is the most he has ever heard ofsomeone ‘like him’ making in a month. He therefore thinks that its impossible.Creative imagination, however, does not draw on past experience or previous knowledge.It is unlimited. This is what the Wright Brothers used to design the first plane – they hadno previous references to draw from – they had to act from creative imagination alone.Most people limit themselves by using synthetic imagination and cannot really growmuch further than they have grown before (they hit a glass ceiling). The few people whouse creative imagination can grow infinitely – they literally can achieve anything. Whilstsynthetic imagination helps us keep things real, creative imagination helps us to think anddream beyond our current conditions.ORGANIZED PLANNING:There are 4 key steps that one should follow when creating a plan: 1. Create a list of what specialized knowledge you will need – to help you form a Mastermind group 2. Decide what you can give others to pay them for this specialized knowledge 3. Arrange to meet with your Mastermind group as often as possible 4. Maintain perfect harmony within your Mastermind group.Nobody has enough knowledge in themselves to achieve a great fortune – they will needthe cooperation of other people. Therefore, they will need many resources and, moreimportantly, will need to plan and organize these resources so that they can be used tofull effect. Page 5 of 10
  6. 6. Most people have one plan and always stick to it. Whether it works or fails, this is howthings will be done. This is why so many people fail. It is crucial to develop a plan thatworks, changing things until you find the plan and organization of resources that works.It is useful to use the QQS model to see how effective your plan is. Q stands for quality,Q stands for quantity and S stands for spirit. Unless your organizational planning isproducing good quality results regularly and with a good attitude and motivation, thenyou will need to change something.DECISION:The two main causes of failure are (1) making the wrong decision and (2) not acting onthe right decision (procrastination). The world’s most successful people have masteredthese problems – they make the right decisions (often with the help of good specializedknowledge) and they act upon these decisions immediately.Most people fail to make good decisions because they base their decisions on opinionsinstead of facts. They listen to gossip and rumors and base their judgment on these,without fully understanding the facts. You must examine every decision based on thefacts.Many of the greatest decisions were ones made against public opinion. AbrahamLincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, Socrates’ decision to drink hemlock and die(instead of apologizing to the people of Athens) and even the Declaration ofIndependence were all decisions made against public opinion at the time, but they servedto shape the world that we live in today.PERSISTENCE:Lack of persistence is one also a large cause of failure. Unfortunately, the majority ofpeople suffer from a lack of persistence, only a few men persist UNTIL they havereached their goal.Persistence begins in the mind, it begins with a decision. If your decision is weak, thenyour desire will also be weak and because your desire is weak, you will be willing to stopafter the first few obstacles come your way.Fortunately, persistence is also a characteristic that can be built and developed.Persistence can be built like a muscle by continually reminding yourself WHY you wantsomething – if you want something badly enough, you will pay any price and overcomeany obstacle to achieve it. You will understand that all failure is temporary. Page 6 of 10
  7. 7. Most people do not persist with things because they fear criticism. Even though theymight not yet be ready to quit, they fear what others might say and quit, because theydon’t want to look like they have failed – they might make an excuse and say that theyhave changed their mind or had second thoughts, just to save face.Successful people persist no matter what people think about them. They base theirdecisions on facts and not opinions. Facts do not change – a good idea is still a good ideaafter 10 failures. Opinions do change – on the day of the idea, everyone might say that itis a good idea but after 10 failures they might not say that! Therefore, base decisions onfacts and stay true to the facts – only then will you persist to success.THE POWER OF THE MASTERMIND:Power is the ability to get things done. In many ways, power is closely related toknowledge, if you know how to do something, it will be easier to do – you will need lesspower and less effort to get things achieved – everything will be easier to do.There are three key sources to get ‘Powerful Knowledge’ that will help you to achievethings easily: 1. Infinite Intelligence- By using Creative Imagination to create a possible solution 2. Accumulated Experience – By using what you – or anyone else – already knows 3. Experiment and Research- By what others around you are experiencing and learning on a daily basis.By just seeing these three sources of knowledge, it is easy to see that it will be difficultfor one man to assemble all that he needs to know, alone. That is why he will need aMastermind group – a team whose aim is ‘Coordination of knowledge and effort, in aspirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose’.In many ways, a man’s brain can be compared to an electric battery. A group of electricbatteries will always produce more energy than one battery alone. More importantly, twobatteries combines together will produce more energy than two individual batteriesworking independently – they will have a synergistic relationship because they can 1)think up more ideas and 2) gather more information to base their decisions on.THE MYSTERY OF SEX TRANSMUTATION:Sex is an emotion that has no other equal; when driven by this desire, men developkeenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence and a creative ability that isusually unknown to them at other times. Page 7 of 10
  8. 8. What would happen if this emotion or energy could be channeled into other areas of yourlife? How much more could you achieve when all of these qualities are working sovigorously to help you achieve your goal?The pages of history are filled with men who have gone to great lengths for love and sex.Napoleon Bonaparte and Marcus Anthony are prime examples of what an enormousdriving force sex can be. This is because the driving force of sex – or its channeling inother ways- leads to the most effective use of our Creative Imagination.The ability to transmute sexual energy from a physical impulse to something that we canactually control and harness in a way that we want to, is one that we learn later in life.This is why many of the most successful people are over 40 years old, because they have,through experience, developed the ability to control, channel and harness this powerfulforce.The reason why sex is such a powerful driving force in man comes down to evolution.From the dawn of civilization, man has tried to succeed to impress women. Today, thesituation is still quite similar. A man may no longer try to impress a woman by theanimals he has killed, but he still tries to impress her with his wealth, his car, his houseetc. This part of human nature is still very primitive and, because it is so primitive, it is sopowerful.THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND:Our Subconscious Mind is where our thoughts, emotions and memories are all stored. Weaccess our subconscious to access all of these things.Of all the emotions in our subconscious mind, the 7 major positive emotions are desire,faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope. The 7 major negative emotions are fear,jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition and anger.One of the most powerful ways to control and tap into the powers of the subconsciousmind is through prayer. Most people do not understand the power of prayer – they praywhen something goes out of their control. However, by consistently praying, you developfaith and certainty, which consequently opens your subconscious mind to the 7 positiveemotions and closes them to the 7 negative ones.THE SIX GHOSTS OF FEAR:Most people do not succeed for the simple reason that they give up too easily and do notpersevere until their goals become reality. This is mainly because of fear. By Page 8 of 10
  9. 9. understanding the 6 key sources of fear, we will all be better equipped to dealing withthis powerful force that often robs us of our success. 1) Fear of Poverty: As has been stated in a previous section, we get from life exactly what we ask from it. If we are driven by the fear of poverty, we will be thinking the thoughts of a poor person and, because of this, our deeds, actions etc will not allow us to succeed. 2) Fear of Criticism: We have already discussed that successful decisions are made on facts and not opinions. If you fear criticism, you will begin to make judgments using opinions instead of facts and, because of this, your chances of success will be reduced. 3) Fear of Ill Health: Every living thing wants to live and to live healthily. This is a primal need and, consequently, a fear that is very difficult to control. However, through applied faith and belief, it can be reduced 4) Fear of Loss of Love: As we have discussed, a man will go to great lengths to please a woman, sometimes even sacrificing his family and his job for her. Therefore, this is a key fear that many men feel subconsciously. 5) Fear of Old Age: This is more of a mindset than a fear. People who are older may feel that time is against them or that they are simply too old to achieve anything. This fear prevents key characteristics like desire and perseverance from being used effectively. 6) Fear of Death: This is our ultimate fear and is often only felt in dangerous situations. However, this fear has the power to takeover the body, mind and our emotions - just think how your life would change if you were told you had only 6 months to live – and the Fear of Death was summoned to the front of your mind.Many people can give you countless reasons why they are not succeeding – the economy,their own circumstances, they haven’t been lucky – giving alibis and excuses is a nationalpastime! However, life gives you what you ask from it – it does not listen to excuses anddoes not give pity – therefore, it is your right and responsibility to ask for anything youwant, as long as you work constructively and fairly towards getting it.IN CONCLUSION:The ideas in this book have literally changed the lives of millions of people. Here is oneof my favorite stories, about how it changed Anthony Robbins’ life.Anthony Robbins was once at a seminar when he got the chance to have a conversationwith the man who was giving the seminar. The seminar giver asked Anthony Robbins ifhe had read ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Tony replied by saying that he had read it once. Page 9 of 10
  10. 10. The seminar giver then told Tony that he had read it 27 times – and that was why he wasrich and Tony (at the time) was poor. This is how powerful the ideas in this book are –please read them, master them and live them.For additional information about Napoleon Hill products, please visitwww.naphill.orgThe Napoleon Hill World Learning CenterPurdue Universtiy Calumet2300 173rd StreetHammond, IN 46323-2094Judith Williamson, DirectorUriel "Chino" Martinez, Assistant/Graphic DesignerPhone: 219-989-3173 or 219-989-3166Fax: 219-989-3174Email: nhf@calumet.purdue.eduNapoleon Hill FoundationUniversity of Virginia-WiseCollege Relations Apt. C1 College AvenueWIse, VA 24293Don Green, Executive DirectorAnnedia Sturgill, Executive AssistantPhone: 276-328-6700Email: napoleonhill@uvawise.edu Page 10 of 10